gps system puts droid phone on the map - gps car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-18
gps system puts droid phone on the map  -  gps car alarm
When it comes to GPS car navigation, Verizon Wireless's new Droid phone may change everything. That's right --from a phone.
It is mounted on the windshield with an optional bracket to provide voice
With a huge potential to activate the GPS system, mainstream GPS companies may have to rush to catch up. Someday.
As a consumer, however, it does not exist entirely --
Friendly Pilot
But the possibility of robots as GPS navigation and smartphones is tempting.
Verizon announced on Wednesday that the phone will be available on November. 6 for $199 (with a two-year contract).
This is the first company powered by Google.
Updated mobile software, Android 2. 0.
As the most prominent new feature of the software, the navigation system is included in the basic price.
With the help of Google, robots can use the great maps and navigation tools of the Web search giant, including tracking addresses, finding businesses by name, map routes, and even displaying real maps.
Photos of local life.
Of course, this is also a mobile phone, which is obviously designed to challenge Apple, the King of telecom. 's iPhone.
But maybe not too long.
At a news conference earlier this week, Google executive Vic gondotra said the company had been discussing with Apple the introduction of navigation systems into the iPhone (
TomTom International has provided a GPS system for $100).
Gundotra will not give details of the talks.
Currently, Verizon and Motorola
That makes the touch
Exclusive use of Android 2. 0.
Its features include the ability to use several apps at a time, as well as surfing the Web, e-commerce
Mail and instant messaging.
Like the iPhone, other apps can be added.
Unlike the iPhone, it comes with a slideout, real-
But this makes the robot a lot heavier than the Apple phone.
There are also two optional devices available--
Connect the phone to the car holder on the windshield or dashboard, and the charger dock that turns the phone into a table-Top alarm clock.
They also started selling in November.
But Verizon and Motorola declined to disclose their prices.
For Google and Verizon, this robot is not only an opportunity to shine, but also an opportunity for the troubled Motorola.
Especially at the beginning, the navigation system will certainly attract people's attention.
This is how it is done on the journey
Home rush hour in Los Angeles
First of all, the positive side is: the location/search engine is fantastic, which is not surprising.
I used the voice command mode (
Got hit and missed, but most got hit when I was in a quiet car)
Enter the address found quickly.
Then it came up with a fairly reasonable route (
Locals usually know some tricks that GPS devices don't know). The on-
Screen map showing turnsby-
The direction of the turn is easy to understand, and the sound of the announcement of the turn is also easy to understand (
Street name included).
All in all, an elegant demo.
If you touch a small figure
On the screen, it shows a real
Photos of the life of the destination, if any.
The software also works fine when I ask for the name of the restaurant, not the address.
When I asked it to find the "Mexican restaurant", dozens of search results suddenly appeared.
The shortcomings are mainly related to hardware.
The touch screen, especially the button, does not respond fast enough and is not easy to use, but it is a chore to go to the screen to enter voice commands.
This process is not intuitive.
It may be closer to second nature over time, but at first it is unfriendly to consumers.
Although the out-of-the-box navigation system is clumsy to operate, take a preliminary look at other aspects of Android 2.
0 found them to be at least as useful as in 1.
Version 0 released a year ago--
This is a kind of praise.
No matter how successful the robot is, there is already a winner who makes money from it.
Or rather, just from the name.
Motorola has to get a smartphone license from a film company, one of the most successful filmmakers of all time.
Here's a tip: 3-CPO and R2-D2.
Yes, Lucas Film Ltd.
Star Wars is famous and owns the trademark of the robot. --david. colker@latimes. com--(
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The new smartphone is the first to use Android 2.
Google's 0 Software
Weight: 6 ouncesSize: 2. 4 x 4. 6 x 0.
5 inchesScreen: 3. 7 inches (On the diagonal)
Manufacturer: Motorola
Carrier: Verizon WirelessPrice: $199, two
Contracted year: November.
6 keyboard: Physics and on-screenE-
Email Program: POP, IMAP, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, other browsers: html5-
Bluetooth-based headsetand jack-
Support camera: 5 pixel video: Record/play audio format in 720x480 resolution: MP3, AAC, WMA, other Memory: 16 GB, scalable to 32 GB Battery Music/clock dock-
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