fbi's gps tracking raises privacy concernsufeff - best car alarm with gps tracking

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-13
fbi\'s gps tracking raises privacy concernsufeff  -  best car alarm with gps tracking
When Yasil Afifi was driving to change oil, his mechanic found an unusual wire hanging underneath.
This is part of a black rectangular device that is attached to his car with a magnet.
After posting its photo on an online forum, the poster identified it as a GPS tracking device Afifi, Santa Clara, California.
A college student and a computer salesman, FBI agents visited them and asked for their equipment to be returned.
The FBI confirmed that the device belonged to the agency and agents visited Afifi to retrieve it.
But special agent Joseph Schadler won't say why he was there.
"In any case, it is not our policy to confirm or deny the existence of the investigation, and we will not comment on sources, technologies or methods," Schadler said . ".
The FBI sees GPS as an electronic version of the physical surveillance used to collect investigation information.
It's time, and when the FBI wants to collect information, they track someone down.
But technology has changed that.
Civil rights groups say GPS devices are more intrusive.
Another Northern California man from the Ninth Circuit appeals court said the same thing happened to him.
Two years ago, Abdo Alwareeth discovered a GPS device on his car while taking a car repair course.
At his home in San Rafael, he looked for reasons by collecting a series of documents. The U. S.
Yemeni citizens say he has received only one transport ticket for the 40 years he has lived here.
"Why was I picked out?
"Let them tell me, 'We pick you out because you are Arab and Muslim, 'he said. '".
"That's what I want to know.
In his case, the local police came to claim the device, Alwareeth said.
He filed a complaint and consultation with a lawyer.
The only response from the police was that since the device did not belong to them, it was not possible to comment on the incident.
Now, he and his wife check the tracking equipment under their cars every day.
"That's how they feel about us, just like we're being followed.
Tracking what? " he says.
It is not clear what legal remedies the two men have.
January, 9 th of the United StatesS.
The Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that law enforcement could connect GPS devices to vehicles without a search warrant.
Zahra Billo, chairman of the Bay Division
Lawyers for Islamic Relations and affife say the FBI has violated the privacy rights of her clients.
She said there was no indication in the background that he was a national security threat.
"If this is the way we have very limited resources that are being used for these violations against innocent individuals, I would say we are not safe," Billoo said . ".
Millo said the FBI is terrified of the community it claims to build bridges.
But the FBI insists that monitoring others is an important part of the work in law enforcement.
The question is whether GPS is too intrusive.
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