drone-catchers emerge on a new aerial frontier - new car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-10
drone-catchers emerge on a new aerial frontier  -  new car alarm system
San Leandro, California(Reuters)-
The enemy's drone roared past in the distance.
Interceptor, drone
Hunting machines from the airspace system of Silicon Valley start-ups fell off the launch platform and rushed out in pursuit.
The hunter twisted in the air to avoid the trees, locked the target, and fired a kaivelar net to capture it, and then brought the rogue drone back to the base like a condor killed.
Airspace is one of about 70 companies engaged in counterattack.
With the proliferation of small consumer drones and commercial drones, the UAV system came into being.
But unlike other drones, it aims to capture them, not to disable them or shoot them down.
A demonstration from California's San Leandro airspace headquarters shows that a small aircraft is only a few feet wide, but can perform complex autonomous navigation and precise targeting of a running drone.
It's too early on a drone.
Defense business.
Public and private security professionals are concerned about dangerous drones in public places such as military sites, airports, data centers and baseball venues. But counter-
Measures are also at risk.
For example, the United StatesS.
The Air Force recently tested the experimental shotgun shell used to shoot down the drone.
But if the drone carries a payload such as a bomb or chemical weapon, it may still fall on the target.
Radio signals that interfere with drones are not always effective.
Drones are different from "Remote Control"
Because they can fly to the early warning machine.
Set the coordinates independently.
The fastest drone can reach 150 miles per hour (240 km)
It's too fast for human pilots driving another drone.
The technical challenge of safely intercepting dangerous drones has attracted guy BA.
Nahum is one of the inventors of the Apple iPod and the engineering brain behind the airspace system.
"We are creating a very primitive insect brain, a dragonfly . "Nahum said.
"It wakes up and sees the world without knowing where it is.
But its goal is to capture another drone, which is planning a world path and knows how to cross the world.
"The Interceptor must integrate computing power and complex software into the brain of the drone.
Unlike the emerging driverless car, it has to understand its own environment without having to connect to a huge map database over the Internet.
"My background is physics and it's all about modeling the world with math", Bar-Nahum said.
"What we do at this seemingly ordinary, military company," bring them down, "is to make machines that can simulate the world.
Business models are also challenging.
At present, only law enforcement officers have the right to interfere with the flight of another drone.
The regulations also require certified pilots to be ready to intervene in any commercial drone flight at any time and remain onlineof-
The plane's view.
Therefore, the airspace system will not sell its aircraft to customers, but will lease a system to customers consisting of operators and mobile command centers.
According to Sterling's venture capital arm, Sterling VC, metropolitan New York is interested in using the system to protect Citi in New York City, while investing in airspace.
The danger of hostile drones has become more evident in the past few months. S.
The military says Islamic State militants used these weapons to attack Iraqi forces during the battle of Mosul.
Military news site Defense One reports ISIS is using a range of consumers
Including an agile quadcopter for explosives.
At least 70 companies around the world are working on various types of counters.
Mike Blades, aerospace and defense analyst at Frost & Sullivan, said the drone system. San Francisco-
For example, Dedrone-based companies have raised $28 million in venture capital and are focused on detecting drone intrusion.
There are now about 200 clients based on the CEO and collaboration
Founder Joerg Lamprecht.
Some are car companies that want to protect the new design from the pressure of the car, others are data center owners who want to prevent drones from damaging key roof cooling systems.
"Most of the market will be detection, just like an anti-theft alarm," Lamprecht said . ".
Australian company DroneShield has also built a detection system and developed a prototype of an electronic interference gun for ground drone.
By Shasta risk investment the company and GBP risk investment the company provide the 5 million beauty yuan support of airspace hope will its drone-
The capture system will be brought to market as early as this summer.
However, the practice of airspace has limitations.
The most important thing is that the interceptor captures a drone at a time.
To defend against multiple drones, multiple machines must be launched in airspace.
"The drone group will be a threat," Blades said . ".
In addition to that, when simpler measures can be done, it will cost and complexity to capture the drone.
Dedrone's Lamprecht gives an example of a German carmaker.
On the test Trail, customers want to protect the design of the new car from the spy of the drone.
When an unmanned aircraft detects an invasion, the driver of the car clicks the dashboard button to fire a fog bomb to cover up the car. But James Bond-
It may not be enough if a ship is carrying dangerous things, such as explosives or poison, hovering above the crowd, shifting style, and even forcing the drone to fall.
In this case, even if complex and expensive, it may be the best option to capture and take away the enemy's drone.
Improve drones for airspace
Hunting machines than you can see-and chase -
It's not as crazy as it looks.
"This is an old ambition.
You can read about this in Verne or Ordes Herley, "said Bar. Nahum.
"That's why the autonomous movement is the next decade for me.
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