ces 2015: start your hyundai with your watch - car alarm with remote start

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-24
ces 2015: start your hyundai with your watch  -  car alarm with remote start
We have just adjusted the newly launched smartwatch app in modern times.
It lets you start the engine from your wrist, lock the door, and even find your car.
Of course, you can already do these things from the BlueLink app on your smartphone, but last year you could dig your pocket or wallet for your smartphone.
The new app works with Android Wear devices, which means most new watches from Sony, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Asus.
It also works with newer Android smartphones and modern cars with BlueLink installed.
This means that if you have adapted to the technology
Three in a row, you don't have to run out and buy a new gadget that impresses your friends with this latest wireless magic.
If you don't, Hyundai bet you'll be tempted soon --
Automakers are doing their best.
As the next big thing, they are working closely with electronics companies to get to the bottom --
Hyundai is also trying to be compatible with the upcoming Apple Watch, so they have covered all the basics.
I did a test drive with the Moto 360 and used it to find a taxi on the Las Vegas trail.
It performed very well for this task.
It's a bit slow, but everything is slow because there are a lot of people on CES's wireless network.
I was also able to set the temperature remotely while starting the engine, unlocking and locking doors, flashing lights, and even using voice commands to do most of these things.
In a cold climate, I can definitely see it all come in handy, like Alaska, where I grew up.
That's life.
Change to remotely start the engine and set the temperature to a gentle 72-
You will get a degree before you have to leave the comfortable sofa.
Hyundai is not the only CES attendee who wants to impress auto enthusiasts with James Bond
Esque wearable app
Vipers, a car safety company known for its alarm system, also took part in the bill.
The VIP SmartStart app will add remote start, lock and unlock features to its car security system Library, which will run on Android Wear and Apple Watch.
All of this has something very "secret agent" which seems to have worked well, which is a bit surprising, so if you're on the car upgrade market this year, you may want a smart watch.
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