How San Francisco ruined itself - good car alarms

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-02
How San Francisco ruined itself  -  good car alarms
It may be true that you will never know a place unless you leave for a while, come back and look at it with a new eye.
In the 1980 s, I lived in the East Bay area of the San Francisco Bay area.
After eight years in Chicago, I returned to San Francisco in 1996.
That's why complaints about the Internet ruining the city make me laugh.
The internet could not have ruined San Francisco because it had ruined itself many years ago.
This may be the least livable city in the United States, but too many residents have lost their way in this haze of self.
They don't even know the right to justice and the aggrieved internal war.
The problem in San Francisco is so many years, so many years, so many decades, in the manufacturing process, it is ridiculous to think that the Internet has any relationship with it.
Tuesday's local elections are a good example.
It features an evil scammer (Willie Brown)
Political action against no principles (
Clint Reilly, who did not refute the report that he beat his ex-girlfriend)
And a friendly Republican fool (
Former Mayor Frank Jordan).
Brown angered everyone: he made the old man
An old-fashioned democracy hacker who can't do anything about the city's problems at all.
Brown's note: the 70 s are over, and the mayor is no longer giving a bounty to their cronies while letting the city go to hell.
From New York to Chicago to Seattle, and even across the Bay of Oakland in Jerry Brown, the mayor of the big city has actually learned how to make the big city livable. (
In San Francisco, of course, you 'd be considered a Jack-
Rudy Giuliani's lover was fired. )
But although the final election results have not yet been announced, Mr Brown will clearly not be ousted despite the dysfunction and cronyism.
Director Tom Ammiano made the game interesting for the last timeminute write-
In the candidate, but he was late (
A representative case of S. F.
But I voted for him.
He's unlikely to win.
Brown seems destined to run.
However, this will allow his opponent to shoot him again.
There are too many mistakes in the claim that the internet is destroying San Francisco.
Most complainers are laughing at the economic developments that have made the city more important over the past seven or eight years.
Economic development is a good thing in general.
It gives people jobs where they can make money and they can spend money on local businesses.
If you want to develop the economy, there is something worse than a computer.
Related industries. They're eco-friendly. They pay well.
Their politics is like this, they are usually good corporate citizens, support to go to work by bike and so on.
It may be worth mentioning that the products they produce are fundamentally democratized and empowering.
In San Francisco, it improves the lives of the people of the city in various ways and increases taxes that the city can use (one hopes)
Do good things.
In other words, the problem with this phenomenon is the problem that any economic growth will bring.
I have been working near the South Park for three years, and the market network culture is zero in the south, and I can't find much to complain about.
What you heard about "dot-
People are actually working.
This is a concept that is new to many San Francisco people, so it is easy to understand why it is treated so carefully.
I don't think so.
What's wrong with the city.
Here is a list of practical questions: 1)
Housing is too expensive and not enough.
Rent in San Francisco-
Despite the loopholes, the Control Act does limit the increase in rent and makes it relatively difficult to expel people without reason.
But while the city needs to protect its current residents in this way, it also needs to actively build new housing.
There are many complicated political reasons why this has not happened, but in part because nearby residents have an effective veto power over development.
At the same time, you can see two inference effects: the stable displacement of the poor (
Because every time the apartment vacates, there is usually a very-higher income)
And the decline in living standards for those who stayed because they doubled and tripled in the apartment.
But why-
Com pushed up housing costs for people who are worse than anyone else. The San Francisco Bay Guardian Weekly is called a crusader against middle class, whether on the Internet
Com variety or not. One of the up-and-
The community it wants to protect loudly and sadly is Bernal Heights, where its executive editor lives with his wife, dog and children.
He works in a supermarket.
Profitable newspapers;
His wife is a lawyer.
Why are they not middle class in San Francisco, it is clear that the middle class did not officially begin until the largest yuppie was safely placed. 2)
The local transportation system is a scandal.
In Chicago, people walk around by car, "el" and taxi.
In San Francisco, people don't zoom anywhere in anyway.
The city's bus and subway network, known as Muni, is a thalidomide baby in the transportation system.
As far as I can confirm from the report, it has been run by incompetent people for more than 20 years.
The system has suffered.
Completely collapsed last summer.
Thousands of people were left to walk to work.
A whole generation of mayors gave the store to the Muni driver's union;
Until recently, drivers were basically not allowed to appear in the workplace for no reason and were not punished. (
I'm not making this up. )
Fares are about the cheapest of all major cities--only a dollar.
But any politicians who suggest raising fares to help the system will be laughed at outside the city.
If you talk about restricting people's anti-social behavior in San Francisco, you will be labeled Giuliani.
But it's actually a basic quality. of-
The life problems of the city's weakest and least defenseless people.
The bus driver is too busy to try to enforce decent behavior on the bus.
Those who are trying to be threatened and attacked.
When the mob threatened other passengers, all but the most desperate were driven away.
Of course, the bus passengers will lean down.
The income population, so the possibility of poverty among the affected people is very high.
I am a single white male living a decent life.
San Francisco is unbearable for me.
But if you are a couple, or have children, or have a job that has to go to work on time in the morning, it must be murder.
One of the charms of San Francisco is watching the Muni driver laugh at the Chinese little woman who shuttled between Chinatown and Hyundai --
Every morning at the sweatshops in the south of the market.
On suffocating, crowded buses, they are treated as cattle, and these buses are wobbly walking down the street, braking, starting with painful bumps and sometimes not for passengers
Taxi is not the answer because there are few taxis.
In most parts of the city, you can't expect to get one by 9 in the evening. m. on non-weekend nights.
I was always shocked by tourists waiting in line outside expensive hotels and restaurants for taxis.
They may be so immersed in the romance of the city that they don't think how sad it is that they have to spend an hour waiting to return to their overpriced hotel. 3)The homeless.
The city is considered proud of not harassing homeless people.
The problem with this is that the city has not helped them either.
The result is an ongoing human tragedy.
On Haite Street, on a specific Saturday, you can see dozens of teenagers and teenagers in their 20 s frying out of their skulls and systematically killing themselves and each other.
The other large part of the homeless you see on the street is clearly the victim of one or the other drug abuse.
San Francisco people see this as a commendable example of their tolerance.
But for addictive people, this tolerance is not so much a trap as freedom.
Most San Francisco people like political positions that deprive them of their responsibility to take practical action on a particular issue.
The city's homeless policy coincides with this trend. 4)
Cultural scene.
When people lament the middle class, whether it's due to the Internet or other rich people, they usually point out to artists that the trend is disappearing from the city.
This may not be a bad thing.
I never understood why San Francisco was considered a cultural center.
The theater scene here, especially the mainstream commercial fare, has no special features. (
A senior theater company is the Berkeley troupe opposite the bay. )
The music scene is not notable except for a few underground turntables.
Symphonies and operas are considered good, but museums are not.
The architectural vision is equivalent to a nail scraping off the blackboard on the horizon, a panoramic view of a four-square column, and a clumsy attempt at attention --getting.
This is also an effect that will take decades to achieve.
Journalism can be said to be no different at best, and the worst case is a constant joke.
The artists who live here are in pain.
The city is a holy land for artists, which mainly means that the person making the latte thinks he or she is too cool to really do it.
There is a mainstream civic culture in Chicago: you do your job.
Go to the mayor at night-
The guard of the club, the police and the people who work in the coffee shop.
In San Francisco, most artists have no sense of security, which is manifested in an extremely boring and indignant argument.
Sharon's recent article on the Internet middle class tells the story of an artist who wants to enter the life of a local art groupwork space.
"Entering is as difficult as entering one of the colleagues.
Ops in the Upper East Side of Manhattan (
Please don't want Jewish, entertainer or new money).
He's a local hero. he's not here anymore.
"He did not think of the decision of who occupied the scene --
The working space may be based on such considerations, which are not completely comparable. Semitism.
The biggest problem for people who think the internet is destroying San Francisco is their naive view of human nature.
There are always problems with mobile phones and car alarms.
The real test of a city is whether it makes life better for the citizens, especially those who have the least defensive abilities.
This is a complex task that requires a lot of thinking and effort.
But the obvious reason for these two is that San Francisco will not finish the work very soon.
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