fatal lowell blaze was accidental electrical fire - best car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-08-31
fatal lowell blaze was accidental electrical fire  -  best car alarm system
Officials said at today's press conference that a fire in the Lowell apartment building on July 10 killed five people and two others, an electrical fire.
"Our findings and preliminary findings indicate that the fire was an accidental electrical fire," said Marianne Ryan, district attorney for the Midlands . ".
National Fire Chief Stephen Cohen explained that the fire began in a secluded gap between the second and third floors and spread over the length of the building for a period of time, which was undiscovered.
As it crossed the floor, the sudden influx of oxygen caused the fire to spread rapidly.
While some first responders said they did not hear the fire alarm in the building when they arrived, Coan said the alarm system was properly maintained and was working properly.
However, in the early days of the fire, the alarm system may have been disabled, resulting in a low or intermittent sound from the alarm.
"We did not find that the landlord had neglected to make the building conform to the specifications," Coan said . ".
Fireworks set off in the building at some point during the fire, but Coan said they didn't start.
The building was scheduled to be demolished today, but a lawyer representing the families of the victims was ordered by the court to postpone the demolition until Thursday's hearing. The Branch St.
The building was last inspected in March 2013.
It is not equipped with an automatic sprinkler system.
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