drive play 2 - car electronics system

by:Kingcobra     2019-08-28
drive   play 2  -  car electronics system
Haman Karton about my favorite example
Car Electronics is the new Drive Play 2 system of Harman Kardon ($399)
Due later this year
The device is connected to a satellite radio and a portable player (i. e. your iPod)and cellphone (
Including call data, music, photos)
To give a few examples, a stylish single interface that can be managed safely with one hand while driving a demo system
Smooth small wireless control knob, FM transmitter and well with direct insertion of lighter-
Complete the small display connected to the dashboard.
Better yet, according to the company, the whole system is wireless and can be installed in a few hours.
The control unit is the best part: the drive game is designed to be very fatAmerican-hand-
Scale knobs that allow quick and easy scrolling of menus-
It's kind of like the way the iPod works, but there's more touch.
Let your car electronics work and no waken will mind.
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