Don't leave cars running, police warn - car alarm with remote start

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-24
Don\'t leave cars running, police warn  -  car alarm with remote start
A driverless car was stolen and on a happy journey on Friday morning, and police warned motorists not to leave their car unattended.
Just before 6. m.
A suspect was in Block 300 Sydney Avenue, south of East kildo, and suddenly found a driverless car parked behind a house and running behind.
Police said the suspect left after he entered.
About five minutes later, police observed the car in the area of Redwood Avenue and the main street.
The high-speed vehicle stopped at the red light at the intersection and continued west.
The police chased the vehicle to Redwood and Arlington Street, where it collided and hit a light standard vehicle and a tree.
The driver continued to escape until the vehicle stopped in 800 mahogany.
The driver tried to escape but was arrested by the police after a short walking Chase. A 17-year-
An old boy in Winnipeg was accused of stealing a car, running away while being pursued by the police, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, and did not meet the conditions and commitments of a judge or judge.
He was detained.
"It's just a reminder that the public temperature is falling and it seems convenient to start your vehicle and make it run," police spokesman Const said . ". Jay Murray.
"At six in the morning, you may not think that there are many people traveling in the back lane or in front of your house ,(but)
This happens more often than we would like in Winnipeg.
"Due to the cold temperatures, many drivers heat their cars before they hit the road, and the police have some tips to keep their vehicles safe.
-Do not leave the vehicle unattended, running or not running for any time when the key is in the ignition state;
-Do not leave children or pets in unattended vehicles, especially in driving vehicles;
-Do not leave a spare key or garage door opener in the car, and do not display valuables in the car;
-Take security measures such as installing a remote starter, using a steering wheel lock, and installing an alarm system.
"A lot of people may think, 'What if my car is stolen? 'but the car on the street is dangerous not only to officials but also to the public (
As this event shows),” said Murray.
"It is essential that everyone do their part.
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