family flee home after their £56,000 volvo hybrid car bursts into flames while charging on their driveway - two way car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-16
family flee home after their £56,000 volvo hybrid car bursts into flames while charging on their driveway  -  two way car alarm
After their hybrid caught fire while charging in the driveway, the family was forced to flee their homes.
Miles Freeman, 46, is from Birmingham, about 10, and her 30-year-old fiancé, Tanya Krupenko, is downstairs.
At 30 on Sunday night, their three children slept in bed.
But after hearing the car report, the couple found that the 56,000 Volvo hybrid XC90 was on fire in a driveway only a few feet away from their home.
Mr. Freeman and MS Krup Yanko captured three children, Olivia, five, Harrison, five and seven. month-
Old Savannah, pet rabbit and cat at home before going back.
The fire damaged the garage and front of the house on Albert Road, where a five-bedroom house could cost up to £ 470,000.
Mr. Freeman, who owns a battery recycling company, said: "When we hear noise coming from the front of the house, we are making tea in the kitchen.
But after looking out the window, we couldn't believe the car was engulfed in flames.
"My first reaction was to drive the car away from the house, but the flames were far beyond the hood and Krupenko called 999 MS and I started getting the kids up.
"My first thought was to go to the back garden, but I knew that if the fire got into the house we might get stuck and the heat would be too high.
"We managed to run through the driveway to the street and people stopped in the car to see.
"Emergency service personnel arrived at home within five minutes and controlled the fire before the fire burned the car, worth 56,000, causing a loss of 3,000 to the family.
However, since the ordeal of the family, Mr. Freeman claimed that he could not understand that before the purchase
On October, Johnson demonstrated the car at a Volvo dealer in Solihull.
Mr Freeman said: "The fire brigade conducted an investigation and thought that it might have been started by an engine or charging plug with a socket that the car is very close to the engine.
"I have contacted Volvo's offices in the UK and Sweden and they told me that they will send an engineer to investigate, but they have to chase it several times in order to get a response.
We should be at the top of the list after so much, but they don't seem to care.
"The result of this could be catastrophic and we were lucky that smoke did not enter the house to cause any damage.
Freeman said he used a Volvo-approved company to install charging points at home and paid £ 850, of which £ 500 was government-approved as part of their low fees
Discharge car plugin grant.
But now that the family has no cars, the wreckage of the burned-out vehicle remains in their driveway while waiting for further investigation.
"The fact that we don't have a car is inconvenient, but we just appreciate that things don't get worse," Mr Freeman said.
"I work in this industry myself, and I know how serious such fires are.
A spokesman for Volvo UK said: "All the work of Volvo Motor Company is centered on safety.
"We maintain regular contact with Mr. Freeman regarding this incident and will soon be checking the vehicle.
At the same time, we have arranged a loan car for him.
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