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by:Kingcobra     2019-10-09
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The breakthrough research has started with a journey of thousands of miles. (Lao-tzu)(Or. . .
In this case, a single shock! LOL)---------------
I didn't know when I started exploring chemicals that would make me find some very interesting research rabbit holes that forever changed my mind about the world around me.
Who would have thought that there might be such a secret evil technology affecting thousands of people on Earth today?
Remote Monitoring and mental control look so far away that it's scientific --fiction -
But what if I tell you that it's as easy to hack into the human brain as it is to hack into your personal computer?
This is not only something that is "far away" as scientifically as possible, but it is actually something that is done to American private and international citizens around the globe.
Yes, although humans are very complex biological machines, in brain control and brainwashing techniques, the internal neuropsychology has been decoded, in which humans can monitor satellite technology remotely.
Or through the tower of Earth Gwen).
I just thought about it-blowing, right?
"The Rabbit Hole runs deep ". . .
After stumbling through the information, some aspects of the topic made me feel like Dorothy pulled the curtains open and saw the smoke behind the Wizard of Oz and The Mirror
When doing more research on this topic, it's like peeking from behind the curtain and seeing a force of control and manipulationA-
Even beyond what most people can understand in consciousness.
From my previous knowledge, I admit that there is even a remote capability to do this ---
A complete paradigm shift is needed! ! !
Before realizing the Tesla Science behind these concepts, at Sci-
Fi future movies, instead of believing that "they" actually have this technology now and are able to use it in people who don't know (
And a group of people). [[
Sometimes, I am surprised at the thought of all this! "Like. . .
Who will guess? "]]
See the man behind the curtain-
What he did was to gain some knowledge through wisdom. ----
But there is a huge sense of innocence disappearing.
You can no longer look at the illusion of wizards in the same awe or surprise.
Sometimes, what I'm still confused about is that someone creates technology that can remotely hack into someone's brain, personality, emotions, and life ----
Not to mention using secrets such as laser technology, microwave ovens, fast eye movement sleep deprivation, and torture someone 24/7 remotely. . . [[I mean. . . REALLY. . . .
"Who will guess? ? ? ".
It's hard to imagine a "control freak"
Ism that allows this to happen ". ]]
Because this is completely hidden, invisible, and is an undetectable operation that only the "target" will feel ---
Most people don't know at all that science has grown to a level where this can happen.
Failed to teach the public about Tesla's scientific breakthrough-
There is little hope that the target individual will have the opportunity to bring this to court and punish the perpetrators. People (
Doctors, lawyers, legal courts)
Hardly realize the existence of this technology. -
So, if no one stands up to teach them the truth and let them know the Tesla technology behind this new "science", how can they correct the problem? -------------
Maybe I 'd better stay dazed and confused as all the techniques secretly manipulated on earth these days.
It is easier to maintain a state of "happiness ---
When I don't know all the equipment to control individuals and populations in practice these days.
There must have been some days, and I feel that it is better to maintain a state of complete confusion, curiosity and confusion about the subject of chemistry experiments.
The more research I continue to do, the deeper the rabbit hole in the information.
There are some very dark topics around this topic. --------------------
I hope to inspire on this issue and help people watch videos that help me achieve the "big picture" through this technology. ---------------------
I continue to work on this because I realize that this phenomenon of chemical traces has seriously affected my health, the health of my friends, etc. . .
When I saw that I intuitively felt a lot of wildlife deaths related to Tesla technology (HAARP)
My heart is in this business.
The environment and our entire planet depend on how we take care of it.
If we attack the Earth in such a reckless manner, where will we go when we destroy our homes, our atmosphere, and our entire biosphere?
What can I say in my heart. . . I'm a "tree-hugger".
I like the environment, animals, organic produce, etc. . . .
This problem has become a passion for consumption! ! !
I can't give up the topic of chemical traces because I saw what they did to the sky in San Diego and Las Vegas.
My commitment to the environment has motivated me to spend more than a year and 1/3 of my time working on this unusual, very complex topic.
I must go along the way it leads me.
It is sometimes the source of a huge "confrontation.
Sometimes I hope my soul doesn't know the answer that much.
But when I think about this year-
I know that I am achieving my "real purpose ".
Well, I won't trade anything. --------------
I only hope to make a difference. --------------
Some of my findings are very shocking (
Both literally and figuratively). . .
However, if I have not experienced this in person, I cannot search on Google and find the exact techniques and videos used in this phenomenon.
The video I posted can explain in detail the actual "progress" of the technology ".
Each video provides information individually that helps me see a wider range and picture of what is happening with this particular secret technology. -----------------
I mean, who would guess? ? ? -----------------
This technology has sometimes become so annoying and hateful that you have to wonder what was the intention to create it in the first place. [
Don't blame Tesla.
I "know" he is really interested in helping humans].
But who will continue this project? -
Bring the whole technology to a "control freak"ish" place.
I only pray that at some point these perpetrators will find the justice that they deserve.
What is it?
What's coming--goes around! ". ------------------------
I hope and pray that my research can help target individuals and act as a beacon of information for those who don't have time to Google search and browse for months (years)
These topics are worth studying.
May God bless anyone who has experienced such strategic technical attacks in person.
This is my worst enemy. I don't want this.
The man standing behind the curtain pulling the strings has completely forgotten the golden rule, "do it to others ---
As you will do to you ".
May God stop this atrocities against humanity! ! !
This is a violation of all human rights violations known to mankind! ! !
With all my soul and last breath-
I pray and hope this technology will come true.
The court can solve the problem--
Justice for all parties involved! Fact or Fiction?
Is it possible that technology is advanced to places where the population can be controlled remotely?
Based on what I found at the end of the chemtrail research rabbit hole ---
"Don't shoot with a knife" has a new meaning.
Targeted energy weapons (DEW's)--
Guns, bombs, grenades. ©Clothes hundreds of years ago.
We are now working on a more advanced remote electronic satellite.
And mobile tower)weapon system.
This can be used remotely (
Human senses cannot detect)
The goal is 24/7 in their private homes, offices, cars, etc. . .
Turn their whole world into a non-
Stop Electronic Torture Room
It was such a huge topic when I started this type of research ---
I don't understand the full range of abilities of "them.
Because I basically have to "reverse engineer" the whole phenomenon.
From the point of view of seeing, shooting and experiencing what happened when they sprayed chemicals ---
It takes a long time to put all the pieces together.
Fortunately, two heads are better than one!
I talked to an electrician friend about this chemtrail topic and we were all struggling with what it was.
Every time we see each other, we have discussed chemistry experiments for about eight months. . .
We are working on the rabbit hole (
Using a computer search engine)
In the search on chemtrail, the main ingredient that appears in most cases (
Aluminum, aluminum, aluminum, etc. ).
My electrician friend knows that Barium is an ingredient used in the screen design of a plasma TV, so this is how we put two and two together.
He told me to search Google for the words "chemical traces" and "plasma", which is when we click on rense.
The Com article is called "What is the chemical Trace "(
Caroline Williams Palit).
Finally, a lot of debris is in place.
She gives a very broad perspective on what this whole phenomenon is about.
* Caroline, I sincerely thank you for your efforts to write such an informative article.
This is a real "breakthrough" to understand this whole phenomenon "!
* "What exactly is a chemical trace" is a groundbreaking article that explains the technology to a large extent. This is a pretty long article, so--
If you want someone to read it to you-
I found a video for your entertainment!
Below, Layara will read you the article and you can sit down and relax, do some yoga and even apply your toe nails!
I affectionately call her "hippie chick" because I love the yoga music she plays in the background and the way she invites us to her house to explain the whole thing! Bottom line. . .
Chemtrails = spray and ZAP! ! !
Have you ever seen an electronic photo shoot?
The chemical path laid the foundation for the sky to become a remote directional energy weapon (
Similar to this fly Zapper)As the Rense.
Com article "What exactly is the chemical trace" points out that the chemical trace is electrically magnetized to particles in the air, where they become virtual "flies" using directional energy weapons ".
Well, as you can see from the video with girls and flies --
Swatter, she sticks her hand to the grid pattern and she gets hit when her hand touches the grid. --------------
Breaking this technology down to the primary level is basically what chemtrails do.
They leave enough particles in the air, where it can perform an electro-magnetic treatment of the sky, and then can target a person with a concealed remote electronic directional energy weapon (
Or a group of people).
This has multiple military functions, but when the technology falls into the wrong hands ---
This can actually be used on random innocent people (Or specific)
The goal of secret experiments
Or as a way of correcting and modifying behavior.
The chemical path of magnetized Air electricity-
There, someone can target individuals/groups directly and clear them from them without leaving traces of the perpetrator attacking them or of the target indeed being hit. (In other words---
This is the silent torture of electronic remote! ! ! ). HELLO? ? ? ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! K?
It's a "personalized attack" where someone can sit next to the target individual and they don't understand what's going on.
The technology, which relies on microwave technology, is a version of Tesla's death ray. -
Human ears, eyes, or other places where the senses are invisible and invisible.
People close to the target will completely forget the remote electronic attack that just happened.
The technology is completely internal.
This leads to a lot of relationship issues because there is an external "Perpertrator" that controls the target electronically.
Many people do not have enough awareness to expand their awareness and do not realize the existence of this technology. -
So they question the integrity of the target individual.
The target individual will be the only one who knows this happens! (
Others may question
They won't understand that they are telling the truth).
Concealed remote directional energy weapon attack, as you can easily see by video illustration with girl and fly zapper ---
This is basically the case with this technology.
However, instead of having a physical Eagle (
Where can you see the grid)
, The chemical path has electrically magnetized the air, where someone can remotely point the microwave that cannot be detected to you (the Target)
In fact, you were hit and blew you out of hell without leaving traces! ! ! [[I know. . . . I KNOW! ! !
It sounds like a bat. Shit CRAZY! ! ! . . . but it is TRUE! ! ! ]]
This is an internal process--
This means it only happens to you! ! !
The target can be fully isolated and targeted by a directional energy weapon from a satellite, mobile tower, 24/7, or another remotely activated directional energy weapon from a source linked to an individual or group/organization.
Satellite technology can harass and track you electronically anywhere on Earth.
It follows your unique infrared thermal mode (
We want to know why TSA is using full body scan lol)
So you're basically "dial in the grid ".
When you are close to your mobile phone, GPS tracking system, or other types of secret monitoring devices, they can keep you with a very short electronic remote control belt, these devices may be coded into your TV cable, radio, or other home electronics. [
I suspect the new smart meter, surveillance camera/microphone found in the TV and DVD/video player is designed for this operation].
When the device finds the target, you often feel a certain "shock" to let the target know that they are "back on the radar ".
If the target happens to be "off the radar", then an electronic satellite can scan the area looking for you with your unique infrared body thermal launch, repeated body movements, let them know this is you, or some other way to detect a target (
I haven't looked into this yet, but intuitively I feel like the TSA body scan images are all about this). [
The only way to solve this problem is to use a Faraday cage, which basically causes the grid to "resist" the upcoming microwave attack].
Like rense.
The article says--
The chemical paths electrically magnetized the particles in the air and in the air they became virtual "flickers" using directional energy weapons ".
Satellite technology scans and digitizes the entire planet to find the target until they find the target again.
Personal electronic devices such as your phone and GPS become "tattletale" to let them know exactly where you are on the radar.
Even your voice can be detected on your phone to know that this is "you "---(
By random phone or landline phone).
Satellite technology scans conventional operating routes in the area and gets them to identify your routines and patterns more clearly.
Your credit card purchase e-prompt system enters the location where your "imprint" is located.
The infrared body heat detector will scan the area shortly after credit card processing to get your unique imprint, so even on your trip (
Or break the weekly routine)
It will be easier to target.
Bill Gallagher interview: this is another important interview video.
This brings together some of the concepts mentioned in Rense.
Com article "What is the chemical Trace ".
With Air Force background, Bill Gallagher links multiple dimensions of the chemtrail project so it's easy to understand the full content of the technology.
Bill noticed chemical marks as early as 1970.
He linked many different concepts to the phenomenon of chemical trajectories.
Bill breaks this information down into smaller pieces that are easier to understand.
He discussed patents for such technologies, proving that this is a technological advance based on scientific discovery, which undoubtedly proves that this chemtrail technology is not just a "conspiracy theory "".
He discussed the emotional qualities of chemicals (
Emotive = the ability to control and play games with the mind).
He mentioned radio signals, which essentially replaced the need for microchip operations on the population.
People are electrically regulated, where they can be found via a satellite with a personal radio signal that will glow at a unique frequency.
For those who still have a hard time understanding that an invisible microwave beam may cause pain or injury to the human body, move from an aircraft to a directional energy weapon, the next three video clips show the power of targeted energy weapons.
The first video shows a person who targets directly with Dew (
Directional energy weapon.
He is the target first, without any kind of shield, and then uses different objects to block the oncoming beam of light.
A second video shows a group of soldiers conducting exercises to show the effectiveness of active denial of system riot control technology.
Pay attention to how they react at the same time.
This is a huge microwave beam that launches into the entire population.
Although it is invisible to the naked eye-
It does not involve other senses, and it produces a sense of motion reaction throughout the group at exactly the same time.
They all felt the pain of the attack at the same time.
The third video shows how to use a directional energy weapon to disband the crowd.
Unlike the test video shown above: in the case of the target individual, the target individual cannot escape these 24/7 emc attacks, and there is no way to prevent or protect himself from upcoming attacks.
These microwave beams
Cross beams through walls, cement, floors, ceilings, etc.
Goals feel like they are prisoners in their own environment and everywhere they go.
They're under-24/7.
To carry out induction attack
With satellite technology, their mobile devices are easy to find. . . and zapped--
Anywhere on Earth
Even without a mobile phone to let the target go, the high-tech satellite system tracks the infrared thermal mode of the human body and scans the selective thermal mode of the human body looking for the target globally. [[
The only way to block this beam is to protect yourself with a Faraday cage or material that blocks the microwave beam. (
This will be another hot topic]
The target individual is a prisoner of their own Infrared Body Heat "signature", living in a virtual electronic torture room, and being convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment is one thing, however, when someone randomly chooses your role as the target individual, the situation is completely different (TI)
You have never done anything worth it.
As the target person, you are the target.
Virtual guinea pig.
Break it down into a childhood analogy.
The murderer is a hunter.
The target individual is Bambi.
Bambi can't see the hunter because with the help of remote electronic satellite/tower technology, he/she may push the electronic button a few miles away, but Bambi became the subject of a very cruel lab experiment confined to his/her own world --
At any time, an idea could lead to this "perp" killing the holy hell electronically from Bambi.
A "perpetrator "(
Perp managing remote electronic torture)
Become an unwelcome guest in all aspects of Bambi's life and relationships.
This perp becomes a virtual puppet master that tracks the entire life of the target.
The whole environment.
Their whole mind.
Management non
Stop attacking this TI non-microwave weapon.
Stop, rain or shine--24/7. [
Can you say get a life? ? ? ]. . . .
Who is the real "prisoner" here?
Have to sit in a room full of electronic devices and try to read your thoughts, blow you out of hell, or are you beaten?
This must be one of God's most boring jobs on green earth. (
Imagine watching someone tidy up the dressing cabinet after moving for hours and putting each lipstick in the right compartment, a boring drama. . .
Start the exciting work of sorting out socks, scarves, shoes, kitchen supplies, lots of clothing, picking up dog poop and more. . . blah blah blah. . . ! ! !
Oh my God, I can't imagine these people must have zzzzzzzz). -----------(
Move from my soap box to finish the theme. . . )
Unlike prisoners who commit crimes and are sentenced to life imprisonment, these individuals are prisoners who have a fever in their own bodies.
Their unique infrared body "signature" will crash satellite technology and where they will be if they venture out of their home, office or car.
Their whole world has become a virtual prison. -
Satellite technology can find their body temperature marks anywhere and completely remove them from them. --------------
"They" no longer need to lock people up and lock them up.
They can randomly select the targets, put these people in one place, and turn their entire world into a virtual prison and torture room.
Others near target yes can't see and detect, and the target's friends, family members, doctors and lawyers won't understand what the target is saying, because unless they are also targeted, and experienced this feeling ---
They will immediately come to the conclusion that the goal is "mental illness" or that it is some kind of "mental illness"
The "physical pain" that the target is feeling ".
Let's face it. This information is out of date. -
The consciousness of most people will not even make them realize that it is possible! ! !
This is Tesla's technology. -
A revision to the theme of his classic Death Ray.
This is top secret, with the highest permission-Typing technology!
Unless you are an electronic expert, a monitoring expert, a scientist, a master of Tesla, or a senior officer-
You may not even hear about the existence of this technology!
This new technology can lead to various health problems and even death due to "natural causes. . .
Just like Taser's ability to induce heart disease, this remote electronic harassment can cause a variety of health-related problems ---
Can even lead to death.
The doctor will not be able to accurately determine the cause of death "--
If someone is killed by this kind of remote electronic harassment. I know. . .
I grew up in the funeral industry.
Autopsy will not give them information about how people died.
They can induce heart attacks, neurasthenia, or various visceral organ injuries that ultimately lead to "natural causes" of death.
Directional energy weapons are like invisible Tasers. . .
It is therefore important to look at the effects of Taser guns and how they affect people's health in order to understand the full impact of this technology.
Secret telepsychiatric electronic therapy with the upcoming video of the Doctor
Robertson believes the government has a history of human testing without consent. Dr.
The purpose of Robertson's speech is education.
"This is more scientific than fiction ".
He raises the fact that it is a crime that is difficult to correct, because ordinary people do not even have the necessary information to understand the existence of this technology ---
It is used on private citizens.
Law enforcement agencies, courts--
Until such technology is heavily educated, it will not be possible to prosecute the perpetrators and institutions of such abuse.
The general public needs to know what is going on before appropriate measures can be taken to correct the problem and to punish groups that violate human rights in this way.
If the public's level of education can't even imagine how these technologies violate humanity ---
Then it is a difficult struggle to find a lawyer or a court to bring justice to the perpetrators of such remote electronic torture and cutting.
President Obama appointed the President's biological race committee, Gutman, to hear from 20 people who spoke about their personal experiences in being targeted by such remote electronic harassment and mental electronic torture.
When you listen to these accounts, there are repeated stories in many cases.
These people are obviously experiencing the same torture and physical symptoms.
There was a doctor, a professional journalist and a lawyer who spoke out on behalf of many of the human rights issues violated by this technology.
It's torture, as sure as being locked up in a dungeon and randomly attacked. . .
Only the target experiences this 24/7 in their own home, office, car, and anywhere privacy that the technology can actually track the target.
Voice to skull technology hear the sound in your head?
This has always been a joke in the consulting world, usually a symptom of mental division.
However, the technology is far from any type of "inner" or "mental illness.
It is actually broadcast to the head of the target via low level microwave technology.
There are many different names for this, including: V2K: Voice to skull technology, Frey microwave hearing.
Why haven't we heard of this?
This is actually a secret.
Secret type technology using radio
Basically mix the sound in the air and enter the wave broadcast type frequency of the sound in the target head--
It imitates the sound they actually hear (or sound)in their head. Dr.
Cornell University's Alan Frey discovered the technology in 1958.
So it took them decades to perfect the science.
This upcoming video explains how the technology works.
According to my research, this technique imitates radio waves and your head becomes a radio receiver.
It uses microwaves to transmit sound to your head.
There are many advanced uses for this technology.
During the year I worked on the subject, I came across some information saying that this technology has been used by our forces in Iraq and has been used against the forces.
The sound can be played as easily as a radio announcer.
Some of the sources I found said that the military is now using this method to communicate with ground forces, where they don't have to wear headphones and the headphones may be lost in land combat.
Obviously, this is a technique that our army uses for foreign troops when they are hidden in buildings or in groups.
The foreign army will hear a translator give them directions.
Because the troops are naive about the technology. -
They thought it was the voice of God"-
Walk out of the building waving white flags-
Give up your surrender without even fighting one.
Have you ever thought about how a politician or public speaker can give a detailed presentation without using a nominator? This is it.
Their speech can be broadcast to their heads without using a receiving device such as a headset.
In the United States and other countries, remote mental Electronic Torture of unauthorized subjects using high-tech technology (
According to my research, any country that is experiencing chemical trace phenomena).
Human experiments are underway.
Mind electronics: application of external stimuli (energy)
This leads to changes in the perception, thinking process, and sensory experience of people (
Hearing, vision, taste, smell, movement).
It is used for political and social control.
"No firewall in mind "-
A book on the subject.
These weapons can re-insert a person's thoughts into the brain.
Your brain is like an electronic computer that can be hacked.
That's what they did).
Fast eye movement sleep deprivation is one of the basic requirements of every living human or animal and is to ensure that they get enough quality sleep to replenish energy for the next day.
My first psychology class at the University mentioned some experimental subjects who began to show unusual mental illness when they were denied proper sleep.
With this new monitoring technology, they can remotely monitor the target, and at the moment they start dozing off into the fast eye movement sleep mode, the target will experience twitching or unconscious muscle contractions, wake you up. . . or--
It could be a loud noise (
Car alarm, for example)
Just outside your window, your dog rushes into the door to wake you up, etc. . .
Anything can happen in order not to let you sleep.
This is exhausting, according to TI's report.
Based on the countless videos I 've seen on the target characters, it seems like a rather regular way to torture people. -----------
So when people know that these reactions are caused by the ability of the perpetrator to know when the target is dozing off-
Some people learn to sleep in tin paper hats or faraday mock cages ---
In order not to be disturbed while sleeping
Electronic tracking: monitoring devices on the phone and the Internet, as well as controlling the needs of subjects through their own physiology, also need to moderate and control all communications available to the "target.
It's hard to imagine someone designing such a control.
Abnormal method of control--
However, some institutions wish to place subjects under full surveillance and control.
With the Patriot Act passed shortly after 9/11, you can expect this "oversight" and "surveillance" to be used more in the unsuspecting public.
Especially if the topic you write is something they want to retain experience (
Well, say, Chemtrails? . . . . yep).
You expect you to have "freedom of speech" but someone can access your I-by electronic means-
Other phones and home phones---
In addition to any and all Internet activities you do from your own IP address and any Internet cafe you may access.
They can target you with images from pop-up ads and open and close windows on your computer.
They have the ability to control your scroll bar remotely, where they can zoom in on the Internet to different things you're writing or working on ---
Even on your PC program.
They can even override the "remote access code" of your computer ".
Even if you clearly Program your computer to not receive remote control access, these institutions have the ability
Ride that, anyway, hijack your computer.
This upcoming video shows the complex monitoring that happens when someone tracks your phone and computer system and interacts with it to track you electronically.
The NSA listens to every conversation. . .
According to my writing Source: The NSA has the ability to read and listen to every conversation conducted through most electronic media.
They capture and store all this information in a huge server.
They can capture landline, tower, satellite, microwave, amateur radio, UHF, fiber-based Internet and VoIP communication systems.
Then they parse all the dates that are looking for keywords, such;
"Bombshell", "hostage", "nuclearnuclear" and other words, when they are encountered, the source of the conversation is spit out for further analysis.
Anywhere in the world, there are people who have been following them and using electronic bugging.
They are bugging everyone in the United States at any time.
The device is incredible and uses more than 25,000 for analyzing our conversations only.
Understand the "big picture" with technology if you want to know what is the connection between today's technology, such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook and other technologies ---
This interview will tell you how all of this is combined.
Do you think tin foil hat is a joke?
No, actually the tin foil hat joke has some of its advantages! (Who will guess)! ! !
The tin foil hat has the ability to stop mind control technology from reading your thoughts, or to instill manipulation hacks that can happen when microwaves point to you.
The tin foil hat basically acts as a Faraday cage (
An induction cage that blocks electric waves from entering a cage). -------------------
This upcoming video shows a person who designed the experiment to see if the tin foil hat can stop the government from using the satellite technology of mind control.
This is a very interesting video that shows the view that aluminum foil can actually stop mind control and mind reading activities.
After writing more than 8 central pages on chemical traces and taking more than 3500 photos of chemical traces in the San Diego and Las Vegas areas, don't forget, I think my head hit the wall. . .
Still no closer to the real reason behind the chemical traces-
More than when I first saw these in the neighborhood a few months ago.
The question that was not answered really annoyed me.
What is the real purpose of my inner Nancy Drew driving me inside to discover chemical traces.
I have witnessed this phenomenon with my own eyes, and I have witnessed the physical flu --
Just like the symptoms that appear immediately after contacting the chemicals left by the aerosol. . .
So I know there's some "meat" in the story ".
I have been shooting for a long time, where I have some interesting pictures, a full film series (if you will)
This proves that I captured them in the movie.
It's all good, but the constant nagging of "why do they spray these things" has attracted my Nancy to nature --drive.
I have seen them as an artist/photographer and can clearly identify what I see.
After I 've been doing watercolors for more than 20 years and saw a plane flying over, I can easily see the chemical mixture that happens in the atmosphere and leave a thin line of pencils that quickly deform into the surrounding sky, created a huge geographic location
Engineering cloud structure that will continue to deform and "bloom--
Just like when I add a paint to the wet paint, my watercolor will mixon-
Wet mixture on my watercolor paper.
Physically, I feel the flu.
Just like feeling, I witnessed how quickly I was affected by them shortly after touching them.
There is an internal drive that can "get a deeper look at this" and find out the exact "reason" they sprayed the area ".
Like Nancy Drew. -
I did this research with the phrase "Leave No Trace" and started searching for everything I could reach.
I started working on rabbit holes in this chemtrail, like blood hounds on a hound, digging into articles, videos that I never imagined I would be curious about, if Santiago is not under siege from the chemtrail attack in my own community.
It feels like Alice in Wonderland is tumbling through this never-ending matrix of Google search and youtube video viewing.
I will watch a youtube video.
Dozens of related videos will also appear on the sidebar.
I 've been watching a video after another video --
Trying to figure out the nature of this whole thing.
I have a note if there are new words, names of experts etc. . . would pop up --
This will be the next information hole I will be working on.
I saw videos about weather war, Nikola Tesla, HAARP technology, chemicals used (
SR and so on)
Strange animal deaths happening around the world and other topics. (
All recorded in my previous hub page on this topic).
After eight months of extensive research (6-
Search for articles, videos on the internet 18 hours a day and shoot them in San Diego and Las Vegas)the Rense.
Finally, the article pulls the research together.
The truth will free you from previous myths. Remember how you feel, and when you find out that Santa really didn't cross the sky with his reindeer, come down the chimney and eat cookies and milk, and you left him in the kitchen ---
Before Christmas Eve late at night? Or--
In the evening, when another baby's teeth fall off, really no tooth fairy slipped a dollar under your pillow?
Or what do you feel when you realize that the whole Easter Bunny is a complete myth? Yep.
This is the whole process of discovering the direction of the whole Chemtrail science.
It needs your mind to do a complete "flip"
Flop "on something you might dream! ! !
Fantasies and myths are suddenly revealed.
When you find out the truth behind things, you can no longer believe the same story.
Christmas and Easter are more interesting when I believe in Santa Claus and Easter bunny. [[
As far as the tooth fairy is concerned. . . . . ppppppppft!
When I grabbed my dad and put the dollar under the pillow, the theory was over! ]]---------------
I 've been working on the information I found at the bottom of the chemtrail research rabbit hole.
This is one of the most intense things I have ever written, which makes the subject of chemistry experiments very exciting and a complete challenge for the public.
My goal is to expose this information. -
This can help target individuals understand the science behind what is happening to them.
I would like to inform the public that it would be much easier for target individuals to explain this to their lawyers and courts, there people can truly realize that there is a complete "science" behind it that these goals are suffering from invisible torture.
The technology is as real as the electronic cangpai used in the first video I posted.
Just because it is an invisible force does not mean that it is "in the mind of the goal "---
Or, it should be interpreted as some sort of "physical and mental help ".
These people have been tortured by 24/7 high-tech electronic spirit remote.
I am passionate about "getting to the bottom of the Chemtrail issue.
I only hope that this enthusiasm can lead to research and help target individuals from this type of on-
To carry out attacks, the perpetrators of the use of this technology can be held accountable for their participation in such attacks against humanity.
It will be great to see justice done! ; )
Another great source of information Examiner Dupre, author of The Examiner ---at www. examiner. com/human-rights-in-
Dupre has some excellent articles on many human rights violations that have taken place in this technology.
She frequently writes ongoing articles on human rights violations affecting laws and public policies.
The first square: Is this a chemical trace or a contrast in the beginning, one of the biggest obstacles I have encountered in explaining this chemical trace phenomenon to others ---
The fact that people enter the whole question is, "Is this a trajectory ? "-or a Chemtrail? ? ? " topic.
To answer this question, I took over 3,500 photos of chemicals in San Diego and Las Vegas, showing the chemicals that are deformed in the sky by pencil-like fine spiders ---
A huge cloud of earth engineering.
I wrote my first hub page to help people realize that these pages are far more than just "tracks ".
The producer of the new movie "What did they spray" is introducing another movie called "Big Kill.
The film tells the story of many biological red flags rising from chemicals used in chemical experiments.
"What are they spraying?
"Documentary about chemical traces this documentary covers the chemical traces found in the soil and covers many different interviews discussing chemical traces.
This involves many details of the general study of chemical traces.
It raises the question, what is their spring?
Recap my story: When I first started working on the topic of chemical tracing, I only knew about the health and environmental concerns of the spray itself.
Out of a sense of urgency about the atmosphere and the earth, I spent an entire eight months spending 6-
The study time of chemical trace phenomenon was 18 hours.
December 23, 2010 (last Christmas)
, I walked out of my house in San Diego and personally experienced the experience of watching chemicals (
Horizon to horizon)
Near my house.
At that time, every time I leave the house, I start taking my camera 24/7--
Trying to capture chemical marks on film
I left San Diego for a meeting in Las Vegas.
I hope to escape from the chemical plant in San Diego and enjoy the much needed "respite ".
Who will guess? ? ?
I got to Las Vegas. -
Even more saturated than San Diego.
I was very interested in these chemicals, so I went back to Las Vegas for 2nd trips and took a full month of filming near McAllen airport.
In the months of filming the project, a friend of mine and I finally found a breakthrough article that let me know the full scope of chemical tracking.
When I started the study, I hardly realized that there was a more evil goal for the technology, namely, mental control and remote electronic harassment and torture.
Believe me, this information is completely "shocking"-(
Literally, vividly). -----------
My heart really reached out to target individuals who endured 24/7 reliable monitoring and remote electric shock torture in their home, office and car privacy.
My goal in choosing the subject of chemical experiments was initially to protect the environment, change global health, and protect animal species that are clearly targeted at large animal deaths, in order to learn more about the spraying of the aerosol itself, and how these toxic chemicals will eventually pollute our water, our soil, and our planet.
I barely realized that the topic of chemical traces would also involve topics of mind control and remote electronic harassment and torture!
This is totally exciting! ! !
As a writer, this is a very interesting research project because it gives me such extensive experience in science education, far beyond what I have learned in previous science courses.
The world's most advanced universities rarely teach the concept of Tesla ---
So the video and text I found gave me a whole new respect for the people who created this technology.
This writing project offers me the opportunity to change the future of our world, our environment, and every known species of humans, plants and animals.
It seems this is not enough--
Chemicals can even affect the soil in which we grow our crops.
This is sometimes a very exciting topic. -
Quite shocked though! ! !
I really hope that the information I found will help bridge the gap between target individuals who don't have time to spend months searching and researching this particular topic.
Sometimes the information is so advanced, "on my head," so --o-o-o-o-o F-A-
Most lawyers think (
Or Court)
Will not take this matter seriously
This information looks more like a Sci-Fi Thriller.
But after extensive research. .
There are many more things about science than science fiction.
The perpetrators have one thing to do on their side.
There are very few people studying Tesla and his electronics.
Magnetic invention.
Few people understand that this technology is actually available and is in use today.
I hope that my writing and research on this topic can help target individuals learn more about the "science" behind what they are experiencing ".
The goal of my article is to serve as a basis to help target individuals find a lawyer, listen to them, and can refer their case to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and courts ---
Assisting the Prosecution Authority (or individuals)
Who is responsible for this attack on humanity. ------------------
Needless to say, this invisible remote Electronic harassment-
This is a huge human rights violation and is likely to have the ability to fully control and manipulate the entire human race, where they become a real Manchu candidate, Stepford's wife or robot.
I hope this will make a big difference.
Bring the perpetrators to justice. . . .
Say it again in the end.
My main goal is to end this remote electronic monitoring and torture of the population.
I will breathe easier and sleep better because I know I have liberated a group of thousands of people who live under this control --Freak-ish nightmare. "Let Freedom R-I-N-G". . .
I wrote this article to explain the process behind my findings. -
And shared with you videos and articles that helped me connect points on this very extensive "science project.
My other center pages have published research and videos that have helped me raise my awareness of the science behind chemistry experiments. [[
Please feel free to visit all my pages.
It will explain the phenomenon in a way that you see the general "scope" of the science. ]]
The next video is characterized by the reporter asking about the topic of microwave technology at the press conference about the technology used by Rumsfeld in military applications.
He gave little information about the technology.
At the end of this video, the camera will show how humans can register "on radar" with their infrared body temperature pattern.
This is a technology that allows these weapons to target and track individuals anywhere in the world.
Keywords that provide research links this is an ongoing work.
Just like a painter painting a masterpiece, the painter just chooses to stop in an interesting place ---
And share with the audience what he created. . . (up to now).
The topic of Chemtrails is very broad and this information may only reach the level that really exists! ! !
So, I'm over here. . .
But any future findings will continue to be reported. ---------------
As I had to "reverse engineer" the whole phenomenon, I started working on the common links I found from one article to another ---
In the video.
This is when I started watching big picture. The Rense.
A Com article "What is the chemical trace" is a good basis for my other research.
The author bundles some of the links I never realized that might be relevant to this topic.
In doing any form of internet research, it is always crucial to have a good keyword in which you can continue to search and find out how all the parts are combined in the puzzleSo--
With this in mind, here are a few keywords that start to be combined in many different articles I 've read ---
And the video I'm watching. Nikola Tesla (
Inventor of such technology)
Surveillance of electron torture and specific particles of the HarassmentStar warselect magnetic wave: very refractive plasma beam propagation microwave-
Protection of the RaysCloak fighter against MissilesLow
Intensity Laser satellite monitoring global and spatial control grids remote monitoring operation scalar energy: When you go through 2 strong beams (supposedly)
Weather control and manipulation earthquake mind control programming: MK ultra-sophisticated weapons control torture by attacking a person's virtual reality and augmented reality 24 hours a day: being detected, troubled, panting, scared, manipulated, raped electronically, deteriorating REM sleep, sound of skull technology, or tortured.
Experiment on the blacklist of citizen choices: any country that participates in NATO will become concerned --
Control of civil rights, hijacked by weapons from elite governments that can make climate wars, weather wars, ideological wars, cyber wars, disease wars, disaster wars, economic wars, and undetectable
Health risks: billions of deaths from aluminum and Barium poisoning.
World crop failurewide famine.
Heart disease, stroke and cancer.
Stillbirth, miscarriage and infertility.
Biological weapons testing by the American public: any pharmaceutical company can benefit from it. (
Rumsfield and Duffy)
Congress may not understand what weapons programs they are funding.
Giant Tesla death ray shooting control target---------------------------Whew! ! !
Is there anything I missed? . . . Yes.
This topic is very broad.
This is a major phrase: chemical traces are the medium
Gwen pulse radar (
Methods with directional energy weapons). Spray--and ZAP! ! !
The more research I do on the subject of chemical experiments, the more I realize that the scientific mission runs counter to the laws of survival of nature, animals and even humans.
I want someone who designs this technology. -
Using this technology will be aware of their impact on the Earth.
Delete this. (
Haven't had time yet).
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