cities with the most (and least) stolen cars - top car alarm systems

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cities with the most (and least) stolen cars  -  top car alarm systems
If you live in California, you may seriously consider installing a car alarm, where eight cities become the annual "Hot List" of metropolitan areas with the highest rate of car theft ", the National Bureau of Insurance crimes (NICB)
Got sick in dersprenes.
Car theft has risen by 1.
Overall, 3% in 2012, with 13 states in the western United StatesS. (
Including Alaska and Hawaii)
Up to 10 registered people.
2011 figures were added.
In the remaining parts of the country, the Midwest, the Northeast and the South reported a decline in the number of stolen vehicles at 3. 1, 7. 9 and 2.
9% respectively.
The top 10 cities include San Jose, California, and reading, California, which jumped from 20 in 2011 to seventh last year.
It soared from 40 in 2011 to 10.
Here is the hot list of NICB, which lists the cities with the highest rate of car theft in 2012: in the country's largest metropolitan area, Detroit ranks 15 on the hot list of NICB, Los Angeles 24, chicago 56, Denver 59, and Dallas, 69, perhaps surprisingly, ranked 232 in Boston and 220 in New York City.
If you have a particularly coveted journey and want to live in places that are unlikely to be stolen, try one of these relatively sleepy towns, this represents the 10 metropolitan areas found to have the lowest rate of car theft in 381 Studies, 2012: But since no major cities reported no car theft in a given year, NCIB recommends that all drivers comply with four "protective layers" to prevent theft of the vehicle.
Use common sense.
No, don't complain-you'll be surprised how many people have ignored the simplest countertheft measures.
Do not leave the key in the ignition when the vehicle is unattended.
Keep the windows and sunroof closed and don't hide a spare key where the savvy scammer might find it.
Do not leave clearly visible packaging or other removable items such as a camera or iPhone in the vehicle.
If you have a garage, Park inside, not just in the driveway, and make sure the two entrance doors are always closed and locked.
If you park in public, choose a well
Where lit, turn the wheel to the curb and engage an emergency brake to make it more difficult to be towed away.
Outside of home, parked in a welllit or well-
Close to the driving area of other vehicles, avoid using for a long time
Parking Lot (
Take a taxi to the airport).
• Use a visual or audible anti-theft device. A steering-
Wheel locks like popular "clubs" are simple, cheap, and can work as well as expensive alarm systems.
The thief wants to get a car as soon as possible, and anything that might slow him or her down is enough to serve as a deterrent to choose another model on the block.
The latest high
If someone uses your vehicle, the tech security system can remotely alert the owner via SMS or smartphone app.
The added benefit here is that there is an anti-theft device that usually gets a discount for your car insurance.
In addition, experts recommend having the vehicle identification number of your car or truck (
Commonly referred to as "VIN", it is found on the driver side of the dashboard at the bottom of the windshield and on the model title)
Etching on the windshield and main components makes it harder for the chop shop to sell as a separate component.
Add fixtures.
Installing a simple ignition "kill switch" in a hidden position will make it more difficult for cheaters to start a car or truck and drive it away.
What's better is the starter, ignition and fuel pump disabled and equipment that require wireless ignition authorization.
Install tracking devices.
Advanced Vehicle recycling devices such as LoJack and General motor's OnStar system use technologies similar to satellite navigation systems to help police find stolen cars and trucks.
They may be expensive and need to subscribe once a month, but if you have an expensive high price
Introduction to the car, the peace of mind they bring is value for money.
Fine print: NCIB ranks based on vehicle theft data from the national metropolitan area obtained from the National Crime Information Center, usually including larger areas than the city they are named (i. e.
Modstow, California, ranked first.
The area includes the entire county of Stanislaus, not just the city itself).
Because of the results of the investigation
Population per capita
Metropolitan areas based on less methodological population and moderate theft often rank higher in NICB's popular list than those that suffer more vehicle theft per year but have a higher population density.
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