'Go ahead and do it': Elderly woman stands up to gunman in Melbourne - car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-04
\'Go ahead and do it\': Elderly woman stands up to gunman in Melbourne  -  car alarm
An elderly woman approached a gunman and told him that if he was serious about shooting her during a robbery in Melbourne, "keep doing it ".
The Gunners jumped out from behind the trash can and threatened a group, including senior couple Brian and ottervina, as they were leaving the Christmas party in the Sun on Tuesday.
The man in his 70 s told reporters that their attackers wanted the keys to the bowl club they had just left.
"When we went to the car, he came out from behind the trash can ,(I saw)
"Masks and guns," Brian said on Friday, a day after he was discharged from hospital.
Brian, who cares for cheekbones, skull fractures, rib pain and black eyes, told reporters that after the gunman tried to take the weapon from his hand, he began beating him with a gun.
"I tried to get the gun off of him and I was as scared as everyone else," he said . ".
Brian was knocked to the ground so Otwina came in.
"I need to get his attention because I know he can't get hit again," Otwina said . ".
"He pointed the gun at my head. . .
It's like a story.
"I'm just saying, 'Do it then-
If you want to do this, do it.
"The man wanted to install a gun, but he couldn't get it. he picked up their car keys, rang the car alarm, and then ran away.
"Most armed robberies are inherently violent, but this is completely unacceptable," said Steve Clark, inspector of the armed crime group . ".
The attacker is described as 182 cm tall, light-colored eyes, the appearance is considered Caucasian, wearing dark loose clothes
A fitting pair of trousers, a dark trench coat, a runner and a ballalava.
Police are also looking for a car related to the attack, a 2009-model Holden comodoor Sportswagon, to register CG48YL in the new state.
Two other women were not injured at the scene.
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