chrysler recalls 780,477 minivans for possible overheating switch - car power window

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-23
chrysler recalls 780,477 minivans for possible overheating switch  -  car power window
DETROIT (Reuters)-
Fiat Chrysler motor International Automobile Federation
MI Chrysler said Friday it was recalling about 780,477 minivans after reporting overheating in the third quarter, including some fires
Power window vent switch.
The company said it would replace the window vent switch.
The company said there were no accident or injury reports related to the issue, but there were 36 overheating incidents and the number of undisclosed fires.
"Some incidents involved fires, many of which did not," Chrysler spokesman Eric Mayne said . ".
"In each case, the damage is limited to the driver's door area where the switch is located . ".
The company says it will contact and advise affected customers when they can arrange repairs.
During this period, the customer may visit the dealer after May 14 to disconnect the vent switch to eliminate the risk of overheating.
The company said it found the problem due to warranty claims and found that rain, snow, car wash or drink spills could cause a short circuit.
The company said it was affected by Dodge Caravans and Chrysler urban and rural minivans from 2010 to 2014.
It is estimated that sales in the United States are 644,850 vehicles, 106,980 in Canada, 8,009 in Mexico and 20,638 outside North America.
The company, which sells Fiat cars in the US, also said it would recall 4,141 Fiat 500e electric vehicles to replace the electric inverter module.
Repair will prevent slow coolant leakage on electrical components that can cause short circuit and power loss when driving.
Chrysler said it knew about five power outages, but there were no related accidents or injuries.
All affected vehicles are sold in the United States and are models in 2013 and 2014.
Customers receive alerts when they can schedule repairs.
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