gone in 40 seconds! moment keyless car thieves steal £60,000 land rover from owner's drive using '£80' relay device - despite keys being in signal-blocking pouch - top car alarm systems

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-05
gone in 40 seconds! moment keyless car thieves steal £60,000 land rover from owner\'s drive using \'£80\' relay device - despite keys being in signal-blocking pouch  -  top car alarm systems
This is the moment when three masked thieves stole 60,000 Land Rover in just 40 seconds --
When its unsuspecting master falls asleep upstairs
CCTV footage captured three men using an amplifier or "relay device" in the early hours of Tuesday to trick the keyless security system unlocked for the 60,000 Range Rover campaign.
A man was seen holding the device and could be bought online for about £ 80 while his associates were waiting in the back.
They can unlock the car in just 40 seconds and drive away from the hotel in harberne, Birmingham.
The shameless thief managed to steal the car, although the owner had a special gadget called "faraday pou" that could block the signal of the key in the car and prevent relay attacks.
Police are investigating the theft but have not yet arrested. So-
When two thieves break into the keyless car together, the so-called "related" theft will occur.
They use devices to capture electronic signals emitted by keyfobs.
One stands next to the car with the transmitter, and the other stands next to the house with another transmitter, which receives signals from the electronic key, usually placed near the front door on a table or hook.
The vehicle then passes it to the transmitter, making it think the key is nearby and prompting it to open.
Thanks to keyless ignition, thieves can drive away and quickly change the lock and enter the device.
The cheeky Birmingham swindler managed to get a pouch device that should stop the key signal and prevent relay attacks.
One of the victimsyear-old mother-of-
The two said: "My partner and I are sleeping, and then I get up around one o'clock A. M. to feed my children.
Then my husband heard our car alarm clock go off at 1.
When he was in his 40 s, he looked out of the window and a group of masked men jumped into our Land Rover campaign, which scared him.
"He quickly jumped out of bed and reminded me, but by then they had already driven away.
"It was a very scary and shocking moment when these people clearly had no fear of crime.
We have owned the car since 2014 and are considering buying another one, but the theft has put the plan on hold for the time being.
Even more strangely, the keys are kept in a Faraday bag designed to prevent external devices from receiving fob signals from the car keys.
This is obviously invalid.
Surveillance footage showed three men approaching their home.
Standing by the front door
Looks like an amplifier-
And his associates waited.
The device works by capturing signals from certain keys so that thieves can drive the vehicle away and then change the lock.
According to experts, the equipment costs only £ 80 per unit.
The homeowner added: "It is clear that this crime is becoming the norm in society and accepted by society.
"People need to know that they can't get away with this kind of thing.
West Midlands Police spokesman said: "We are investigating the theft of a red Land Rover at an address on Knight Road in Harborne, believed to have occurred in the early hours of Tuesday, January 29.
David Jamison, police and crime commissioner at West Midlands police station, said: "theft involving electronic equipment is on the rise and it is clear that manufacturers can do more to ensure their
Almost all models of keyless access cars can be hacked using relay devices, and attacks are becoming more and more common nationwide.
A recent case shows that a Ford Fox was stolen from the Hampton Lane in London within 30 seconds of midnight.
CCTV footage showed how the three men worked together to unlock the vehicle in the same way as in the Birmingham incident.
A police spokesman said a Hampton car had been stolen.
How long does it take? ? 30 secs.
One of the suspects, armed with an antenna, received a signal from a key 25 miles from the upstairs bedroom.
If you do not have the key to enter the car, you need to consider blocking the signal.
While relay attacks can be disturbing for drivers, simple measures can be taken to prevent this from happening.
Putting the keys in a bag that blocks the signal and wrapping them with tin foil is one of the hackers who reduce the number of thefts.
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