haas shows class, then farce in australia - what is the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-25
haas shows class, then farce in australia  -  what is the best car alarm
MELBOURNE (Reuters)-
Weekend from back
High-five and high-five
Haas's five f1 qualifiers ended with "heartbreaking" and fines, and both of the team's cars were retired before the Australian Grand Prix ended halfway.
Danish driver Kevin Magnuson started the game in fifth place at Albert Park on Sunday, after French teammate Roman gross dropped three in Red Bull's Daniel Ricardo
They ran the fourth and fifth times before the first stop, and it was all wrong.
When the car was released, the mechanics issued an obvious alarm and they all stopped before they finished the other lap.
The team later revealed that it made the same mistake twice and did not properly fix the wheels on each car after replacing the tires.
Flight attendants fined 5,000 euros ($6000 approx)
For every accident, it adds another sting to the driver's huge disappointment this season --
Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari won the first match.
"It's a very difficult thing for the whole team," said Magnuson . ".
"It's just heartbreaking to get neither car done-in such a good location and with so much expectation-to do so.
Guenther Steiner, head of the Haas team, said the two cars suffered the same fate in one game "almost unbelievable ".
"Very disappointing.
"The good thing we can learn from it is that the car is very competitive," he said . ".
"All we need to do is raise our heads again and be fully prepared for Bahrain.
"We will focus on solving this problem and solving our pit stop problem.
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