cheap gps phone for tracking - car alarm and remote start

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-28
cheap gps phone for tracking  -  car alarm and remote start
If you are looking for a cheap GPS phone that can be used to track the whereabouts of your child or other family members, your best bet is for the Wheriphone G560 positioning phone.
This GPS phone tracker comes with a SiRF Star iii gps receiver chip using-
GPS or auxiliary GPS is a common mobile phone in today's market.
Other features of the Wherifone GPS locator phone include the SOS button in case of emergency, one-
Touch dial, button positioning service, headphone jack
Free use, 100 positioning, CMPCT 4-day standby time and enhanced emergency aid crumbs. (Price: $49. 95)
The Wheriphone GPS locator phone runs on the GSM network, which locates the location according to the location triangle of the GSM mobile phone tower that handles the call.
This enables the device to know the city or region where the device is running faster than the standard GPS device.
Falcom Mambo II may not be as cheap as the Wheriphone locator phone, but it certainly has more features to offer.
Falcom Mambo II is a compact phone and advanced personal tracker that combines a quad-frequency GSM/GPRS phone with a 20-channel low-
Power GPS receiver for location tracking/positioning.
Falcom Mambo II as standard mobile phone with quad frequency GSM/GPRS frequency network, Bluetooth, full color OLED display, 5-
Navigation buttons, SMS and voice calls.
Mambo II has high sensitivity due to its GPS function 20-
Built-in channel GPS receiverin 3-
Axis motion sensors ANT and IEEE 802 for heart rate monitoring. 15.
4 Support indoor tracking and remote control.
It supports a range of GPS navigation and tracking functions via SMS, CSD and GPRS/TCP.
Its core features include a rolling GPS display, a geo-fence with an alarm, and an ultra-
Accurate motion detector.
The specifications of Falcom Mambo ii gps include :(Price:$369. 95)
Smartphone G560 positioning phone Laipac S-
The 011 personal locator is probably the most expensive GPS phone tracker in our list, but its power certainly makes up for that.
This device is a very good navigation/positioning/tracking device that can also be used to make phone calls in case of an emergency.
It applies to both GPS-and GPRS-
Operating on GSM/GPRS 850/190 * MHz and 900/1800 MHz frequencies based on a personal tracking system.
The device also features an emergency silent call function that provides the time, date, speed, and location of the person to be tracked.
Other features of Laipac S-
911 personal locator includes multiple optional
G-language support
Sensors, parameter settings, real-time for reporting impact, accidents and even bad driving
Time Dynamic Report, etc. (Price:$551)
GPS a GT1000 GPS tracking phone Supa GT1000 use fourband GSM-
GPRS phone and GPS recorder and tracker equipped with SiRF Star iii gps module.
It also has a separate geo-location button to trigger the geo-location software for the phone.
In addition to the GPS tracking function, the Supa GT1000 also has MP3 player function with the integration of T-
Flash slots, SOS buttons, up to 1440 waypoint storage and 1. 8-inch TFT-LCD display. (
Price is not available)
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