city works to get lrt, police connected to ottawa's delayed radio system - new car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-12
city works to get lrt, police connected to ottawa\'s delayed radio system  -  new car alarm system
The dunrobyn tornado may be a major example of the city's need to fully implement the new radio system for emergency rescue workers using the municipal communications network.
The Ottawa Police Station is the last large user base that still needs to switch to the new radio system and unplug from the rickety legacy system.
There are still several months to fully deploy to the police.
This is one of two important priorities, and the city also ensures seamless radio communication on the opening day of the Federal line LRT, roughly scheduled for sometime in 2019.
The city is expected to have nearly 6,000 users using the new bell-
The radio system was provided in 2015, but the work was not completed.
Legacy systems still used by the police can be traced back to the medium term
1990. the end of its life was announced on 2015.
In more than three years, there have been setbacks in trying to implement a new radio system in the City of Ottawa, but Pierre boleyer, the city's head of emergency management and safety, who oversees the radio transition, he said he had won in 2018.
"I would say it's good news," Poirier said in an interview . ".
"The fire transition has been completed, all of our LRT commitments are nearing completion, and the planning for the Ottawa Police station transition is progressing smoothly.
We will be right (police)
Radio stations later this month are hoping to begin the transition in early January.
Poirier said the city will fully promote the new radio system to the police by April.
There are more than 4,200 radios on the new system.
They are used by several departments such as fire department, OC Transpo and public works.
There are more than 1,650 radios in the police station that need to transition from the old system to the new system.
Poirier said the new radio system was "working flawlessly" when the tornado swept through Ottawain in September and had power outages in several communities ".
However, he added that there were "some performance problems" with the old radio systems that the police were still using ".
According to Poirier, the poor performance is partly related to generators that power radio towers.
The old radio system did not tell the city when fuel was exhausted.
Poirier said that some of the towers ran out of fuel and the city had to refuel them.
The new radio system has a sensor and alarm system that can be notified immediately when officials need more fuel in an emergency.
In addition to the generator problem, radio reception on the old system was of poor quality during the storm response.
"There was no incident in which the radio system compromised public safety, whether it was for the responder or the public," Poirier said . ".
The city has to pay $5.
5 million to 10 minutes a year-
Provide an annual agreement for the new radio system.
Bell is responsible for ensuring that legacy systems remain effective during the transition.
The city also spent $10 million on new system equipment.
In addition to getting the police on board with the new radio, the city has been making sure $2. 1-
The billion LRT line will have the perfect radio connection.
"It's a fairly complex project, when you think of making sure you have radio communication for the length of the tunnel, including the lobby layer, the platform layer, and then, all radio communications in the train driving room, "said Poirier.
"It all comes together when we talk.
"Trying to maintain radio services through a 2 is a challenge. 5-
Kilometers of concretelined tunnel.
The city must install a "leak cable" running through the tunnel to receive radio signals to ensure that emergency personnel and transport personnel can maintain communication underground.
At every subway station, the city has to install an antenna system to increase communication, Poirier said.
Taking into account all the other LRT work that occurred in the tunnel, it was a major task to prepare for the project handover of the Rideau Transit Group.
Speaking about the work of radio LRT, Poirier said: "We have been involved in this process for several months . ".
When asked if the radio system was ready for the handover of LRT to the city in November, Poirier said: "We have been in line with the schedule of the city.
"The radio system will not delay the opening of the LRT," he said.
Poirier said the new radio system was stable after some flash outside the gate.
After everyone finally got into the new radio system, the city had to start dismantling the old one, including closing 17 radio towers.
The new radio system works on different towers.
Poirier said it was "one of the most complex radio systems designed.
"Throughout the transition period, the city has achieved its goal of maintaining public safety," he said.
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