consumers : car stereo theft: sound the alarm - the best car alarm

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consumers : car stereo theft: sound the alarm  -  the best car alarm
How do you prevent small sneaks from your car stereo?
Lock it in the box and under the key?
Bolted to the dashboard?
Take it with you whenever you leave the car?
Or buy a more expensive beep stereo alarm or buy a unit with a "password" so that only you can operate it?
Whatever precautions you take on a stereo/tape deck or a CD player, keep this in mind: if a car thief wants your expensive electronics-
Stereo/tape devices can run to thousands of dollars--
He may find a way to get it and/or your car because stealing from the car is a big and profitable career.
Statistics from the national law enforcement authorities show that cars were stolen, including items and accessories inside the vehicle, for $6 per vehicle. billion-a-
A year's business in the United States.
In 1987, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation's Unified Crime Report list 2,849,944-
1,267,475 car accessories, including audio, cd, wheel cover, etc.
And 1,582,469 of the car supplies, divided into golf clubs, wallets and other valuables.
Last year alone, 56,448 burglary cases of locked vehicles were reported to the Los Angeles Police Department.
Another 13,868 theft cases from "unsecured" cars brought the total to 70,316.
"Stealing the radio is a big deal," said Victor aubregon, a Hollywood alert expert and radio manager at Graf.
"These guys make more money than we do at work.
They sold a $500 radio for $25.
But the way they sell drugs is the same. -
They can turn it over in a few minutes, so they only made $25.
Three minutes later, there was $30 on the radio. "Who buys them?
"At the exchange meeting, the people on the corner," argued Obregon.
"Someone will buy it for $25.
Even honest people
"At the same time, however, suppliers counter-attack and electronic equipment manufacturers and car companies are doing their best to protect your equipment and cars from thieves.
With a stereo cover, disguise the expensive radio as a cheap one-
But according to police, most car thieves know these fake covers from real radios.
And cheap-
Looking for the grille cover of the expensive speaker, the small "safe box" fixed in the trunk of the car with bolts, which holds most of the CD equipment;
A stereo alarm is installed so that if the thief cuts off the wire to the radio, the car horn will beep.
It may be a new Swede that goes public later.
Box alarm designed (
Estimated price: $29. 95)
Marianne Del Rey introduced electronic products from the National Agency for equal opportunities for men and women.
The device is locked on a cassette player with a key and has a flashing red light.
If someone is trying to remove your stereo/cassette tape from the height
The decibel alarm sounded and could not be deactivated without a key.
In any case, if the thief tries to pry open the alarm device, he has nothing worth selling because the mechanism of the cassette tape will be destroyed.
You can also get special steel brackets that plug your stereo into the dashboard, but many alarm installation experts don't recommend it because if thieves spy on the brackets from the plastic dashboard, your dashboard is likely to break.
Since most of the dashboards are now made of plastic and one piece, you will be leaving the radio, plus the dashboard for about $400, plus a manual installation of $350. Anti-
Anti-theft units provide the latest and most effective protection for your stereo/cassette portfolio
"Theft" unit, coded by the manufacturer, requires you to punch in
Digital security code to make it work.
The thief didn't know the password, so the radio broke down when they picked up the radio from your car.
But the scammer may not know that it is the kind of complex stereo sound to steal it anyway.
Nevertheless, many electronic companies now offer "crypto" devices (
Price range: $250-$700)
Many automakers have been equipped with higher gear since 1987.
Price and"theft stereos.
"Most have window stickers that warn thieves that stereo will not work without the correct coding.
But there's a chance that a car thief might not be able to read English, or might think that the sticker is fake and break into your car.
If the scammer gets your coded radio, it's almost useless for him.
According to Graf's Obregon, there are ways to bypass the code and re-program the unit, but the process takes about $200, which is too expensive for most car thieves.
Peugeot is one of several automakers who are now using the "-theft radios.
"They can't call Peugeot, and they can't get the code number," said Murray Karpov, general manager of Peugeot dealers in North Hollywood.
"They locked the code in Peugeot's file and no one could get the code unless he was the owner of the car.
Retractable radio popular with consumers interested in theft-
The deterrent is a retractable radio with a handle (
Starting at $230)
This can be in and out on the dashboard.
When you leave the car, you can lock the unit in the trunk or take it with you.
However, if you leave a removable radio in the car and a thief steals it, you may not be compensated by the insurance company, because the device is not an installation device that is considered part of the car.
Check with your insurance company to see if your policy includes retractable stereo.
According to industry insiders, one drawback of this recoverable sound is that car thieves often think that the sound is stored in the car, both under the seat and in the trunk.
So they will break your window or pry open the suitcase with a crowbar. Lt.
Greg Vasquez of the Los Angeles Police Department's bad squad-
This represents the theft of cars. -
It is recommended that drivers with retractable sound only use a little common sense when storing them in the trunk.
"If you're going to get off the bus, put the radio in the trunk and do it outside of where you're going to park," he suggested . ".
"You don't want the thief to stand there and watch you put the radio in the trunk.
Vasquez points out that you don't have to have expensive cars ---
Mercedes, BMW or Porsche-
The car or sound was stolen.
He said: "Modern cars are now the most stolen in Los Angeles . "
"They have a very good Panasonic radio and the scammers know that.
Vasquez feels anything against it.
The theft device is just a deterrent to the stolen car, but the best thing to do is to have a good audio alarm ---
This will protect your stereo and car-And a car cover.
Car alarm prices RangeCar alarms can range from $200 to $1,000 depending on how complex they are.
But you should be able to get a good audio alert with an installed ignition switch of $225 to $300 so the car doesn't heat up
The thief wired me.
If you would like to call your car to the police, call your insurance agent and ask if the company gives you a discount.
According to Tustin's Western Insurance Information Service, some insurance companies offer discounts to drivers with car alarms, about 15% if they offer discounts.
"Audio alerts can prevent them from stealing cars or in-car items and warning anyone nearby," Vasquez explained . ".
"The biggest and best deterrent is the car cover," said Andy Cohen, president of Beverly Hills auto parts . ".
"You can customize it --
One cotton piece with lock Cable for $110-$150.
You lock it and they can't see it in the car.
"Last year, Cohen offered his customers a carefully crafted device for $400, which plugged a stereo receiver into a dashboard behind a locked ordinary baffle, but he gave up selling it because it was too expensive and too complicated to install.
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