code cracking - what is the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-22
code cracking  -  what is the best car alarm
Next to your house, your car may be your most expensive property, making it a target for theft.
More than 1 million cars are stolen every year.
These loss figures have largely contributed to the development of the industry as a whole.
Protect the technical equipment of your car.
But don't feel too comfortable with these safeguards. . .
Thieves have some new tricks of their own.
It seems obvious and simple, but the best counter
The theft device around is locking your car.
One of the new-
This can be done with one of these electronic keys or the "keyless remote control.
"They have become popular-
Theft of equipment because you can get in and out of the car quickly and safely by pressing a button. But guess what?
You may not be as safe as you think.
We went to a busy shopping mall in southern California to test what some car thieves already knew.
The Virginia Beach shooting protesters at Connecticut mother interrupted Harris, and you know it was a chirping sound.
Press the button and the keyless remote will send out a radio signal.
When the car's receiver hears the message, the door is locked and sometimes a security alert is set.
But almost any gadget like this has another one that can bypass it
Like "code grab"
Ed Menan, security expert at Avanta Technologies, showed us how to use "code grab" in secret to receive signals from keyless remote controls.
Only this transmitter is not just the read frequency, it will also record it and play it back!
"So normally, what happens is that a person will arm their alarm clock, and in fact, the alarm does lock their door ,[and]
"Walk into a shopping center and know that their car is protected for a few hours," Menan explained . ". Not exactly.
Now their car is unprepared for "code grab.
"And it's very simple to use.
With the electronic "code grab", we can steal the car keys of the driver out of thin air.
"When you buy a car for $30,000, it definitely scares me," Jason Dozal said . " He paid an extra $800 for a special car alarm that could not be bypassed. Or could it?
We just caught it.
Dozal said, "you have a CD player, you have a mobile phone, you have all my CDs that are very convenient and you can take them away at will.
"In the end, we can catch the car if we want it.
Like someone gave me the key to someone else's car.
Over and over again.
And the code acquisition card is easy to get-
On the Internet, there is no problem with a low price of about $100.
Is there any real purpose of using this device?
No, according to Menan.
"There's no honest purpose other than simply grabbing a code from the air, stealing a car and hitting a car," it's Colleen Britton watching us break into her car
In this case, we won the first prize: designer sunglasses worth $20,000 in the trunk.
"That's why I have an alarm clock and that's why I always use it," Colleen said . ".
Asked how safe she is now, Colleen said, "not quite sure.
"There's an old-fashioned, low-tech solution.
A normal old car key.
Of course, there is also a hightech solution.
Every time you press the button, a better keyless remote will signal differently.
But how long does it take for the thief to solve the problem?
How common is this problem?
There are more than 7 million vehicles equipped with keyless remote control.
But since code grabs don't leave signs of forced entry like broken windows, it's impossible to know how often this happens.
The police may think you just don't lock the car.
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