for the enthusiast - electric window closer

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-26
for the enthusiast  -  electric window closer
This is the sports version of the standard car that has already been moved.
The new Mini Cooper was launched last year in India under the guise of diesel, but this is the gasoline version we are waiting for and we finally got it.
At first, there were only three.
The door version will be provided.
Based on the new UKL platform, the new Mini Cooper S is 98mm longer than the old car, 44mm wide and 7mm high.
The overall look and attitude of the car is undoubtedly mini.
Big frown grille, bug-
Both the eye headlights and the minimalist tail design are typical Cooper, but now the size is bigger and looks more mature.
Like an old car, the wheels are pushed to the end of the new car, leaving the least outstanding.
In addition, the crouching posture and the low roof make Cooper look nervous and lively even if he stands still.
But how do neighbors know you bought a mini sports car?
It has a different honeycomb grille with a S badge and a large sporty air inlet.
At the back, the large double vent points to the extra horse under the hood.
Inside, the change is more ergonomic-related.
The most striking thing is that the speedo in the center is gone.
The new car has a more traditional speedo in front of the steering, with a speed counter and fuel gauge on both sides.
This is a significant improvement as they get closer to your line of sight.
Now, there are electric window switches and door lock switches on the doormat, not low switches on the central stack.
The S version of the car adds features such as a black plaid finish on the dashboard and a thick leather steering wheel.
The front seat of this Cooper S is fantastic.
They are very supportive of sports driving, and at the same time they are very comfortable in long distance running.
As before, the back seat is small and even the boots are small, although larger than before, still won't swallow too much luggage.
The biggest change is under the hood.
At present, as the engine has become a trend to reduce the size for better efficiency, the larger 2. 0-
A liter of gasoline engine surprise.
The twins replaced 1998cc.
Direct Turbo
The jet gasoline engine is 400cc larger than the unit it replaced and 7 kg lighter than the old power unit. The 2. 0-
Four pot motors per liter make 189bhp and 28 healthy.
8 KGM with low torque of 1250 rpm. This big-
Thanks to direct injection and turbo charge, the hole motor likes hard spinning and also very torquey.
So, although there is a little lag, this motor has a very strong middle position
Range and extremely powerful top-end.
The faster you spin, the more it wants to go.
According to the company, a hot 6.
It takes only 7 seconds for you to reach 100kph and the maximum speed of this hatch will reach 30 kph.
We have an optional motion gearbox on our car, and the shift is almost instantaneous in motion mode without any power interruption.
The performance is very addictive and Cooper S just draws you into the driving experience.
But the biggest change
It handles this when driving the Mini.
When we are driving on the runway, turning the runway is the only way to judge the new Cooper.
The first impression is that the car feels less sharp than the old one, but instead it feels more planted and still vibrant enough to change direction.
Both the grip and balance are strong, and the traction feeling is better than the old car.
But these are short impressions, and only when we drive on the road can we give a clear answer.
Again, because the surface of the runway is as smooth as velvet. The price is 34 rupees.
65 lakh, Cooper S is 2 rupees more expensive than the diesel version.
For this, you will get a car that is more interesting to drive, and according to us, it is a car worth going.
Diesel is a car of choice if you want to buy this car just to make a style statement.
But Cooper S is for you if you have a little bit of a car enthusiast.
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