electric power transmitted wirelessly in japan - power window closer

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-26
electric power transmitted wirelessly in japan  -  power window closer
In a breakthrough progress that Japanese researchers have successfully transmitted power wirelessly to precise targets using microwaves, this progress has brought space --
Solar energy closer to reality.
According to the Japan Aerospace Research and Development Agency (Jaxa), researchers can transform 1.
Send 8 KW of the power into the microwave and transmit it accurately to a receiver 55 metres away.
According to The Wall Street Journal, the microwave was successfully converted into direct current in an experiment conducted last week in the west of Japan's war zone.
This experiment is the first high in the world.
A spokesman for Japan's aerospace research and development agency said the wireless output of microwaves to small targets. In space-
Based on solar power, the sun is gathered in the still orbit of the Earth and transmitted to the receiver on the Earth.
Unlike solar panels on Earth, satellites
Based on solar panels, energy can be captured around the clock and not affected by weather conditions.
If implemented, microwave-
A solar satellite will be set up about 35,000 kilometers from Earth.
Yasuyuki Fukumuro, a researcher at Jaxa, said: "The goal of the researchers is to actually use it in 2030 s . ".
According to Jaxa, the receiver set up on Earth has about 3-
A kilometer radius can generate power up to 1 gigawatt, roughly the same as a nuclear reactor.
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