diy alarm with phone - new car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-09
diy alarm with phone  -  new car alarm system
Want to know how to make your own alarm system?
Believe it or not, you can use some easy way to pre-pay your phone and alert yourself for about $10.
You can easily grab those intruders that detonated tripwire because this neat gadget will call your phone right away when it happens.
This Instructure shows you how to make such a device, all it needs is some common tools, a few hours and a Target Tracfone for $10.
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Following these simple steps, you will soon have an awesome gadget to alert you to any unwanted intruders.
You will receive a call immediately to remind you that tripwire has been activated.
First activate the phone according to the instructions in the mobile phone manual.
We have activated our online, but you can also call a number if you do not have an internet connection.
All this information can be found in the box that the phone enters.
Next, when the number 8 key is held down, we need to program the quick dial function of the phone to call your phone number.
Remove the screws from the back panel and remove the phone.
There are five screws in total.
Once the screws come out, you can pry open the back plate from the front plate with your box cutter.
It needs a bit of power and makes a loud clicking sound when it is separated, so don't worry because you won't break it.
Once you create some space with the box cutter, you can do the rest with your fingers.
With soldering iron, place a small amount of solder paste at the tip of the wire.
Repeat the same step with another wire and weld it to the outer ring this time.
Again, make sure the ring is kept separate from the circle.
Test the welding by touching the two wires together.
The phone should work just like you press the 8 th key on the keyboard.
Nothing happens if you screw it up.
Use the box cutter to cut the number 8 from the keyboard.
Put two wires through the keyboard and reassemble the phone.
After assembling the phone, drip the glue on the hot glue gun into the hole to keep the wire safe.
Now, take a piece of aluminum foil and fold it over the end of a wire.
Bend the end of the wire back to yourself with your finger.
Wrap the aluminum foil around the wire to secure the accessory.
As shown in the figure, use the clothes to clamp the end of the wire.
Fold the aluminum foil to the top of the garment and fix it in place with a hot glue gun.
Repeat these steps with another thread and fix it to the other half of the dress.
Weave the two wires together by spinning the hat.
Fix the clothes on the back of the phone with hot glue.
Your tripwire is done!
Cut it down now and close the door.
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