Home lottery winners connect with foundation's focus on imaging tech - what is the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-26
Home lottery winners connect with foundation\'s focus on imaging tech  -  what is the best car alarm
This is an exciting day for two home lottery winners, who have a special connection with the Regina Foundation's hospital this year focused on imaging technology.
"Our grandson was injured this week, so he needs to take a picture of his leg," BEF Kosman said while holding back tears.
"He was fine because they were able to get a better image and agreed that it was not a serious injury, but it took him a week before the photo appeared.
Crosman and her husband, Gareth Robertson, also have $30,000 in cash.
They have been supporting its establishment and are pleased to see that this year's investment will be used in the imaging needs of hospitals in Regina.
"It has an impact on everyone," Robson said at a media event in their new home on Friday morning.
"Who hasn't participated in X-
Ray, I know I did an MRI and the more accurate the pictures they get, the better for the patient.
Home Lottery has raised more than $1 this year.
The Foundation invested about $3, 5 million.
The 6 million imaging technology includes a Refurbished MRI, a brand new CT scanner, two ultrasound machines and a new suite of interventional radiology.
The family hope to help them through the technology.
"I was diagnosed with cancer about three months ago," Rick Kosloski said . ".
"They put all this stuff in the hospital and it definitely helps us get through it.
"In the dark, Rick and his wife Laurie were lucky winners of the family lottery Katepwa Lake View Lodge, the pontoon boat and $5,000 in cash.
They say it is impossible to show up at a better time.
Laurie said: "We have been supporting for about 20 years, whether we win or not . . . . . . Because you know it's for a good business . ".
"We never thought this would happen.
The victory was a bit overwhelming, she said, but they had already imagined Christmas with two children by the lake.
The family currently lives in Lipton, about a 10-minute drive from Fort cupreel.
As for Crosman and Robson who live outside Craven, it is difficult for them to make a decision.
"We visited the house earlier this summer, so we knew very well what it looked like," Robson said . ".
"Now we have to decide where to live.
This is a big decision.
"The president and CEO of the Regina Foundation DinoSophocleous hospital thanked the people of the province of South SA for helping make healthcare investments possible.
"Good health care is local," he said . "
"We want to make sure that hospitals have the best technology and provide the best possible health care.
According to the foundation, more than 50,000 CT scans, 17,000 MRIs and 24,000 ultrasound examinations were performed at Regina Hospital last year.
"Imaging technology affects everything we do in hospitals every year . "
50/50 brought home by David Janov of Reginaon.
Unable to attend the event, his wife accepted a check for $359,350 on his behalf.
The remaining winners will be notified in writing and the full list of winners will be published on November. 22. v. 22.
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