facebook: your personal info for sale - car alarms for sale

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-07
facebook: your personal info for sale  -  car alarms for sale
The abuse of personal information on up to 50 million Facebook user accounts has alerted lawmakers and privacy advocates.
What does Facebook know about you and who can access this data?
The simple answer: Facebook may know you better than you think, and the data may be in the hands of more advertisers and app developers than you think.
Breaking up with Facebook may be harder than it looks. Facebook will investigate you at the request of the market.
Targeting websites, selling ads based on information consumers share with websites, ads they click on, apps and websites they use, and information from external data providers and advertisers.
Technology security and privacy more about how technology "downgraded humans" Silicon Valley insider informants revealed information about the company buying and selling your location data, other updates in the crisis of the year technology security and privacy consumers can learn about some of what they share with Facebook by downloading their data files.
The process takes a few minutes and it lists which ads you click on and which advertisers have your contact information.
It is not clear what contact information these advertisers hold. (
As far as she can tell, some advertisers with contact information from journalists are businesses that she doesn't shop or click on their ads. )
Your data file also includes your ad topics that Facebook describes as "depending on the preferences, interests, and other data you state in your schedule, you may target them.
"It also includes all private information in Facebook Messenger, status updates, photos and events.
Christopher Wylie, a data scientist at Cambridge Analytics, disclosed the company's access to Facebook's data. He said that private information was available, but did not confirm that Cambridge Analytics visited the data.
How the Cambridge Analytics company demobilizes "Facebook user data" is almost everything on Facebook's profile, such as status updates, likes, and in some cases private information, wylie told the Guardian.
Asked if Cambridge Analytics had private information about Facebook users, Wylie replied, "I can't say if they have it.
According to a spokesman, Facebook changed its policy of allowing developers to access information in 2015.
"Four years ago, our platform policy allowed people to share their own inbox of information with developers," the spokesman said . ".
"The developer can access the message only if the user downloads the app and explicitly approves the permissions.
"The data file will also tell you what type of peer group Facebook thinks you belong to, such as" mature adult life ".
"It seems like a life --
Specify the status according to your friend network.
Data files do not include everything that Facebook has.
Facebook, for example, said on its advertising website that it includes "buying behavior ".
"This may include purchases outside of Facebook, because the company is working with point-of-
Sales companies like Square
Unless you turn off location tracking, Facebook can also track your location via smartphone.
"Think," Do they have my name? It's a little outdated.
Kent Grayson, an associate professor of marketing at Northwestern University, said: "Because they are still passing on information that has an impact on you . " He studied issues related to business trust.
"They can provide you with personalized information based on your actions.
"Facebook is not alone in tracking consumer activity and selling this data to advertisers.
Google, for example, tracks consumers through its brand.
The search giant says it includes everything from search activity to emails sent and received by users.
However, Facebook's reach is considered to be much broader as its users provide data about their "likes" and their network of friends and family.
Facebook, the product it sells to advertisers, has become an advertising giant because it can divide users into target groups that companies want to reach.
According to its ads, its "core audience" target provides advertisers with four types of user information: demographics, location, interest, and behavior
Websites for advertisers.
"Behavior" is what Cambridge Analytics has been looking.
It reportedly hopes to create a "personality profile" of voters before the 2016 presidential campaign ".
"Our goal is to influence the United States," said Wyley. S.
Voters "think about something different.
"Cambridge Analytics is backed by Robert Mercer, President Donald Trump's billionaire supporter, and works with campaign strategist Steve Bannon.
But it's not clear how many profiles the Trump campaign has used and how effective they are.
The Trump campaign gradually stopped using Cambridge Analytics before the election. What third-
The third-party app obtained toResearcher Alexander gögan, a professor of psychology at the University of Cambridge, at the center of recent events.
Kogan created an app called "thissiyoudigital life" that provides personality testing for Facebook users.
The third role of Kogan
Party app is critical to Cambridge Analytics's ability to access tens of millions of consumer data.
Only 270,000 of Facebook users downloaded Kogan's app, but the number surged to 50 million users as they agreed to share data from friends.
Professor Jens Grossklags of the Munich University of Technology said that about 11% of applications requested data from friends in 2011 of the research.
He pointed out that because each Facebook user usually has about 250 to 300 friends, the "multiplier effect" is huge. "I would ask [
Facebook CEO Zuckerberg
, 'Could you explain to me why it is allowed to access user data so widely, especially from friends? '" he said.
Consumers often don't understand what they're sharing or what control they're giving up, he says.
Facebook, facing a federal investigation over the Cambridge Analytics scandal, said it had changed the app development process and now asked developers to "prove the data they are collecting and how they will use it is
"Through this process, we have actually rejected a large number of applications," said Justin ofoski, vice president of global operations.
"Three years ago, after Kogan first created his app, we changed the product so that the developer could not access the information of people's friends.
"Still, Facebook has a privacy setting that controls whether your friends can share your data with the app.
Make sure your friends don't share your data with the third one
Party app, go to app settings and click on the app for others box.
"Make sure the box for the information Class--
Like "What I Like" and "If I'm online ---are unchecked.
Other privacy settings can be set here.
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