for sale: at-home defibrillators - car alarms for sale

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-07
for sale: at-home defibrillators  -  car alarms for sale
People will soon spend $2,295.
Use the vibrato to hope their loved ones can pull it out and save them if their heart suddenly stops beating.
The government approved the first defibrillator dedicated to home use, which exacerbated the debate on whether to sell heart beats more widely
Appetizers that are already common at airports and shopping centers will save more lives.
Or, if upset relatives hunt this machine before calling 911, waste precious time.
About 220,000 Americans die each year from a cardiac arrest.
Without warning, the electrical system of the heart will be interrupted and the heartbeat will suddenly stop.
Some time can be bought for the victim, but only the defibrillator can restart the heart under electric shock.
Every minute waiting for the caregiver to arrive with a vibrator reduces the chance of survival by 10%.
As a result, portable electric paddle from casino to plane to amusement park is now everywhere.
While machines do not require medical expertise, shocks are often managed by people trained to use machines, such as security guards.
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Philips Electronic heart defibrillator
Promises to put more vibrators into hands that are really untrained.
This machine requires a doctor's prescription and provides advice for potential users to be trained instead of a substitute for a caregiver --
People should call 911 before they catch the defibrillator.
HeartStart "talks" to the user through every step of the recovery and modifies the instructions to make it simple enough
Grade students to understand
Philips offers a small FDA study that shows that people who have never seen the device can follow the instructions.
Don't worry about hitting someone accidentally: it won't shock if the vibrato detects a heartbeat.
"These devices are very safe," said Megan Moynahan, an FDA biomedical engineer . ".
When the battery is low, the home version will also beep like a smoke alarm.
Philips will start selling-
Home Defibrillator for six weeks for $2,295-
$1,200 cheaper than the current company version.
"This is good news . "W.
Douglas Weaver, the cardiovascular director at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, has long been pushing the public to reach the heart of life-saving more widely --starters.
"Most people in this country don't know. . .
Despite the 911 system, almost always someone dies.
"About 70% of cardiac arrest occurs at home.
Although they can strike at any age, the average victim is a man in his 60 s.
The main user of.
Weaver said that the home defibrillator may be an elderly woman trying to save her husband.
The conversation with the widow convinced him that they needed such an opportunity.
"Many of them feel that being powerless is such a helpless situation, and even trying and unsuccessful will be better than not knowing what to do at the time, he said.
But while "this will help, it's good common sense," the American Heart Association can't recommend yet.
Dr. AHA spokesman warned that before the study showed that they would really save their lives, household vibratorsVinay Nadkarni.
In fact, the study on the use of vibrators by laymen in public buildings was mixed, and the study showed whether the vibrators significantly improved survival rates before the arrival of caregivers. At-
Family use raises more questions: will people who are panicked by the collapse of their loved ones remember to catch the vibrators?
Remember where it was stored?
What if they go home and find someone crashing and don't know how long they haven't had oxygen?
The National institute of Health is about to recruit 7,000 people at high risk of cardiac arrest to participate in a study to answer these questions.
Their families will be trained in CPR, and half of them will also receive-
Household vibrators
But the results will not be known in four years.
To get a faster lead, the FDA ordered Philips to track the use of HeartStart in the first year of sales.
Who can get from-
Household vibrators?
It's not clear, though even supporters don't want healthy people racing to buy.
The easy target may be those who need to implant tiny vibrators in the chest but are too old or sick to undergo surgery.
It is not clear whether the insurance company will pay-home device.
Philips will sell home vibrators directly to prescription patients over the Internet and over the phone.
CVS pharmacies will start storing these machines early next year.
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