gang ‘charging £140k to smuggle migrants across channel’ - gps car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-29
gang ‘charging £140k to smuggle migrants across channel’  -  gps car alarm system
According to a survey by The Sun today, a criminal gang is charging £ 140,000 per boat to smuggle migrants across the strait.
CCTV evidence and witness testimony indicate that the gang is using boats launched from Dymchurch and 4x 4S, a quiet seaside town in Kent, to sneak into the migrants from Canada.
It is reported that 18 ethnic Arabs rescued in the Strait took one of their boats.
Hundreds more migrants may have been sneaking in.
This month's video shows a number of trips to the coast.
It included a ship rescued Sunday with 18 migrants off the coast.
This video recorded four incidents of suspected human traffickers operating in Dymchurch from May 11-5 to 28.
They are suspected of dragging a boat of migrants away after one night. time journey.
The next day, a 50,000-pound hard-shell inflatable boat was found abandoned on the shore. The 50-
A seat with a top speed of 70 mph has 30 life jackets.
Officials from the border forces investigated the ship and found that its GPS system showed it had been to Calais.
Border forces released the vessel to the owner when it arrived to claim it.
There was no evidence that the owners were involved in the smuggling.
In a second video taken Thursday night, a manned aircraft carrier was seen arriving at the beach at 11: 00. 30pm.
90 minutes later, after a suspected landing, it was inflated with black rubber.
A third video on Saturday afternoon showed a white speedboat pulled to the shore by a manned transport ship.
The ship is believed to have sailed to Calais, where it collects 18 ethnic Arabs who must be rescued from the wreck by the Coast Guard earlier on Sunday.
The last film captured what seemed like a botched rescue operation by the gang.
A black speedboat arrived at the coast half an hour before the distress signal arrived at the Coast Guard.
The ship was found abandoned Sunday morning.
An ethnic Arab immigrant told border guards that he was charged £ 8,000 for his location on board.
This means that the gang will load each cross into £ 1400s. Channel trip.
Locals in Dymchurch say there have been many suspicious ships in the area over the past few weeks --
This suggests that hundreds of migrants may have been infiltrated.
The owner of a fish and chips restaurant said: "A few weeks ago, there was a boat twice as many as it was on Saturday and when it was discovered, it was already empty for a long time.
"It has vomit on the side.
You can pack 50 people.
Another local said: "The carpet was swept down and kept quiet --hush.
"The authorities need to do more to stop this from being a route for smugglers.
They should have the ships patrol these waters.
Mark Wooles, owner of Dymchurch playground, which filmed CCTV footage, said: "These traffickers are terrible.
"They put their lives in danger and made thousands of pounds, and they don't care what happens to the people on board.
"A recent report from the National Criminal Agency shows that the targets of the population smugglers are ports and beaches off the southern and eastern coasts of the UK.
Cabinet minister Chris Grayling warned yesterday that unless the government takes action, the English Channel will soon be flooded with immigrant ships like the Mediterranean. Brexit-
People who support Grayling said: "I think we have to act quickly this summer.
We don't want the English Channel to become Mediterranean. There are many boats coming over.
He said he "absolutely believes the government will take any necessary action . "
Nigel Farage, leader of the British Independence Party, called for the immediate return of 18 ethnic Arabs to their homes.
Mr Farage added: "If people think they can stay as long as they land, then more and more people will come here.
"I don't want to see a Kent immigration crisis like the Mediterranean.
33-year-old Robert Stilwell and 35-year-old Mark Stirling appeared in front of meidway's magistrate on Monday on charges of immigration offences related to ethnic-Arab immigrant ships. —
New figures show that 204,311 migrants have traveled across the Mediterranean to Europe since January 1.
More than double the 91,860 in the same period last year.
Nick Pizza, who frightened the Arabs on the boat that began to sink, called his uncle and screamed, "We're all going to die. ”The 16-year-
After they paid £ 8,000 per person for their trip from France, the old boy was one of 18 people rescued from a small boat.
Rescue workers were initially alerted after the panic
We only call him Santiliano, who called his uncle Pashkim in Italy early Sunday morning.
Santiliano told him: "We are drowning.
We're all going to die.
Please get help ASAP.
Traffickers threatened us with knives and scissors.
Pashkin told The Sun that his nephew called him five times and that every conversation became even more crazy when he realized that they sank at Dymchurch in Kent.
Santiago traveled from Italy to France and initially tried to sneak into the UK in a truck, but was caught.
Later on Saturday he called his uncle and told him he was on his way sickDestined to travel by boat
They switched ships in the middle of the channel, but the rigid inflatable device they were in had engine problems and began to accept water.
Pashkin asked us not to use his last name for fear of revenge, saying: "santaliano came from a few weeks ago and stayed with us for a few days.
We have relatives in the UK but I don't want to say where they are or they will be threatened.
"The plan is for him to go to the UK with the traffickers and he paid 10,000 euros.
Everyone in the family made up the money and he was told it was a safe boat trip.
"If I knew he would be on a small inflatable boat in the middle of the English Channel, I would never let him go.
For God's sake, he is only 16 years old.
He was very scared when he called me.
"The traffickers told the group that they would leave them there to die and they would be rescued, he said.
"There was another ship in my impression.
Pashkin called the police in Milan.
The city's police chief, Maria José Farizia, told The Sun: "We alerted Interpol and called the British authorities that carried out the rescue.
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