fire chief says ‘we have absolutely no idea’ how many people are missing - car alarm control

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fire chief says ‘we have absolutely no idea’ how many people are missing  -  car alarm control
London Fire Commissioner Danielle Coton confirmed this morning that they "had no idea" how many victims were in the fire at Grenfell Tower.
As we all know, the fire destroyed a tower in west London. several people were killed. Witnesses said the residents were trapped by the fire.
At the press conference, the commissioner was asked how many people were missing and she replied, "we absolutely have no idea ".
She added: "What we are asking is if any displaced residents have not reported to the local rest center or the police, please let yourself know, so we can check you against the list of people we think are in this building.
Firefighters continued to cross the building on the first floor to find people trapped inside.
A witness said the building was climbing up like paper and people said they saw the mother throw the child out of the window.
The Metropolitan police station in London has established 0800 0961 233 of victims who care about their friends and families.
Witnesses said a troubled resident apparently told his neighbors that his refrigerator failure had caused a fire.
Samira Lamrani, 38, who lives on a nearby Hurstway Walk, told the Press Association: "When I got to the scene, he (the resident)
Is one of the people standing there.
He's right next to him.
He was as surprised as others by the speed at which the fire spread.
"I can hear him say that he immediately contacted emergency services and they assured him that everything would be under control in a short period of time, which is obviously not.
She said she thought the fire started on the second floor.
Dennis Bloomfield, 37, was evacuated from a nearby apartment and she said: "You can feel the heat from where you are standing. It was scary.
Like watching a movie.
People wear pajamas like zombies.
This is not true.
She looked out of the window. "I saw the whole building on fire and people were screaming for help . "
"We ran out and saw the whole building on fire," she said.
People near me screamed because their loved ones were there.
You can't do anything because we're pushed back.
You can't do anything because it's too big.
The fire came too fast.
"Some people have just survived . . . . . . Waiting for the fire to take them away, just waiting for death.
They are breathing air from the window.
You know they're there, there's a light for one person.
The building is reported to be in danger of collapse.
However, after a structural engineer visited the site and confirmed that it was still safe to do so, firefighters continued to work in the building.
People who fled the fire within 24 hours
The story Grenfell Tower in north Kensington mentioned the other people who were trapped, screaming for help, some holding the children from the window and others jumping from the upper level.
London Fire Commissioner Dani Coton said there was already some fat, but because of the size and complexity of the building, he couldn't say how much.
She told reporters at the scene that this was an unprecedented event.
In my 29 years as a fireman, I have never seen anything of such a scale.
Photos at the scene showed the fire devouring the neighborhood, with a wisp of smoke visible throughout the capital, while others showed residents looking out the windows of the neighborhood.
Nick padit, leader of Kensington and Chelsea
Brown said "hundreds of people" would be in the block when the fire broke out.
Actor and writer Tim Downey, who lives about 600 metres from Latimer Road, told the Press Association that he was worried the block would collapse.
"It's terrible," he said.
The whole building was swallowed up by the fire. It’s gone.
The collapse of the building is only a matter of time.
This is the most terrible thing I have ever seen.
I just want them to save everyone.
The first thing I know is the siren, the helicopter, and the shout.
I saw it swallowed up by the flames.
"People keep bringing water, clothes, anything they need help to the cordon.
"I was distressed to see people coming out wearing bedding.
Jody Martin said he arrived at the scene just as the first fire truck arrived.
He told the BBC: "I saw a man fall and I saw another woman holding her child outside the window . . . . . . When I heard the scream, I called everyone down and they said "we can't leave our apartment and the smoke in the hallway is so bad ".
Fabio Beber wrote on Twitter: "As the fire spreads to the other side of the building, more people scream for help.
We can see how fast the fire is spreading through the external panel.
It's unbearable to hear someone screaming for their lives at the grenfelltower.
"George Clark told Radio 5 live on Channel 4's TV show Amazing Space:" I was lying in bed and I heard the beeps and beeps "I'll get up and go downstairs as soon as I can ".
"I thought it might be a car alarm outside and I saw the light through the window.
"I was covered with volcanic ash, how bad it was.
I am 100 away, covered with ash.
"It was so heartbreaking, I saw someone flashing a torch on the top floor and apparently they couldn't get out.
"These guys are doing an incredible job trying to get people out of the building, but it's really bad.
Shortly after six o'clock A. M. , the London Ambulance Service said more than 50 people had been taken to five hospitals.
More than 200 firefighters were sent to deal with the fire before one o'clock A. M. on Wednesday.
Firefighters arrived at the scene in six minutes.
The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, wrote on Twitter: "There has been a major incident in Grenfell Tower in kensington" and urged people to follow London on Twitter
George Osborne, a former chancellor and current Evening Standard editor, wrote on Twitter: "I just saw this terrible tower fire near my home in London W.
I pray with the affected people & the hero fix this.
The London Fire Brigade said it was not aware of the cause of the fire.
However, residents said that the recent renovation work was carried out, the cladding was carried out on the outside of the structure, and the natural gas supply of the apartment was carried out.
A resident action group said their warning of safety was "ignored ".
On November 2016, a blog post from the glendfair action team said that "only catastrophic events" would expose residents' concerns.
The group said there was an entrance and exit to and from Grenfell Tower in the improvement works of the block and that there was a problem with the evacuation procedures.
After the fire, the organization posted the following: "All our warnings are ignored, and we predict that such a disaster is inevitable, but it is only a matter of time.
Nikki parramavan, who lives in the apartment on the seventh floor with his partner and children, said that in the event of a fire, the advice given to the residents was to live in their apartment.
He told the BBC that if we had listened to them and lived in the apartment, we would have died.
He said that after they fled the explosion, the explosion, including the blue flame, indicated that it was a gas.
This is terrible.
I just don't want to die.
It passed directly.
No one stopped it.
A column of pungent smoke could be seen rising from the building on Wednesday.
There are still several layers of flames rising in the burnt building, and efforts to control the fire are continuing.
Omar Kalam, an 11-year-old primary school student, and father Waleed, 44, stood anxiously in the emergency center.
My brother has friends who live there, he said.
I'm not sure if they're okay yet.
His father said parents of Aldridge College in Kensington, near where Omar attended, were told the school was closed.
Stuart Cundy, commander of the Metropolitan Police Department, said: "I can confirm that there have been some deaths and other people who have received medical care.
We will get in touch with close relatives soon.
The unit said it may take some time before we can confirm the cause of the fire.
London Mayor Sadik Khan told BBC Radio 4 Today's show: "It's very frustrating, not only for us ordinary people, but also for emergency services.
"We announced a major incident very early, which means not only the fire department, but also the London Ambulance Department, the police and others involved in the scene.
He said there were more than 100 police officers, 100 medical staff and 250 firefighters at the scene.
In the event of a fire, it was reported that the residents were advised to stay in the apartment, and Mr. Khan said: "Thankfully, the residents did not stay in the apartment and fled to a safe place.
One of the things we worry about is that it's 24 hours.
But for obvious reasons, due to the scale of the fire, our experts are not able to reach the top of the mountain all the way, and of course, these are questions that need to be answered as soon as possible.
Kensington and Chelsea Commission said in a statement that all of our attention is currently focused on supporting rescue and rescue operations, adding that the cause of the fire will be fully investigated.
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