high-tech and low-tech ways to help parents prevent in-car heatstroke - car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-19
high-tech and low-tech ways to help parents prevent in-car heatstroke  -  car alarm system
The first step in preventing death from heatstroke in children is to remind tired parents and caregivers that there is a baby in the back seat of their car.
The good news is that there are manytech and low-
Remind people of the technical method of the fact that there is a baby on board.
Could be a sleeping baby.
These gadgets can be found in cars, car seats and even smartphone apps.
While many people may wonder how someone can forget their children in the car, this happens too often every year.
On average, 37 children died because they were left unattended in a parked car, most of them
Death from car heatstroke is an accident that can be prevented.
The interior of the car does not take a long time to heat up.
In our own tests
This spring, temperatures in Miami rose at a rate once a minute.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, indoor temperatures can rise by 20 degrees in 10 minutes on a hot day.
It seems expensive to consider buying a new car for heatstroke --
Prevention techniques, but for many pregnant parents, the birth of their first child usually means upgrading their cars to fit into the family.
Three automakers offer services to families
The car system signals that there may be children in the back seat after the car is parked.
GM's rear seat alert system, after the vehicle is turned off, will send out sound and messages on the dashboard to remind the driver to check the rear seat.
The system is available for Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC models.
With Nissan's back door alarm system, if the back door of the car is opened at the beginning of the trip, the vehicle will whistle many times to remind the driver to park the vehicle, the driver checked the back seat after getting off the bus.
The system can be temporarily or permanently disabled.
It is available among 2018 Nissan Pathfinder.
The rear passenger alarm system of modern cars monitors the rear seat by detecting the movement of children through ultrasonic sensors.
If the child is detected, the system displays the driver's message on the LCD screen of the instrument cluster.
If the driver has left the car, the system honks, flashes the lights, and sends an alarm to the driver's smartphone through the modern blue-linked car system.
Hyundai spokesman told the auto company that the system will be available in 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe. com.
Maybe there is no new car in the budget right now.
If so
For most of us
There are relatively cheap products to make sure your child is safe.
Evenflo offers kids from the SensorSafe lineup-
Once the car is closed, the safety seat will give a hint to remind adults that there is a child in the back seat.
The car seat series is equipped with a chest clamp transmitter and a receiver plug plugged into the car's data diagnostic port.
The receiver plug can tell when the car is going.
If, after the car is closed, the chest clip of the car seat remains fixed, an alarm is issued to remind the driver to pay attention to the child in the back seat.
The SensorSafe range includes baby car seats, convertible car seats, combined car seats and fullin-one car seat. Cost: $60-
The IRemind car seat alarm uses sensor pads and iPhones to remind tired parents when they leave their little one in the car seat.
The sensor pad is inserted under the cushion of the child's car seat.
Once the child is placed in the car seat, the alarm system will beep to let you know that it has been activated and synced with the smartphone app.
If you walk more than 15 feet kilometers in the car seat with your child, this app will alert you.
Cost: $99 when you and your phone leave the car, the kars4 kids app uses Bluetooth to alert in your car speakers.
The app is free and can be disabled when you don't travel with your child.
Currently only available on Android. Low-
The technical way to help parents while we live in a high
In the tech world, parents can do something simple to help remember the kids in the back seat.
In terms of protecting your child, there is no way or technology that is better than another.
Best solution to prevent high temperature
Car death is a selection of several of these methods to make sure your child doesn't become a tragic heatstroke statistic.
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