faux car alarm with flashing led - what is the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-20
faux car alarm with flashing led  -  what is the best car alarm
I live in a community that some people are afraid of, and I drive an old car that is easy to break into and steal.
I don't want to put a real car alarm in my car because of their cost and tendency to false positives.
So, I decided to make a fake alarm for my car with flashing red LED when installing the car sound.
Warning: If you don't know the wiring, don't try this construct without help.
Doing so will cause serious damage to you and your vehicle.
You also need to drill at least one hole somewhere on the dashboard.
If you feel that you can't do this without breaking the internal work, then don't try to do so.
If you have an anti-new car
I would also advise you not to try this theft feature as screwing your car wires might trigger them to make your car useless.
Here's what you need to do: 1.
The Linrose B5100H1FL panel is mounted with flashing LED, red, 20 mA, 12 v $3.
50 can be obtained through Fry's Electronics: The flashing LED that works on a 12 v dc power supply will work. )2.
Wire tool for stripping and curling connections. Approx.
These can usually be $3 to $5 via Connector 3.
Red line curl connector 4.
Access the hot wires and ground wires that are not controlled by the ignition switch. Extra wire5.
12 v toggle switch (optional)7.
You really should already have these.
If not, I suggest you ask for help before you try this note. 1.
To be safe, disconnect the ground first (black cable)
From your battery.
Please note that you will lose the presets on the radio, but in any case this will happen in the next step, at least you are unlikely to be shocked. 2.
Decide where you want to place the LED and toggle switch, and you choose to use the toggle switch.
Make sure you have access to the other side of the dashboard to be drilled, and you can get the wires from point (your stereo)to "Point B" (
LED and/or toggle switch).
You also want to make sure that potential thieves can see your LED and that your switch is hidden.
Another very important thing to check is that when you drill holes for these items, you don't damage anything important.
Once you 've identified all of this, determine what size your holes need and drill them. 3.
Find the yellow and black wires on your car stereo.
The yellow line is the hotline that powers your car stereo when the ignition is turned off.
You need to cut and splice this line and connect one side of the line to your LED.
Basically, you cut yellow lines on both sides.
Then curl a red connector on one side of the wire.
On the other line, you screw one * extra wires together, arrive at your LED long enough, and curl them to the other side of the connector.
* If you want to turn off the LED, be sure to leave enough wires to get to where you choose to install the toggle switch. 4.
Repeat the previous steps and splice the black line this time.
This time, you only need enough wires to reach the LED, and it doesn't matter which one you choose unless you decide this is the one you want to connect to the switch. 5.
Now if you don't use the toggle switch, all you have to do is connect the wire to the LED. 6.
If you are using a toggle switch, you need to connect one of the wires to the switch, then add another wire on the other side and connect that wire to the LED, then connect it. If +/-
Indicate on your LED, connect the yellow wire to the positive pole (red wire)
The wires on the LED, and the access-negative side (black wire)of the LED. 7.
Now all you need to do is install the LED and switch.
Then regroup the other things together. 8.
Once you 've reassembled everything, you can reconnect the ground wire to your car battery.
If you do this without a switch, your LED will start flashing.
If you have a toggle switch check to make sure it enables/disables the LED.
If all goes well, you're done.
Now that you're done, you can now enjoy many of the benefits of a car alarm without any annoying false positives.
Don't worry that the battery will run out, it will take several years for your flashing LED to run out of healthy car batteries.
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