get ready for a world of hackable cars - one way car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-10
get ready for a world of hackable cars  -  one way car alarm
San francisco-Americans love the internet, they love cars, they love the Internet. connected cars.
A survey by Kelly's Blue Book found that 42% of people support making cars more connected --
For millennials, the number is as high as 60%.
At the same time, the next 62% cars will be easily hacked.
Not surprisingly, given the public's somewhat arrogant attitude towards protecting their phones and computers from hacking, they are reluctant to give up the convenience of connected cars to prevent hypothetical hacking.
For example, only 13% said they would never use it if the app increased the likelihood that their vehicle would be hacked.
That's why in some areas, how to crack cars is a growing area of specialization.
"If you want all of these features, security can't be an afterthought," says Charlie Miller . " He and Chris varasker, along with last year's famous invasion of a Jeep cheroo.
The two presented a seminar on auto hacking 101 at the RSA computer security conference on Wednesday.
This is one of several topics raised this week.
The good news for most Americans is that their cars are too old to be hacked because the average car on the road today is 11years-old.
Carl Brewer, senior director of Kelly's Blue Book, said: "a car aged 10 or over may not have a way to crack it . ".
He spoke in a panel on vehicle leaks.
The bad news is that whenever a new car is sold, Akshay Anand, an analyst at Kelly's Blue Book, said: "That car will be a connected car . ".
"So if you have GPS, Bluetooth access or WiFi hotspots in your car --Here you are-
There are all kinds of hackers coming in, "said bouraer.
It doesn't seem to bother Americans, and convenience seems to trump everything for them, even with sitting on a 3,000 pound piece of metal, plastic and glass moving at 65 miles an hour
"More than 33% of people have decided that if they don't get the technology they want on a car, they will go to another car," Brewer said . ".
This is especially true of young people.
"Millennials don't want to go anywhere without contact, so automakers are attractive about it," said chan Lieu, senior legislative advisor at law firm Venable, who focuses on the automotive industry, in Washington, D. C. C. .
So far, the whole question of what car is cracked is very academic because it is still too complicated, too personalized, too cutting --
This is a problem.
That's why, while there are a lot of safety standards for cars that manage crashes, there is no hackability yet.
This is partly because the systems that allow the car to access the Internet and wireless attacks are still constantly being created and changed, so there is nothing to test.
"This is a dynamic environment.
However, it's physical to pass the crash test, "said Lieu. The take-
For consumers, the family message is that it's not a big problem to worry that their cars are hacked today, but maybe five or ten years later.
Fusion between Internet and evil hackers (
Not research hackers)
Miller and varasker said they are coming and they are now working at the Uber Advanced Technology Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
"I wrote four lines of Python [
Programming languageand owned1.
4 million cars, "Miller talked about the development of their Jeep.
Therefore, they publish in great detail everything they do to help others learn from it and thus establish appropriate safeguards.
"It's not just five security personnel who solve the world's problems.
"We need to get more people involved," vlasker said . ".
They also don't worry about hacking their cars.
Although Miller said he did remind friends that some car insurance companies would avoid allowing them to monitor the behavior of cars.
It's one thing to trust Ford or Chevrolet.
But with this, he said, "you don't even trust your insurance company, and you don't trust who they bought the dongle from.
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