executive protection - top car alarm systems

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executive protection  -  top car alarm systems
Being a high-
Executives may not be at risk financially, but they must be at risk.
Or at least, it's a reasonable conclusion that some companies are spending millions of dollars to protect their top management.
Executive compensation report to the United StatesS.
In the past few months, the Securities and Exchange Commission (sec) has disclosed the firm's exact spending on protecting executives.
According to the document, some people take security issues seriously and put "C-
Employees with car, aircraft and home alarm systems.
Others are stingy with security costs, paying nominal amounts for minimum security systems.
The leader is Oracle, which costs $1.
8 million Protection chief executive Larry Ellison last year-
Growth of 40% year on year.
The money can't even pay Ellison for all the security costs: The billionaire also spent his own money installing top-of-the-
Line safety system in Malibu and Woodside, California, estates.
Other tech companies are less generous. -or as paranoid.
Google is spending $532,755 to protect chief executive Eric Schmidt and $33,196 to protect traffic, logistics and personal safety for founder Larry Page.
And the company has nothing to spend on cooperation.
The safety of founder Sergey Brin
So is Ellison more dangerous than Google's famous founder?
Security experts say not necessarily.
They believe that the most likely thing is that neither company fully disclosed their security expenditures, but instead folded some of them into expenditures not listed in the SEC document.
"It is likely that these executives did not disclose their high
"Final cost," said Bruce Alexander, president of All Source consulting group, Executive Protection Consulting.
"I think they are-reporting.
"Page and Brin may be an exception: more and more large companies accept security spending as a necessary cost to do business.
They think their executives are the most valuable assets of the company and they want to deal with them accordingly.
As Ford explained in its agency report of April, "the benefits of providing these programs outweigh the relatively small costs associated with them.
Ford spent $1 million last year protecting its executives and members of the Ford family.
It's not just companies that worry about safety.
Americans spent about $25.
According to a study by the journal Security sales and integration, 9 billion of professionals installed electronic security products and services last year.
So what does an executive get for a million dollars?
Google and Oracle declined to comment.
But Alexander and other security experts say most of the money is usually spent on "gates, guns and guards ".
"The biggest cost is labor.
Usually, a senior executive will sign a contract with a company to provide guards in their homes, either screening visitors in the concierge or stationed around their property.
Each guard is about $60 per hour.
Executives can also hirethe-
Provide a clock bodyguard for their family, similar to the one used by celebrities.
The annual fee for private bodyguards is $75,000.
When executives travel outside the United States, perceived risks increaseS.
So is the cost.
Outstanding executives hire extra manpower when traveling at a high levelCrime country.
The guards traveled with executives to find safety drivers and to investigate whether there were potential safety hazards such as unknown luggage on the company's aircraft.
They searched hotels, meeting rooms and restaurants in advance, "If we need to get our clients out of town or to a place, we know what to do and where to go, said Jeff Biyer, president of the Beyer group. The Virginia-
S. -based companies provide private security services to executives, diplomats and heads of state at high cost: each guard can charge up to $1,500 a day, plus travel expenses.
Home security hardware is also a big part of the cost.
"They all have heavily guarded facilities," said Frank Burke, president of Monrovia president, California. -
The company is headquartered in the United States alarm system. Top-of-the-
Line alarm systems can cost hundreds of billions of dollars or more depending on the size of real estate.
As you 'd expect, the loft in Manhattan is 23-
Acre Woodside, California, estate.
The most expensive system has high
Resolution of outdoor cameras, reinforced windows, motion detectors and facial recognition scanners.
Safe rooms are a feature of family safety.
The room is designed like an upgraded 1950 bomb shelter with air filters to screen for biological agents, dedicated telephone lines, bathrooms and enclosed
Circuit television system.
Depending on the function, the price of a safe room can be as high as hundreds of billions of dollars.
"The cost of the security room is limited only by the threat you intend to protect [against]
Alexander said.
The third major safety is the cost of transportation.
Many companies require executives to use corporate aircraft or cars for safety and time management purposes.
According to an agent in March 14, Bank of New York paid its executives $959,000 in driver services.
The figure may not include the cost of safety for cars and planes, Alexander said.
A guard must travel "in advance" to screen all those who serve the vehicle, from cabin cleaners to catering staff.
To prevent tampering, cars are usually kept in a separate security garage, protected by motion detectors and cameras.
"You can't leave the car or the plane," Alexander said . ".
Some executives are happy to stay alone.
But their company says they can't afford it.
Terminal security with all guards and cameras is a balance between protection and privacy.
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