consideration is key - power window system

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-19
consideration is key  -  power window system
As usual, the transfer window began to slow in January, but it became a crazy event in the last 48 hours.
I believe, like me, many players go straight home after Monday's training and have been sitting in front of Sky Sports News before the eleven o'clock P. M. deadline.
I don't believe in the transfer-
I can't deny that this is a charming watch as time goes by and as the deadline approaches.
This year, the window has provided us with a new UK transfer record. Fernando Torres moved to Chelsea for 50 million, and at the same time, as a replacement for the outgoing Spaniard, liverpool signed Newcastle's Carol for £ 35.
In order to get their moves, both players have to make a transfer request and both have won the club's anger by doing so.
I know my opinion is not going to be popular, but the first priority for a player is first for himself and his family, and secondly for his club.
Don't get me wrong, there are situations where loyalty is needed, but it rarely happens in today's game.
It works in two directions.
Many times, clubs and fans are eager to get rid of a player who has failed.
Whether it's in terms of the quality of employment or pay, you can't blame a player for wanting to improve themselves.
If you had substantial improvements in both, wouldn't you have done so?
After careful consideration, I now make a request for transfer three times.
But now, a disgruntled player often does this as the first port of call, usually through their agents, seems to be sitting down with their managers trying to resolve their differences
The request itself is easy in practice;
You write a simple
Ask for a heavily worded letter to be placed on the transfer market and give a copy to the club secretary and a copy to the manager.
When your stock is high, you need to jump before the chance is lost --
Sometimes you have to force the hands of the club to achieve this!
This is the game now.
While clicking is against regulations, there are ways to get a message across to players who are interested in the club.
I don't think many times in my career I don't know if another team is wandering around.
In the end, if a player wants to leave and cannot reach a settlement, then it is best for all parties if the player continues to move forward, just like Fernando Torres.
I know it adds strength to the players, but people like Fernando Torres and Wayne Rooney are almost as big as their club.
It might be better for a club to cash out there, and then in any case, just as the introduction of Bosman rule players can see their contract and leave for free.
Although all paperwork must be completed by the deadline (
This can obviously be done in the distance by fax)
, The wording of the transaction is usually "depending on the player who passed the drug", which means time
Consumer health checks can be carried out the next day.
This puts late deals on the agenda and adds excitement.
I don't think anyone can deny that it helps to entertain the viewing thoroughly, whether it's a favor or a loathing transfer window.
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