heat and duster - power window closer

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-26
heat and duster  -  power window closer
Renault's product lineup is growing.
Dacia Duster is the latest member of the list of models sold by French auto giants in India.
The Shan will get rid of the Romanian heritage, be labeled as a Renault car and be slotted under Fluence and Koleos.
The Shan could be an important model for Renault's comeback and recover Logan's failure for the company, especially since Logan and the Shan share the same platform.
It has a solid and unique air on its surface.
There is a Dacia logo in the middle, drooping from its chrome grille, but it is expected that it will be replaced by a prominent Renault inclusion and some adjustments will be made to the two logospart grille.
A purposeful bumper, running board, and open-burst wheel arch hints at the Duster's SUV camouflage and the big 215/65-
The R16 tire gives it a high profile, which is enough for basic off-roadroad duties.
From the side, before being thrown up by flushing, the low window line gently rises
Quarter after installation-glass.
The rear part does not feel as solid as the rest of the package. The tail-
The lights have a sense of jelly beans for them, and the round tailgate doesn't feel right in the original simple but effective design.
However, the tailgate is lifted up so that you can easily enter the entire suitcase, which can accommodate 475 liters of luggage.
This is not good enough for the SUV, but the Duster is not as heavy as the SUV. This two-wheel-
The Drive version weighs 1205 kg, which is light enough to allow some mid-sized salons to run a run for their money.
Like Logan, the Shan is made on Renault's rugged B platform and is designed to handle some rugged roads.
However, due to its SUV role, it has to be strengthened and the clearance from the ground is increased to a very purposeful 210mm.
Compared with Logan, the wheelbase of the Duster is slightly longer (43mm)
And the whole is longer (25mm).
You will find some cost when you look carefully
Like in Logan, saving measures.
Simple elevator
For example, the type of door latch and single rubber bead for the door.
It's also hard to get rid of Logan's comparison internally.
The most obvious is that the position between the rear power window switches is very inconvenient (Right behind)
Front seats.
Other ergonomic loss is also like air.
The position of Con switchgear is poor and the central console is strangely tilted at the bottom, making it worse. The air-
Logan users will be familiar with air conditioning and switching equipment, as will many other components.
However, the duster feels better and more upscale than Logan.
The black dash looks smart and will definitely be better than Logan's light beige interior.
The silver door handle looks more stylish and we can look forward to some additional chrome highlights in the Indian market.
However, the duster makes a point with its spacious interior.
Front seats feel good but more back support is welcome.
There are two seats for the driver.
Set the step height for the commanding heights of the road ahead, but it is very cumbersome to adjust.
The back seat experience is also good.
The excellent knee room makes the stay more comfortable, even for a long trip.
In fact, the comfort and space of the rear seats will be one of the key advantages of the dust collector.
Another point that Duster shares with Logan is the verified k9k1. 5-
Diesel engine.
In the Shan, however, it has been upgraded to a useful razbhp and has been linked to a 6-speed gearbox.
Once the standard of 2000 rpm is exceeded, the turbocharged motor can develop the power cleanly and run all the way to the red line.
The cottage is good most of the time
Insulated from a slightly rough and noisy motor, the motor will feel invaded only when the rotational speed is very large.
Driving a duster in the city is quite easy because the short first and second gears mean you can move around without any difficulty.
The rubber gear shift quality means that some effort is required for rush slotting and the clutch is also heavy, which makes the negotiation rush
One hour of traffic is busy in Paris.
On the highway, the high proportion of the Duster and the high discomfort in the large frontal areaspeed driving.
After more than 14 kph, the progress is very slow, and the road and wind noise are quite large.
However, the tall fifth and sixth gears let the engine spin lazily, and the kilometers-long French automatic route roared.
After many kilometers, it also increases the feeling of fatigue, that is, the Shan is in front and half.
Rear independent torsion beam suspension.
The ride is soft and flexible even when fully loaded and not affected.
This high specification tire will work very well in India, bypassing sharp edges with their tall side walls.
However, when it comes to driving violently, do not expect the duster to be at the tip of the scale.
The soft settings let the Shan scroll in the corner for a while, these two-wheel-
The driver version is obviously insufficient.
Steering proved to be a major failure.
Free if not satisfied.
It died in front and turned quickly.
Lack of feedback makes it a bit difficult to confidently place an SUV when turning at high speed.
The ventilated front and rear drum settings provide sufficient braking capacity to slow down when needed.
We don't have a chance to take the duster off-
Roam properly.
No matter how far we go
The Shan felt comfortable at home. For proper off-
Dacia has a variant of 4x4 that is up to the job.
The Shan has moderate performance and simple design.
Still, it's hard to ignore the car in the Indian market.
High ground clearance and curved suspension should take care of the potholes of Indian roads.
A family of five, together with its luggage, can be easily accommodated in its spacious interior.
As usual, the price may be the deal. An expected Rs. 7 lakh to Rs.
Lakh price should paint a rather exciting image for Renault in India.
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