Dramatic rescue at blazing Carroll Village building - 2 way car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-15
Dramatic rescue at blazing Carroll Village building  -  2 way car alarm system
A 43-YEAR-
On Monday night, the old man attributed his life to members of Dundalk's Fire and Rescue Department who dramatically rescued him from a fiery apartment building believed to have started in the kitchen
The fire in the Carole Village apartment building seriously damaged the second floor apartment where the man was located, and also caused huge smoke damage to other apartments in the block that face the long street, close to the opposite side of Clanbrassil Street to the faith court.
Assistant chief fire officer Joe Lumsden said the regional control center informed the crew at around 10.
At 45 in the afternoon, two units were on site in less than five minutes.
The alarm system has issued a fire alarm to the residents, but in order to make sure there are no people inside, it is necessary to break into some apartments.
The fire was very hot, smoke and flames poured out of the apartment, and the firefighters bravely went in to save the man, who was found unconscious near the front door of the apartment.
Prior to the arrival of the fire department, garda I tried to enter the apartment but was repelled by the intensity of the fire.
Dundalk firefighters climbed up the ladder on the two balconies of the apartment to enter the apartment, but were able to take the man out of the building and out of the side door waiting for an ambulance.
About 60 apartments were evacuated, about 45 residents, some with young children, waiting to put out the fire on Clanbrassil Street.
An official at the Dundalk Town Council said some residents were able to return to their intact apartment after two in the morning. m.
On Tuesday, some people found accommodation with friends and neighbors, and the Council took care of only one family.
Mr. Lumsden said: "fire fighters are well trained in dealing with this situation and their actions have saved the lives of this person.
They must be praised in the strongest way possible.
Dundalk Fire Department left the scene around 2 in the morning. m.
After checking all apartments, reset the fire alarm system to ensure that the fire door is in good condition.
The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but it is not considered malicious.
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