for fire alarms, boston still relies on … the telegraph?! - best car alarm system

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for fire alarms, boston still relies on … the telegraph?!  -  best car alarm system
In 1852, Boston took a big step forward in technology.
It became the first city in the world to use Telegram as part of a municipal fire alarm system.
The fire box placed on the corner promises to send an alarm message electronically to officials, which is much faster than the previous way of shouting.
Boston paved the way for towns across the United States to start using fire alarm boxes, putting the center at the forefront of innovation.
Today after 162, Boston still relies on 3,462 Telegraph.
Alert the Fire Department.
In the era of mobile phones and satellites, telegrams live in these red remains.
Steve McDonald, spokesman for the Boston Fire Department, told Boston: "We generally know people who use the phone when reporting something . ".
He added that officials believe the Telegraph will continue to be used
System based on "small price paid as insurance policy.
"How these boxes connect each alarm to the electronic grid through copper wire throughout the city.
There's a clock in every box.
As explained by the Boston fire History Society.
First, the force that is pulled down on the lever causes the gear inside the box to rotate.
Each box is identified by a specific number, and the outer edge of the rotating gear has a series of gaps associated with that number.
For example, there is a gap in the outer edge of the gear in the 1818 box, then space, then eight gaps, then space, then a gap, a space, eight gaps.
The rotating gear completes the circuit and transmits the information to the fire alarm office through the copper wire.
News from the fire department 1-8-1-
8 appears on the computer, showing that an alarm is sounded and where it is.
The computer in Boston makes the positioning process relatively fast, but fire alarm systems in other Massachusetts towns are not that advanced.
For example, according to John Grant, Milton's fire chief, Milton's telegram message is achieved by punching holes on a piece of paper.
So if someone pulls the 57 alarm box, the information will be sent to the dispatch office with five holes, one space, and then seven more holes on a piece of paper.
Then the fire department dispatcher turned the hole.
Send a team by putting the filled sheet into the coordinates.
"It's obviously an old technology, but it's quite simple," Grant said . ". “They work.
"Basically, you pull the lever and the fire department will know.
The cost of Boston employs more than a dozen crew members to maintain the operation of the telegraph system.
This includes several management personnel and approximately 8 to 10 on-site workers engaged in electrical work and general maintenance.
These workers are ordinary businessmen with electrical and mechanical backgrounds, but are not Telegraph experts.
MacDonald said they learned the system at work.
The entire alarm box system is budgeted according to the fire alarm plan, which oversees all scheduling and calls to BFD, with a budget of $2014. 1 million [PDF].
Maintenance of the alarm box system alone cost the city $1.
8 million in 2012, McDonald also pointed out that the 2014 budget was less than 1% of the total $0. 185 billion budget of the fire department.
The imperfect system technology brings problems.
First, alerts are not allowed-
Provide more information to the dispatcher.
"You don't know who is pulling it, and you don't know what it is for," McDonald said . ".
This has led to the abuse of a large number of resources.
Last year, about 90% of the alarm boxes were fake.
Compare this extremely high ratio to the overall false positive average of 17.
3% per cent in 2012.
That means the telegram was pulled.
The possibility of box-based is five times that of false alarm.
Macdonald acknowledged the false alarm issue, but said the total number of alarm cases pulled was low compared to regular 9-91-1 calls.
"We understand that people are making false alarms from time to time," McDonald said . ".
"It's just part of having such a system.
"Last year, Boston came up with the idea of how to upgrade the box, and one suggestion was to turn the box into a wifi hotspot.
City Hall turnover has made it a secondary factor to explore viable alternatives, but McDonald says he expects the system to change in the future.
"With a very high-tech new government --
Savvy and looking for ways to push all the technology forward, we do expect them to come up with other ways to use [the boxes]
"To increase their purpose," McDonald said . ".
However, since they are working now, the boxes are still often used.
Two years ago, in a fire in Boston, the fire alarm box played a key role in saving two lives.
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