from revolution to business empire - top car alarm systems

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from revolution to business empire  -  top car alarm systems
In life, there are times when the stars come together to create the perfect business opportunity.
For Dalibor dededek, chief executive of Czech alarm and security company Jablotron, this moment took place on January 1990.
The collapse of Czech communism has brought about a massive privatization of businesses, a rush to buy private property, and shops suddenly packed with Western consumer goods.
Meanwhile, President Vaclav Havel emptied the country's prisons.
1990 on New Year's Day, he signed an amnesty and 30,000 convicted criminals were released overnight.
"It's like a signal from heaven," Mr dededek told the BBC at the corporate headquarters of Jablonec nad Nisou, a mountain town near the Polish-German border, mainly known for its cutting.
Glass and costume jewelry.
"People use their life savings to buy small businesses and so on.
On the other hand, all the thieves left the prison.
It's like suddenly removing all the cages in the zoo.
"People with property are very scared, thieves find prey everywhere, because there is no protection, there is no alarm;
"The level of safety is very low," Mr Dedek explained . ".
Early start-up-
Manufacturing Industrial control systems for large countriesowned company -
Mr. Dedek and three of his friends were almost broke.
"This is a nightmare.
To help us, my wife's parents and I have already mortgaged their house.
I woke up in the middle of the night after I had dreamed before and I had to tell my mother --in-
"She's homeless," he said.
Then they thought about the electronic security system.
"There are a lot of obstacles because there is no existing market in this area.
"It was fun for people to buy our alarm, but no-
One is eligible to install them.
So our priority is to educate the installers . "
Jablotron has grown from geek of four welded circuit boards in the attic to a global electronics business with annual sales of $100 (£58m).
The company employs about 450 employees in the Czech Republic and more in its second factory in China.
The export of the company's products is about 85%;
The pallets of the Jablotron warehouse are labeled "Bangladesh", "Malaysia" and "Sweden.
However, the focus remains on providing not only alerts but also comprehensive security solutions.
The company operates the country's largest monitoring network, which receives signals from about 40,000 alarm systems in the Czech Republic.
Mr Dedek himself cut a slight, bent-down, rather scholarly figure in his middle, a man
In his fifties, people are advancing at high speed in the spotless workshop of his company.
The tech Assembly Hall stopped briefly to check a circuit board.
Jablotron made him very rich.
But he said the money had been reinjected into the company.
Of course, there is no sign of wealth here, and there is no Porsche SUV idling in the parking lot.
The internal atmosphere of the company's headquarters is diligent and professional, but it is negotiable and relaxed.
"I'm not rich with numbers.
If a person has rich knowledge, if he can do something for others, he is very rich.
"I know a lot of rich people who are very poor creatures," he told the BBC . ".
"When I told my bank manager that I was counting money the same way I did with water, I used to make him very upset.
Operations are very important for the industry, but this is just a medium.
This is not an end in itself.
"His side projects include the construction of an 80-
Prague homeless shelter
When he opened the door, he was there to test the facilities overnight.
A few years ago, Jablotron created an oversized phone that looks like a regular phone.
A prototype was on display at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Exhibition, which people thought was a joke at first.
But an occasional TV report led to ordering 200,000 units in a week, and now there is a full department of Jablocom making them.
Mr. Dedek has basically quit. to-
The company's day of operation is reserved for carefully selected colleagues who come to him for advice.
"I'm getting older, the company is growing, and I don't want to be a bottleneck for the company.
"To be honest, I feel more like a priest than a manager these days," he said . ".
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