how much to tip a valet - the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-04
how much to tip a valet  -  the best car alarm
All your fears about valet parking will be reversed with no pun intended.
Here's a guide to all valet services, including tips, vernacular and common myths about handing your car over to a complete stranger.
Note: Over the past few years, I have used these words as a valet for special events, hotels and restaurants.
A long time ago, one day, a footman scratched a small wound on a brand new Porsche and destroyed the reputation of all the brands that followed.
Although there are dents on the vehicle, the center console is stolen, the radio station is replaced, and the engine is running, these are not common.
Take a look and you will find that all you will park with most valets are men.
Men are usually car lovers and respect the value of anything that attracts them.
I work in some activities where there are a few Bentley cars throughout the day and $100 vehicles are frequent.
If I drive my $30 k truck, you can imagine my care for this car.
In fact, your car and valet parking is safer than parking in the street or alley, as valet parking usually has a designated area.
Useful Tip 1: If you stop and get along well with the valet, your car will get better care than you are a jerk, think of You and your car as the best thing on Earth.
Especially in California where I am located, gas and housing prices are high and the "extra" cash these days is not particularly high.
Believe me, I'm so broke that I can't pay attention. But I digress.
So far, if you can often spend $5 at Starbucks for caramel Macchiato, you can pay $3 for valet in the rare case that you may happen to be valet.
My average tip for the event was $2.
The activities I work for are free for the guests and we charge very little.
This means that the service provided to the guests is free and provides a safe environment for arrival and departure, saving time.
However, there are still a small number of people who do not tip.
It's one thing if you don't tip when parking, like at a restaurant or hotel.
If you don't tip for activities that don't charge parking fees, you're cheap.
Say "thank you" and don't pay for it.
9 out of 10, the footman you just got fired is taking the minimum wage, usually his second or third job of the day.
If you are against tipping, just find your place.
The clients I work for are usually at the high end of the tax grade and are used to different lifestyles and Service styles.
However, this does not mean that guests arriving at the hotel are equally proficient in dealing with people who serve them, such as valet service.
The man driving a run-down Ford truck is always better than the man driving Maserati tipping.
Valet will know the price of your car and how cheap your tip is.
If you usually tip your Pizza owner, hairdresser, bartender, taxi driver. . .
You got the picture.
Double the tax on your dinner bill?
For a person who is driving all night, how many dollars is there to save you time and effort in finding a location?
As we all know, beautiful women, the coolest cars and drivers who tip on the road will be given preferential treatment.
If you want your car to float all night, there's definitely a way to do that.
Useful Tip 2: a substitute wearing sunglasses stands in a specific position next to the female passenger door for special reasons and wants to see a specific dress.
Every joke you can think of about your car has been told over and over again.
The first time someone tells an original joke, I tip them.
If you want to use the following joke, stop and bow your head in shame when you hand over your vehicle claim: "This is the red Ferrari Lamborghini ,(
Insert sports car reference here)!
"You can rest assured that if you stop on any of the above rides, I will know exactly and remember who you are.
"I'm Honda, but I'm going to take that Bentley over there.
"The $2 tip in your hand will get you the car you arrived in, and nothing else.
"There's still a quarter of tanks and 43,412 miles, so I'll know if you run around.
"If you say this joke anywhere other than a minivan, truck or sports car, your joke privilege should be canceled.
"Why don't you wash/wax/paint it?
"I take a shower three times a year.
The best joke I 've ever heard was from an old Polish gentleman: "My wife said," Why don't you ever take me to expensive places ? " So I took her to the gas station the next day.
Another classic: Q: What's the difference between porcupine and Corvette?
A: There are thorns outside on the Porcupine.
Scenes like the movie "Casino Royale" and "XXX" should give us a valuable lesson: Don't throw the key to the valet, never leave your car to someone you think is a valet, never wear a seat belt.
Please share your best and worst valet stories and your thoughts on tips. -1: stiffed -
Rude refusal to tip after offering the service. -
2: Floating/floating-
The vehicle is kept in front and closely watched by valets;
It is easy to arrive at night when you are ready to leave.
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