cop: tsarnaev shootout 'non-stop' for 8 minutes - good car alarms

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cop: tsarnaev shootout \'non-stop\' for 8 minutes  -  good car alarms
Three nights after the attack, police officers on patrol who confronted suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday described a harrowing 8-
Minutes of gunfight, interrupted by a huge explosion from pressure
Cooker bombs near the suburbs. "It was non-
"Stop," recalled water town.
Police officer Joseph Reynolds said the shooting ended when he and other police managed to deal with his brother, Tamerlan sarnaev.
Just then they heard an engine spin and saw their younger brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the steering wheel of a stolen SUV and headed straight to them.
The police managed to avoid it, but Tamerlan died when the SUV hit him.
"Very violent," said Sgt.
Said John McClellan.
"The car jumps back and forth and the body is stuck under the wheel. "The four-
A few hours later, police arrested an injured Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was hiding on a boat in a nearby backyard.
On Monday morning, officials testified at the trial of 21-year-old Tsarnaev.
He was charged 30-
Including 17 indictments that could be sentenced to death.
Reynolds testified that when Reynolds began regular patrols on the evening of April 18, 2013, his supervisor told him to be extra vigilant because an MIT campus security officer was killed a few miles away. At 12:38 a. m.
Renault's patrol team got word that they were looking for a hijacked Mercedes-Benz SUV.
He saw a car that matched the description and the license plate number.
"He was driving very slowly, very suspicious," Reynolds told the juror . ".
"We locked our eyes.
"After a while, Renault said, the SUV stopped and Tamerlan got off the bus.
He went to the cruiser, pulled out his gun and shot Renault, who was covering under the dashboard and threw his Ford Escape device back out.
Reynolds said a fierce battle followed in the next eight minutes.
Renault used his driver's door as a cover, firing a gun at tamellan, who covered it and continued to shoot from behind the Mercedes door.
Reynolds asked for support and, together with another officer, sought cover in the yard behind a tree.
"We continue the gun battle with two suspects," Reynolds said . ".
"I can see two people.
I can see the muzzle flashing and the lighter lit and it looks like the wick is burning.
"This is the first of the four pipe bombs the suspect threw in their direction. Three exploded; one was a dud.
McClellan said the first bomb was not very impressive, like an M-80 firecracker.
But then, as the two officials recall, there was greater power.
"I saw someone throwing a bigger bomb at us --
A cylinder, like a big pot, a big pot, "says Reynolds.
Prosecutors say it was a pressure cooker bomb similar to a bomb that killed three people near the finish line of the marathon.
"It's incredible," McClellan said . "
"It's terrible.
A lot of debris-
I thought the wooden tiles in the house would fall off.
A lot of smoke, car alarms, people screaming.
McClellan testified that the suspect had fired dozens of bullets.
Reynolds said he had 40-
The caliber Glock had two fresh magazines and emptied everything he had.
More officials came to provide support.
Reynolds said he once thought he had a good angle in Tamerlan and moved out from behind the cover to "end the threat" by shooting at his brother ".
Tamerland was still heavily armed, coming from about 30 yards away.
When he was 10 feet away, Sgt.
Jeffrey puglize caught him.
And then all three officers tried to talk to six-foot-
3. Tamerlan to the ground.
Then Renault heard the engine speed. "Get off! Get off!
He's coming to us again!
Reynolds recalled.
Dzhokhar was driving an SUV and headed straight toward them, he said.
The police were able to get out of the way at a critical moment.
The SUV hit Tamerlan.
The front end of Mercedes crashed into Renault-driven Ford Escape cruiser, and the two were briefly glued together.
When the Mercedes broke free, it disappeared into the night with Dzhokhar on the wheel.
The police rushed to pick up a phone call from a "police officer" and looked at Dick Donahue, who was seriously injured in the gunfire.
Local residents also testified on Monday that they heard gunfire and watched the gunfight from the window.
Andrew Kitzenberg said he saw two men in front of a Mercedes-Benz SUV in a backpack on his feet.
He said he could hear and feel the bomb explosion.
"I can really feel my room shaking with those explosives," Kitzenberg said . ".
He felt that the two bombs had exploded, followed by the third larger one.
When he saw one of the figures lighting up that one, he threw himself on the floor.
"I can see the smoke rising," he said . ".
Soon after, he heard the sound of the SUV.
"It seems like it's a vehicle that has been dropped on the floor and accelerated as quickly as possible," Kitzenberg said . ".
Jurors saw a photo of a Ford car running away before dawn.
The tires burst.
The driver's door flooded with blood.
McClellan identified the blood as the blood of Tamerlan.
Dzhokhar was later found hiding on a nearby ship.
Earlier Monday, jurors saw the bullet. riddled, blood-
Dyeing boat on the tablet at rest
A secret location in South Boston
Defense counsel requested that jurors be allowed to see the whole ship, not just the panels or photos made when Tsarnaev was hiding on the ship.
According to a pool report, there are at least 108 bullet holes on board and faded blood stains.
When Tsarnaev, sitting under the tent, looked at it, the jurors watched closely.
Last week, jurors saw pictures of Tsarnaev scribbled paper on the ship's hull.
His lawyer wants the jury to see the statement in the context.
Prosecutors say the news is condemning the suffering of innocent Muslims in the United States. S.
The "declaration" of chanayev ".
Tsarnaev's defense team admitted that he was involved in two bombings on April 15, 2013, killing three people and injuring more than 260 at the finish line of the marathon.
But they believe that their client, who was 19 at the time, played a smaller role than his late brother, insisted that he was behind the plot.
On Monday, security guards were nervous when jurors visited the trailer behind a flat trailer.
Boston police, FBI agents and the United StatesS.
The bailiff followed Tsarnaev closely, and when the juror looked at the evidence, he sat under the tent: a ship of about 22-feet long.
The boat was parked on one side, allowing the jurors to climb up a high position to see from inside.
To observe the other side of the boat, they took turns riding a cage at the front of what a pool reporter said was the forklift.
The jurors saw some details that were not obvious before, including words that were not written in a pencil.
Something Tsarnaev wrote was engraved on a wooden fixture on the fiberglass Slipaway II: "Stop killing our innocent civilians.
"Tsarnaev is in court on Monday and sometimes feels uneasy when jurors look at the boat.
Several witnesses were asked to identify the accused.
When they pointed to him, he simply glanced in their direction and then suddenly walked away.
Some of the most fascinating testimony of the day came from police officers who eventually brought Tamerlan sarnaev to the ground. Sgt.
When Jeffrey puglize's radio issued an alarm, he had completed his shift: Officials in the town of Watertown found the hijacked vehicle that the police had been looking for, and now they are in a residential area
He walked towards the scene.
"I want to save their lives," said Pugliese, a shooter and veteran who has served in the Army for 35 years.
While other officers were fighting Mrs tsarna, puglize went through the backyard and hurdler through two fences.
He fired a series of guns.
He said he thought he had hit the gunman but he did not fall.
Instead, Tamerlan accused Pugliese of having to reload his magazine in the crossfire.
Tamerlan's Gun seemed stuck at one point.
He threw it on puglize, hit him with his left bicep, ran in the direction of Renault, and Reynolds left his cover, hoping for the last shot.
Puglize chased Tamerlan and caught him.
All three policemen were wrestling with him, trying to handcuff the bloody gun that refused to give up.
Then Reynolds shouted, "Be careful!
Pugliese recalled.
"The other guy is coming to us!
"Dzhokhar is now driving Mercedes, and the frightened neighbors are watching them from the bedroom.
James Floyd, who also testified on Monday, ran upstairs with his three children. week-
Old, looking from the window.
"He just had a fall in it-really a fall," Freud recalls . ".
"He seems to be walking as fast as possible.
Reynolds jumps back to one side of the street and McClellan jumps back to the other.
Pugliese grabbed the belt of Tamerlan, now handcuffed, leaning back and pulling him out of the SUV's Road.
But all he could do was save himself, and there was only barley left.
"It's on my face," he said of a speeding SUV, only a few inches away from his foot.
"I can feel the breeze of the car passing through my face.
He said: "Tamerlan was hung on the wheel and the vehicle dragged him until it hit a police car.
He was taken by ambulance to a local hospital where he was declared dead.
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev escaped in the SUV and threw it away a few blocks away and found a hiding place on board.
On Monday, witnesses told about the consequences of an epic clash between the bomber and the police.
MBTA transport officer Dick donojo, who arrived at the scene to provide backup personnel, was injured in the crossfire.
ER doctor Heather Studley found him "basically dead" at the hospital: no breathing, no heartbeat, too much blood lost to sustain his life.
She said hospital staff kept him through CPR, respiratory tubes, adrenaline, two surgeries, 28 pints of blood and platelet infusion to form new blood clots.
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