complaints about in-car electronic systems on rise, consumer reports says - car electronics system

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complaints about in-car electronic systems on rise, consumer reports says  -  car electronics system
The consumer report said in its latest annual automotive reliability survey that the dash electronics system is a "growing reliability plague" for many automakers ".
The report attempts to predict the reliability of the 2015 model in the current dealer showroom by evaluating the models of the past few years.
Lexus again ranks first among the owners involved in the survey, followed by Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Audi, Buick, Subaru, Scion, Porsche and Kia-
This means that the Japanese brand is strong again.
GM has the most reliable brand among Detroit automakers for the second year in a row.
Ford and Lincoln scored better, but the Chrysler brand was almost at the bottom. Of the G. M.
Among the brands, only Buick was in the top 10, rising from 16 last year to sixth. G. M.
Other brands end up in the bottom half of the ranking and seem to be full-
Small pickup truck.
Among the 28 brands studied, Chevrolet ranked 21, down 4, and GMC ranked 19, down 10.
The popular Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks have been heavily redesigned for 2014.
Jack Fisher, director of automotive testing at Consumer Reports, said in a telephone interview: "This is a very big thorn in Chevrolet and GM because these are so big sellers.
With these trucks, the owner's complaint covers a wide range of issues.
"I 've been digging into complaints from individual customers, and some are talking about the driver's window falling off the track," he said . ".
"Some people complain about the decoration falling off.
"The performance of Ram 1500 is also very poor. from last year's 19 th, Chrysler's truck brand was pushed to 26 th, which is also due to various problems, sir. Fisher said.
The results of the annual survey were released at a press conference held by members of the Detroit Automobile News Association.
The report is based on data of about 1. 1 million 2005-14 model-
Consumers report annual vehicles leased or owned by users, including 248 models of 28 brands.
In order to determine the reliability of the forecast, the statistician of the publication calculated the average of the overall reliability score for the last three model years, assuming that the given model did not change during this period, nor was it redesigned for 2014.
If so, Consumer Reports may use a year or two of data to calculate ratings.
Infiniti, Jeep, Fiat, Ram, Cadillac, Ford and Honda models all had "significant problem incidence" in their first year, the magazine said, which was caused by their so-
Called the information entertainment system, or
Automotive electronics offering navigation, smartphone connectivity, audio and more.
In the survey, consumers reported that subscribers were asked about any serious problems they had with their cars in 17 problem areas over the past 12 months.
Categories included in-
In 2014, automotive electronics attracted more complaints from car owners than any other category of model --
There are 10 to 20% vehicles on some vehicles. Fisher said.
Problems such as screen freeze, touch control lag, speech recognition failure, and smartphone pairing problems continue to plague these systems.
Infiniti's new Intouch is rated as less reliable than Ford's MyFord Touch and my Lincoln Touch systems because they are full of problems in their first year.
The other biggest complaints are noise and leakage, body hardware, power equipment, paint and decoration.
The issues highlighted in this year's study echo similar complaints expressed earlier this year in 2014 about infotainment systemsD.
Initial Quality of power.
All vehicles in the assessment
New or heavily redesigned vehicles have more problems than vehicles without major changes.
And, in all
In terms of new cars, the increase in problems is mainly concentrated in the fields of voice recognition, Bluetooth pairing and audio systems.
Although the survey methods are different, the similarity of the survey results indicates that these problems are common.
Still, there may be hope for consumers who want these systems to be in the vehicle.
Consumer Reports have found signs that automakers have been able to improve technology over time.
When MyFord Touch's 2011 Ford Explorer was first launched, the information Entertainment complaint rate was 10%, which later peaked at 28%.
2014 the explorer's complaint rate for the category was only 3%.
For those who doubt whether the vehicle is unfairly considered unreliable simply because of the infotainment system, in-depth research data shows that this is not the case.
"If we ignore these systems, we will re-analyze what these cars will do . "Fisher said.
"We find that unreliable cars are unreliable for the vast majority of people.
This is not the case of "These cars are good, the problem is this system.
As for other issues, he said, they tend to be comprehensive, including issues with power equipment and body hardware.
Here are some of the other conclusions of the survey: ■ The highest number of ear-catching B
Overall rating of vehicles in terms of predicted reliability.
Chevrolet spring equinox and its neighborhood
Twin with Twin terrain, all have standard 4-
The highest is the cylinder engine.
Domestic vehicle scoring.
Fiat 500L is the least reliable new car.
Cars bring problems to domestic brands.
Both Chevrolet Sonic and Cruze, Ford Fiesta and Focus, and the turbo version of Dodge Dart, are rated below average.
■ A sharp decline in several major brands: Infiniti plunged 14 to 20, Mercedes-Benz-
Mercedes-Benz slipped 11 to 24, while GMC dropped 10 to 19.
■ Among the most improved brands, Lincoln's sales jumped 12 to 15;
In modern times, eight places were raised to the 13 th;
And Cadillac, up seven to 18.
Tesla Model S was once again rated as "average" and maintained its coveted "recommended" status for the magazine.
The reliability of the Ford EcoBoost engine has improved in some models, but not all models have improved.
Ford is in trouble-speed, dual-
There was no significant improvement in the clutch power shift transmission.
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