deploy guards at atms 24x7, cctv cover by january 30: state | mumbai news - times of india - car alarm system installation

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deploy guards at atms 24x7, cctv cover by january 30: state | mumbai news - times of india  -  car alarm system installation
Mumbai: after an attack at an ATM center in Karnataka, India's interior minister, Patil, asked the head of the Reserve Bank of India and major financial institutions on Tuesday to set up a countryof-the-
The art CCTV network covers the inside and outside of the ATM kiosk by January 30 and deploys security personnel around the clock.
Patil said it was decided that RBI would write a comprehensive notice on the security of state-wide ATMs.
"I had a long meeting with our IPS officers and senior officials from the Indian Banking Association and the Indian banking association," Patil told TOI . ".
"We have given strict guidelines on the security of ATMs and will ensure that all instructions are executed in writing and in spirit.
"Decided to repair faulty cctv near ATMs by the end of this month, while installing new cctv by January 30.
"We have made it clear to RBI that the CCTV network should be inside and outside the ATM center with 90-
"The memory and camera during the day should be smart," Patil said . ".
The following services must be provided by all financial institutionsthe-
Clock security for all ATMs that take effect immediately.
All posters at the entry point must be removed to increase visibility.
"We have asked financial institutions to install the country-of-the-
"The Art security alarm system.
MoS said it was found that many financial institutions were reluctant to report the theft or attack of ATMs, but now they have to inform the nearest police station of the crime within 24 hours.
Patil stated that RBI and financial institutions made it clear that the new ATMs must comply with the revised specifications.
"In a month, we will review the whole situation," he said . ".
Further information installation in the state-of-the-
Art CCTV network inside and outside ATM. Round-the-
Deploy security on ATMs.
Installation of safety alarm system.
Remove the poster at entrance and other visual impairment.
The financial institutions concerned must report the theft or attack of ATMs to the nearest police station within 24 hours.
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