fire at former victoria strip club under control, caretaker not yet located - new car alarm system

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fire at former victoria strip club under control, caretaker not yet located  -  new car alarm system
Victoria firefighters attacked the heritage building in the city center.
A fire burned the former Monti strip club and Plaza Hotel in downtown Victoria, the worst time, but police and fire officers have not yet found a caretaker, he stayed intermittently in the building now burned down.
Firefighters continued to pump water.
Maximum 4,000 gallons per minute during peak hours
In every aspect of more than 100 countriesyear-
Old heritage building at 603 Pandora Avenue.
They have been putting out fires since the first fire alarm on Government Street, 1413, adjacent to Royal Victoria suites holiday apartments.
About 5: 20. m.
Tourists take to the streets in socks and pajamas.
Victoria Fire Chief Paul Bruce says firefighters continue fighting despite the fire being brought under control.
He expects the government Street on Pandora Avenue to not reopen today and probably not tonight.
Although the fire department said no one was injured, firefighters and police continued to look for a man named Mike, a caretaker who stayed in the building on and off to work, Bruce said.
The effort to try to contact him has not been successful so far.
The fire chief said his department had called Mike's contact number and the police were actively looking for him.
Two weeks ago, there was a suspicious fire in the bar and the hotel's outer stairwell.
At that time, the Victoria Fire Department requested a review of the building's fire system.
A meeting with the owner is scheduled for May 8.
Deputy Fire Chief Dan Atkinson said all the buildings in the South were saved.
"It looks like there will be no fire damage there ,[except]
Smoke and water damage.
"The former strip club was closed in January 2013 and the abandoned hotel was bought by West Vancouver --
The Marine Gate development project, based in August 2016.
Firefighters are expected to stay on site for a few more hours.
"Fires in this range will last for a long time," said atkinson, "so now we're just putting the hot spots out and making sure the fire doesn't spread to any neighboring property . ".
Atkinson said there was no alarm at the front bar and in the hotel.
He did not know if there was a smoke and fire alarm system in the building.
At the top of the hill, about 34 Victoria firefighters, 3 aerial trucks, 3 engine trucks and 3 Command personnel were putting out fire, the first time they were found in the basement of the building, and smoke billowing in the next four floors.
The nearby fire department is on standby.
Atkinson said that the renovation of the building has been carried out many times over the years, which has changed the floor plan of the building, making it too dangerous to put out fire from the inside.
Atkinson says the basement is also filled with debris, including many tables, mattresses and other materials stored that fuel the fire.
This building is written off.
The interior walls collapsed, the roof disappeared, and the exterior walls and the facade of the north end collapsed.
Atkinson says the building may be too imperfect to even access the inspection.
The senior City director talks in the fire hall about the potential impact on city services.
Atkinson said he did not know if any services or businesses were damaged by water or smoke.
The air around the city hall in the city center is filled with toxic smoke.
As more and more people continue to visit the city center to watch the fires and architectural relics, some bystanders wear masks.
Just 8: 30m.
The brick on the side of Pandora's avenue for four people
As the fire intensified and the heat on the streets intensified, the hotel in stori collapsed.
As the flames burst out of the new area of the roof and the building began to collapse, a crowd of onlookers gasped.
The stone wall in front of the nightclub was also broken, revealing more flames.
On Monday, when firefighters put out a fire at the abandoned Plaza Hotel in downtown Victoria, the flame sprayed from the front door of the Monti showroom. on May 6, 2019, the colonists firefighters removed the truck from the place where the building collapsed. As of 10 a. m.
Flames can still be seen on the first floor and on the roof.
There was a footprint in the basement where the fire occurred, underneath the clubs and hotels, and underneath the sidewalks of Pandora and government Streets.
An American family living in a nearby Royal Victoria suites holiday apartment was outside in socks until a good Samaritan came with shoes to borrow.
Victoria resident Terry Bell read on the Times website that their family left the holiday apartment in a hurry wearing only socks and brought old shoes to their families.
Wendy Hedley, from Winnipeg, is watching the fire as it continues to spray smoke into the air, wrapped in a blanket from the fire department, wearing shoes that strangers gave her.
Visit her daughter and grandson here. she lives on Airbnb on Johnson Street. After 5, the fire broke. m.
Frank and Gail Wilms of Como were evacuated from the holiday apartment next to the burning building on Victoria's wedding anniversary.
"It's terrible," said Gail . "
"It looks like the situation is getting worse.
More smoke and flames.
Chris rugles can see the smoke at his home near the Uptown Mall.
He called fire "epic", saying that he had never seen so much water pouring to put out fire and that the flame continued to exist.
Duncan's Brendan hethers said it was a fascinating thing to watch such a landmark burn down.
He saw the smoke of Lanford with a friend.
Emergency social services are provided on site to help people displaced by the fire.
There is also a Salvation Army van at the scene.
The cause of the fire has not been determined.
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