china debuts j-20 stealth jet in show of strength at country's biggest expo - top car alarms

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-03
china debuts j-20 stealth jet in show of strength at country\'s biggest expo  -  top car alarms
ZHUHAI, China (Reuters)-
China shows its Chengdu J-
On Tuesday, 20 stealth fighter jets made their first public appearance, opening a meeting of the country's largest aircraft manufacturers and buyers to showcase their military clout.
The air show in the southern Chinese city of Zhuhai offers Beijing an opportunity to showcase its ambitions in civil aviation and highlights its growing defense capabilities.
China will surpass the United States. S.
Become the world's largest aviation market in the next decade. Two J-
20 jets, Zhuhai's headline news, swept through dignitaries, and hundreds of spectators and industry executives gathered at the opening ceremony, making a deafening roar for almost a minute, with breathing and applause, the car alarm sounded in the parking lot.
Experts say China has been working for J-
For the first time in 20,2010, aircraft manufacturers saw that they wanted to narrow the military technology gap with the United States.
As China takes a tougher stance in Asia, especially in the South China Sea and the East China Sea, President Xi Jinping has worked hard to strengthen the armed forces.
"This is clearly a big step forward for China's combat capability," said Bradley Perret of Aviation Weekly, a senior China observer. State-
China Commercial Aircraft Corporation (COMAC)
China is also optimistic about China's demand for new civilian aircraft. it is expected that the market will need 6,865 new aircraft worth $930 billion in the next 20 years.
China Commercial fly Forecast-
Similar to long-
Long term outlook from well
Competitors of Boeing and Airbus
He said that in the next 20 years, China will occupy the fifth place in the world's demand for nearly 40,000 aircraft.
After screaming as a pair on the Zhuhai stage
Level, one of which J-
20 s quickly disappeared on the horizon, allowing another to make a series of turns, revealing its triangular wing shape on a bright submarinetropical haze.
This is the second time after J-2014's debut, China has shown stealth at its biennial auto show. 31.
But analysts say J-20 routine -
The pilot did not open the weapons hatch and did not fly low-profile. speed passes -
Answered a few questions.
"I think we learn very little.
We know it's loud.
But we don't know what type of engine it has or how mobile it is, "said Greg walderen, Asia editor-in-chief of FlightGlobal.
"The most important thing is that we cross over its radar. section.
A key question is whether China's new fighter will match the radar.
Evasive property of Lockheed Martin22 Raptor air-to-
Air Fighter, or the latest American strike aircraftS.
F of Lockheed-35. The F-
22. development for the United StatesS.
Air Force, J-
20 of the most similar people
But others say it's a clear signal to show just such a newly developed aircraft.
"For the Chinese, it is a tactical change to publicly display weapons that have not yet been officially served," said Sam rojiwien, a senior researcher in Sydney --
Based on the Lowy Institute, "It shows confidence in ability and a lot of pride.
On Tuesday, in addition to the latest Chinese weapons systems, radar and drones, there were other aircraft on display, including the Y-
20 strategic aircraft, organizers say it is the largest amphibious aircraft currently producedthe AG600.
The ship was officially promoted to fire.
Battle or rescue aircraft.
But analysts pointed out that AG600
On July, 10 days after the Hague court ruled on China's sovereignty over parts of the South China Sea, China made its debut --
It is perfect for redeploying military outposts in disputed areas.
A wide model
The fuselage jets being developed by Chinese commercial aircraft and Russian UAC are also on display, showing for the first time design details such as wingspan and cruise speed.
Airbus and Boeing dominate the world. body segment.
However, it is worth noting that 150-
The Chinese commercial plane C919 has been in trouble due to delays and is now three years behind schedule.
China Merchants said at the exhibition that China Eastern Airlines will become the launch customer of the C919, which may conduct its first flight test later this year or early 2017. it has won 23 new orders for the C919, the total number of orders for the company reached 570.
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