home electronics that do it all debut in chicago - car alarm kit

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home electronics that do it all debut in chicago  -  car alarm kit
Readers and special readers of the 1986 edition of The New York Times this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before its online publication began in 1996.
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At the Summer Consumer Electronics Show here this week, the line between electronic devices and useful devices in the home seems a bit blurred.
In a new product that borders on gimmicks, there is a voice --
The active Butler is in a box, and when its "owner" commands it, it turns on the lights, fans, and TV sets.
The two most useful devices are remote devices.
Control Unit: one will turn off the car alarm system from 50 feet and the other will turn on the residential lights from 150 feet.
More than 1,400 companies display their products in 28 football field-sized areas of McCormick square convention center.
In the first three days, more than 100,000 consumer electronics manufacturers, distributors, distributors, retailers and journalists flocked.
The show opened on Sunday and closed today.
Sony's Walkman is now solar.
$199 drive.
95. in this way, people will not run out of music as long as they stay in the sun.
Another company has launched video accessories.
Allows forgetful consumers to program cassette recorders for their video recorders over the phone.
Advertising, that is, as long as they remember to put a blank tape.
"Who knows which of these stars will inspire the imagination of consumers?
Said William E.
The boss, vice president of department at RCA, was in his opening speech. Mr.
The boss is talking about more general products, such as mobile phones, small cameras that combine cameras and recorders, and tablets.
TV screens, all of which stand out in the program.
Growth in the advertising consumer electronics industry slowed last year, but during the 20 years of the summer show, factory sales in consumer electronics in the United States increased sharplyto $24.
From $4 to $4 billion last year.
1966 5 billion.
This exhibition and the winter exhibition in January are the largest trade exhibitions held in the United States every year.
Sometimes this performance is like carnival.
The music kept ringing from the speakers, no TV screen was left idle, there was a disilan band playing in the hallway, and six more
Foot chicken distributed leaflets for a restaurant in Chicago.
But the competition is fierce among companies that display their products.
The most discussed battle is the use of a manufacturer's video recording machine-
Mm tape compared to tape using VHS
C tape, the size specified for most VCR.
The battle kicked off at the show: JVC's ad said to buy an 8-
Millimeter-grade products will make consumers "behind eight balls ".
JVC has launched a $1,495 video camera that uses VHS-C tape.
With the adapter, its tape can be played in most VCR.
Sony, which makes the leading 8-
Mm camcorder, said their tape was delivered higher-
High quality pictures, longer playback and recording time, better sound.
The company's Handycam retail price is $1,250.
Sony also launched $180 in water.
Durable housing for Handycam, for the beach, and for diving ($999. 95)
This allows the camera to be reduced to 165 feet.
Much of the program's innovation comes from new video recorders and other video products, which accounted for 47% of sales in the consumer electronics industry last year.
Gold Star, made in South Korea, suppressed the video and audio of the stock price, introducing 19-
Built-in inch TVin VHS-format VCR.
Called ViewMax, it will be sold for $650 in October.
Sony also launched the fullin-
8-1 TV set and VCR
The MM format of $2,200.
For video enthusiasts who already have a wireless remote --
Control VCR, but forget the advanced video dynamics of programming, Blue Bell, Pa.
, Introduced the first accessory to make VCR programmable by phone.
Advertising the device is called Hal, connected to the phone and actually replaced the remote controlcontrol device.
The caller can activate the machine's infrared beacon by entering the number into the tone phone, which in turn allows the beacon to program the VCR.
Hal is scheduled to ship to the store in September for $199. 95.
It is awaiting approval from the Federal Communications Commission.
Although factory sales on the phone fell to $0. 97 billion from $1 in 1985.
25 million in 1984, hundreds of companies launched new models at the exhibition.
A subsidiary of Mitsubishi Luma Telecom is providing a phone that can send images of two callers over a standard telephone line and in three-
Built-in inch TV screen for base.
It takes 1 to 5 seconds to reproduce the image on the screen, during which the conversation is not possible.
The attachment will print out a copy of the image;
The phone cost $1,450.
Siddhartha Mehta, 28year-
Old president of innovative equipment in Santa Clara, California
, Demonstrated a $199 phone that can store 200 numbers in memory and retrieve them when the caller says the appropriate name.
Then the phone dialed the number.
Sir, voice dialer will be shipped to the store at the end of summerMehta said. Similar sounds
Activation devices called housekeepers in the box can control small appliances as ordered or make phone calls.
Although in the hustle and bustle of the program, it is difficult to understand the command --
And resort to apologies like "Sorry, master "-
It attracted the attention of many tourists, who were packed with the master's booth.
According to the manufacturer, the device retails for $1,295.
While sales of other types of phones have declined, factory sales of batteries
Mobile phones have more than doubled, from $50 million in 1984 to $0. 115 billion last year.
At the show, Motorola showed the new 30-
An ounce model included in a compact unit.
The company says it is the smallest portable phone on the market.
It will be on sale for $2,850.
According to data released by the Electronics Industry Association, a trade organization, 92% of American households now have color TV sets, but only 3% of them can receive stereo broadcasts for TV programs.
Advertising company Recoton offers friendly Recoton entertainment decoder III-
Fred III for short
This will enable the mono TV to receive stereo signals and in hi-fi system.
Fred iii can also be used for cables-
Stereo television transmission;
It will retail for $199. 95.
Some of the most useful products introduced at the exhibition are also the simplest.
Recoton, for example, introduced a phone extension kit that plugs into a phone jack and turns one into three.
The device costs $19.
95, with a 30-
Foot rope, can be attached to any surface with tape.
The permanent problem of tangled telephone lines may be solved from the Wheeling, Ill of Al Ditzig.
A few years ago, Sir.
Dizeze's lawyer complained that his telephone line was always knotted. Mr.
Dize worked on this issue for two years and launched Untangler at the show, a plastic accessory that turns as the telephone line turns.
It will retail for $4. 95.
A version of this article appeared on page C00001, the national edition, in June 5, 1986, with the title: home electronics for its debut in Chicago.
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