chinese companies using gps tracking device smartwatches to monitor, alert street cleaners - best car alarm with gps tracking

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-15
chinese companies using gps tracking device smartwatches to monitor, alert street cleaners  -  best car alarm with gps tracking
Cleaners in parts of China are reportedly forced to wear GPS
Keep track of smartwatches so employers can monitor how hard they work, sparking public anger and concern about the growing number of large-scale surveillance across the country.
According to a recent Xinhua report, more than 500 cleaners hired by the Nanjing West Bank Environmental Services Bureau need to wear smart watches at work.
If a smartwatch detects that a worker is still for more than 20 minutes, it will alert.
Smart watches can not only track the location of the cleaners, but also report their activities to the company's control room, where the big screen displays their location as a cluster of red dots on the map.
"It knows everything," an anonymous cleaner told reporters in a report on Jiangsu TV.
"If we don't act after hearing the alarm, the supervisor will come.
"After being bounced, the company said it removed the alarm function from its smartwatch, but reported that employees still needed to wear the device in order to track their location.
The Chinese government has set up a social credit system to monitor its behavior.
With the help of a wide network of CCTV cameras and facial recognition technologies, 4 billion citizens.
Wang Maya, a senior Chinese researcher at Human Rights Watch, said the government used surveillance technology to send a message to private companies that "[agree"monitor]people".
Jiangsu TV News, posted on Weibo earlier this month, quickly became popular on Chinese social media platforms and drew criticism from a large number of netizens.
"There is too little consideration for the lowest class of society and their lives and freedoms," commented one Weibo user . ".
Another Weibo user ridiculed the video and asked, "is slavery back in China now?
Tang Haiping, an employee working in the company's control room, told reporters that smart watches allow the company to widely monitor cleaners.
Meanwhile, Zhang Donglin, deputy manager of the same company, explained to the Beijing Youth Daily that smartwatches reduce the associated costs of managing street cleaners who are expected to work in large areas. "It [has made it]
"It's getting harder and harder for patrol regulators and higher management costs," said Zhang Yong. He objected to criticism that the technology violated the privacy of the cleaners.
The workers will [the watch]off after work.
We will not be able to continue monitoring.
"However, street cleaners in Nanjing are not alone.
It is reported that several companies and institutions in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Qingdao and Hangzhou have used smart watches to monitor cleaners since last year.
It is reported that smart watches are also used in Guangzhou to remind team leaders if cleaners are found to be not moving for a long time.
"This story is shocking because it heralds a future where people don't have freedom at all," MS Wang said . ".
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