coquitlam's forensic psychiatric hospital hit with huge fine for failing to provide workplace safety - new car alarm system

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coquitlam\'s forensic psychiatric hospital hit with huge fine for failing to provide workplace safety  -  new car alarm system
The attacked nurses are still physically and mentally scarred, and violent attacks on members and staff are still occurring in hospitals. B. C.
Taxpayers who failed to ensure the safety of five health care workers were fined $646,305 by WorkSafeBC for forensic psychiatric hospitals last spring
The fine is by far the largest WorkSafeBC fine, after an investigation on 2018 and 5, according to Postmedia's report of the WorkSafeBC incident obtained through Freedomof-
Information request.
In the first incident, a patient with a history of violence was recently in prison, in accordance with hospital regulations and staff concerns, was admitted to a unit by "old age and weak body" patients.
WorkSafeBC reported that he injured three workers before being restricted.
Just over a month later, another patient "plopped" when asking a doctor, causing two workers to be injured.
Head of B. C.
The nurses union said the nurses in the hospital were "effective" for mentally ill patients who were declared unfit for trial or not criminally responsible, and announced a fine on Thursday.
"Many of the employees who work there have been attacked," says Christine Sorenson . ".
"They have peers who have been attacked and have not returned to work yet.
The level of fear is quite high.
President BCNU said the union's concerns about employee safety have not been answered for years.
In the months after the two attacks, two more incidents of violence occurred.
On September, the provincial health service bureau, which oversees the hospital, announced the results of the external review and promised to hire more staff and make improvements in safety and training.
No authoritative spokesman was interviewed on Thursday.
Vice President Lynn Pelletier in a statementpresident forB. C.
The hospital said mental health was "different from last spring.
She noted recent improvements, including the management of new safety and clinical staff, the improvement of training, the upgrading of facilities and the new leadership team.
"There has been a significant decrease in aggressive incidents," she said . ".
But Sorenson said progress was too slow, despite some changes made by the health authorities.
"We are still not sure if they will actually create a safer working environment," she said . ".
The policy did not follow the WorkSafeBC incident report obtained by Postmedia, which shows that the hospital developed policies to protect employees last spring, but did not always follow them.
In the third incident, a "remand patient "-
The report is defined as a person who should be detained for psychiatric assessment or waiting for trial results or transferred to the treatment unit --
Was sent to the ward of elderly patients.
The elderly ward usually does not receive remand patients who are considered to be at high risk and usually live at the highestsecurity unit.
The WorkSafeBC report states that "this is the first time that a remand patient has been admitted directly (
Senior department).
There is no evidence . . . . . . The worker's concerns about their safety were addressed.
It is reported that after a short period of time, the patient attacked a health care worker and "tried to stop the worker", which was heavily edited.
Another direct care nurse intervened and the patient "tried to keep in touch with the direct care nurse.
After the "personal panic alarm system" was activated, a security team responded, but "the third worker suffered multiple injuries while trying to restrain the patient . ".
According to BCNU, in the second incident, 34 days later, a doctor met a patient in a hidden room and gave him a "face"to-
The latest news he cares about.
A hastily formed "seclusion team" joined the team of doctors.
According to the incident report, the patient was sitting in bed when the doctor knelt down to talk to him.
When the doctor repeated the same question twice, the patient "pounced on the Doctor ".
Two medical staff were injured while trying to control the patient.
Investigators found that although the patient's medical history was recorded, some triggers were not recorded or informed of the worker before entering.
The workers also said the entry was in a hurry.
"The written procedures provided by the employer identify certain steps that are required, but according to the statements obtained after the accident, these steps are missed," the report said . ".
WorkSafeBC said in a statement on Thursday that employers "failed to ensure workers' safety through appropriate risk assessments, policies and procedures, and training to prevent workers from experiencing violence.
The problem that caused huge fines was "repeat violations" because hospitals have been fined for similar violations in the past three years.
Prior to the hospital's fine of 2016, the hospital was fined $15,000 for failing to train supervisors and workers, although the fine was amended after appeal.
In 2014, the hospital was fined $75,000 for failing to assess and control the risk of violence in the workplace.
On 2012, a patient stabbed a medical worker.
Sorenson said the nurses union could ask WorkSafeBC to put the latest fine into hospital safety.
"We are concerned that the money that taxpayers use for health care should not be spent on paying a fine," she said . ".
The forensic psychiatric hospital has 190 patients, including Alan sheenburn, who was convicted of killing 10 people. year-
In April 2008, the old daughter and two sons aged 8 and 5.
Gabriel Klein is charged with second place
The first-degree murder and serious attacks related to the November 2016 attack at abertsford Middle School were also treated in the hospital.
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