chinese schools enforce 'smart uniforms' with gps tracking system to monitor students - best car alarm with gps tracking

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-16
chinese schools enforce \'smart uniforms\' with gps tracking system to monitor students  -  best car alarm with gps tracking
Chinese schools have begun to enforce "smart school uniforms" embedded in computer chips to monitor students' movements and prevent them from skipping classes.
11 schools in the South
In the western part of Guizhou province, school uniforms developed by the local technology company Guizhou Guanyu technology were introduced.
When students enter the school, the time and date, along with the short videos that parents can access through the mobile app, are recorded together.
Facial recognition further ensures that each uniform is worn by its legal owner to prevent students from cheating the system.
Skipping classes will trigger alerts to inform teachers and parents about skipping classes, while automatic voice alerts will activate if students leave school without permission.
The GPS system even tracks students' movements outside the school grounds. The two chips —
On the shoulders of each uniform.
The company told the Global Times, the official media, that it can withstand washing up to 500 and temperatures of 150 degrees Celsius.
According to the company's official website, the alarm also rings if students fall asleep in class, while parents can monitor their child's purchases at school and set spending limits through mobile apps
The company has released a public statement through Weibo, China's popular social media site, saying school uniforms are "focused on security issues" and offer a "benefit to students, teachers and parents"
The marketing manager of Guanyu technology also boasted about the features of these uniforms on his personal Weibo account.
The development company said on its website that these uniforms are intended to "fully implement the national policy of actively building smart campuses and smart education management for educational development ".
In recent years, Beijing has often called on all schools to develop "smart campuses" to drive digital education.
Despite the company's hype about the benefits, the uniforms have generated strong repercussions on social media.
"Don't children have human rights and privacy? " user Dawson-HO said.
But the blogger, Yizhi Sirius, defended the new uniform, saying "the uniform would come in handy when looking for missing students ".
Lin Zongwu, president of Guizhou Renhuai No. 11 School, said in an interview with The Global Times that although the school has the ability to track students at any time, they rarely use this technology.
"We chose not to check the exact location of the students after school, but when the students went missing and escaped, the uniforms would help them find them," said Mr Lin . ", Since the introduction of smart uniforms, attendance has increased.
Guan Yu responded to criticism on Weibo, saying the company "respects and protects human rights ".
"Smart uniforms will not keep track of every move of students all the time," the company wrote . ". Topics:science-and-
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