driving miss siri - car electronics system

by:Kingcobra     2019-08-28
driving miss siri  -  car electronics system
This is a fairly impressive list of car manufacturers.
They sold 58 cars in total.
So far this year, 4% of all cars in the United States.
I wrote about in-
The New York Times released a car electronics system on Sunday, but adding Siri to it could accelerate two promising trends: the growing outsourcing of non-essential car features to the cloud, the visually distracting display also disappears.
If you think of a modern high
Terminal remote information processing system, which is divided into several main functions: navigation, audio, climate, telephone and packet capture
I will describe it loosely as "Internet "(
Zagat rating, app integration, etc).
Siri and the iPhone can handle almost all of these issues better. O. K.
The climate is better to stay in the car, but it is always doomed.
You won't spend much time adjusting the temperature or fan, and you may want to twist a knob to finish when you adjust the temperature or fan.
But let's work through other features: phone?
You have this on your phone. Audio?
On your phone, too. Navigation?
With the upcoming shiftby-
Open the map in iOS 6.
0, it will also be on the iPhone. (Turn-by-
Turn is already an amazing feature on Android phones. )The Internet? Your phone.
To make this work, Siri-
Data-based systems will have to rely on reliable data connections to Wells
Server farm in stock
These two things are not givens, so we have to wait and see how good it all is in real life.
But if that's the case, it might have some nice knock on the door
Impact on cars
First of all, this is a cost problem.
Some of the features the car offers in its options list are ridiculously expensive.
A factory navigation system was added to one of BMW's cheapest models, with the basic price of $ 7%, an increase of 2,150, or $31,200.
Forget the fact that you can buy a basic GPS device for $, and siri can effectively reduce the price to zero.
Now, will automakers cut car prices accordingly?
Don't hold your breath, but outsourcing features to your phone may mean that even budget models may start to have some of the same features as luxury cars.
Another benefit is technology.
Let's agree on the current status.
Car technology is not powerful.
There are some competing schools of thought about how to bring more technology to drivers, each adopting an unintuitive interface (
"Look, you rotate this knob here and it will let you go through these options here.
Then you press the knob to select something, but don't forget the other menus under this button . . . . . . ")
Or completely distracting.
"This touch screen is too high.
Res, you won't want to take your eyes off the top! ”)
Voice always promises a new day when it comes to controlling the functions of your car, but most voice
The control system is feasible at best.
Siri is having problems developing but I'm going to be an optimist and say service and connecting to our network will get better, not worse
If it all goes by, then we may have a smart and reliable voice.
Based on the system, have our hands on the wheels and eyes on the road, which is much better than the solutions proposed so far by the automotive industry.
Another point: voice commands may not be distracting visually, but they may be distracting in cognition.
We may be entering an era where we can send text messages via voice and hear Facebook posts read aloud to us, which is obviously better than doing this on a smartphone, on the one hand is on the wheel and on the other, but perhaps these activities are best left entirely outside the car?
A version of this article appears on page 06/18/2016 of The New York version B4 with the title: Apple and Siri on the driver's seat.
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