creepy electronics expert used £100k ‘smart house system’ to spy on estranged wife’s conversations - new car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-12
creepy electronics expert used £100k ‘smart house system’ to spy on estranged wife’s conversations  -  new car alarm system
An electronics expert has been accused of spying on his separated wife through an iPad on their "smart" home kitchen wall, and today he is in jail.
It is said that the 35-year-old businessman, Ross Cairns, used devices connected to his mobile phone to monitor the conversation with his spouse, Catherine.
This is part of their £ 700,000 home system that allows them to remotely control lighting, central heating and alarm systems.
But after they broke up, Cairns moved away and he used an app on the iPhone to log in to the audio device on the iPad.
Police arrested him after Catherine, 33.
The one-year-old accountant claimed that he bugged her when she talked about their crumbling marriage.
On one occasion, she told her mother that she no longer loved her husband-father --of-
The two suddenly appeared at the door and repeated her conversation just now --
"Oh, you don't love me anymore," added.
"For the last time, Cairns from Greater Manchester Altrincham was convicted of stalking and harassment after he made a gesture to Catherine to" cut her throat "and headed towards her car
The follow-up conviction was later withdrawn on appeal.
However, the offence of harassment was supported, and after finding that he had violated the probation imposed last year for fraud and theft, he was imprisoned for 11 months.
At the royal court of Ming Hill Street in Manchester, Keynes shook his head incredibly when Judge John Porter told him: "Obviously, you are a person who denies your responsibility, you're trying to make sure you're not wrong.
"Under the restraining order, he was banned from contacting Catherine for three years.
The court heard that the couple had been married for 16 years and had two daughters aged five and three.
In their property in Greater Manchester Hale, they installed an ELAN system that costs up to £ 100,000.
The couple broke up on 2016 and Cairns allegedly began watching Claire on last August.
Catherine told the hearing that they were initially friendly.
But when she asked him to modify the CCTV settings on her iPhone, the situation changed.
He found a text message from another person on the device and was furious.
Claire added: "The next morning he sent a message to apologize, but he had been repeating my conversation with mom about me not loving him anymore.
She also tells how her profile photo on the dating app turned into a picture of her tramp wearing red shorts.
"He admitted I did it and said it was because I ignored him," she said.
Keynes denied wrongdoing, saying he accessed the system to change the lights or adjust the volume of the TV.
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