feedback - power window system

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-19
feedback  -  power window system
Japan's genius in consumer product innovation continues to grow.
The feedback award for this month's deadliest invention awarded a combined radar detector and television set caught behind it
The rearview mirror of your car.
There's nothing like watching the latest TV game shows while bombing at twice the speed.
Our Kickstarter award is worth selling well in the UK, but may not, and it is a device that detects drunkenness and sound alarms that urinate in an elevator.
The model of electric shock will provide a better public service.
Another invention we would like to see doing better is a plastic window glass that does not stop TV satellite signals.
Makerssay says it will allow people to install and receive dishes indoors.
Although this window should be successful only from an aesthetic point of view, at least in Japan, there may be further advantages.
NHK of the national broadcasting administration of Japan employs a large number of employees
Time for retirees who charge a monthly license fee army, gate-to-door.
If they see the satellite antenna on the roof, they will charge an extra 1000 yen (
Around 4).
The in-house tableware allows the householder to avoid additional costs.
* Simulation-
The level exam earlier this year prompted Welsh physics students to give an excellent answer: Question: "What are the benefits of sending a satellite into a still-Earth orbit?
Answer: "Well, at least you know where it will fall.
* The noise has been hit a bit recently.
In order to comply with the law, the treble band must now turn off the sound or put on the earmuffs while playing.
The European legislation, which came into force on January 1, requires employees to provide earmuffs to anyone exposed to more than 85 db of noise per day and, if the dose exceeds 90 db, force them to wear earmuffs.
Many pop bands and their engineers have crossed the threshold.
No one seems to have noticed this yet, but we think it's only a matter of time before health and safety inspectors call in the studio.
Now there is a more strange situation in North America.
The National Football League has ruled that if crowd noise becomes so loud that it interferes with communication between players, the home team can be punished in the game.
Danish electronics companies Bruel and Kjaer have received rescue calls.
B & K has made precision microphones for measuring sound levels that are now directed to the crowd of American football matches.
The output of the sound meter is entered into the computer, and the computer converts its decibel reading into a thermometer-like scale.
This is shown on a huge TV screen often used in football stadiums.
To give the crowd a measure, the "thermometer" is marked with a guide to the level of noise, such as traffic congestion (90dB), jackhammer (100dB)
Rock Concert (110dB).
B & K has measured more than 113 db levels, which is far more than the legal restrictions currently operating in Europe during a few hours of competition.
Since English football audiences are at least as noisy as their American counterparts, it's only a matter of time before someone spends 1 m to wembleand starts asking awkward questions.
* When it comes to football, feedback feels it is necessary to apologize for your goal.
Our reputation has been destroyed, our business has been destroyed, and our street reputation has disappeared without a trace.
We seem to have mistaken the color of the football club.
It's not just any old football club, but even worse, it's a Scottish football club for a London-based journalist.
Thanks, Keith Franklin.
"Fans of the fanatical Deng Feilin movement ")
Helen Milligan
Supporters of Dundee)
A few others pointed out that it was Dundee United in the orange game, not Dundee, as suggested in our April 7 issue.
Dundee is obviously playing the dark blue game.
Does anyone play tennis?
* Feedback has been bothering a press release over the past few weeks to provide what we think is a treasure trove of some kind of computer information.
Sadly, we can't pass the first sentence: "Precision Vision International today announced the industry's first integrated data virtualization package to implement the X Window System protocol, announcing support for the ULTRIX version of windows in December (TM)for its PV-WAVE(
Workstation analysis and visualization environment)product.
The first person to explain to us what all this means, with 10 words, is more important than three syllables, winning the usual feedback tenner-and 5 pages of fascinating bedtime reading.
* The government's plans for the school's English curriculum have aroused strong protests.
Critics predict that we will eventually become illiterate. So what’s new?
Littlehampton waterfront town is one of the many towns on the Sussex coastline controlled by Allen District Council.
The parking lot in Littlehampton is self serviceservice;
The driver must buy a ticket from the machine.
The two copies are engraved with the same font. The message?
Did you pay?
By the way, we won't reward the first person to find 10 (a)
Wrong spelling or (b)
Grammatical errors that occur in this week's feedback.
* Eau neau.
Found on a non-licence in central London: "The upstart arrived.
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