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how to buy a private island  -  car alarm brands
Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Branson and Shakira each have one-
Not a major award or trophy, but a private island of their own. In an ever-
In a crowded world, a private island sounds like a luxury item for a special trip.
After all, who hasn't dreamed of leaving a noisy neighbor or when the car alarm rang as you were about to doze off?
But how do you buy a private island? Like many once-
Due to the websites of private island companies, the secret process of the Internet has exposed private island sales
While browsing the site, you can see that there are islands for sale or rental from anywhere from Fiji to Canada.
But even if you have the cash you need to be a king or queen of your own little paradise, it's not just money at work.
"The purchase of many islands is not expensive," explains Stacey Fisher Rosenthal, president of the high-level meeting
End the travel company Fischer tourism enterprises.
"Construction and maintenance, however, are often a huge cost.
Electricity, water and accommodation (Guest and staff)
It's a big expense.
Recruiting employees can be a challenge, and retaining employees can be a bigger challenge.
"So if your dream is to be a Bond villain, you have some intrigue to do before you open your nest. Spalatronisia (
Say 10 times)
Not far from the northern coast of Greece, it is about 140 km kilometers from Thessaloniki.
One more question to ask: "How will people get there?
"Some of the islands are very remote and you need your own means of transport, such as private planes or boats, to get there.
You also need plans for bad weather and the Agatha Christie type at hand in case "then no "--A detective novel.
According to these difficult standards, some islands are almost-almost --
It feels like a bargain.
For example, if you can get $3.
2 million need to buy the island of Michigan, located in the inland lake a few miles from Lake Huron, your money can buy the island and a historic wooden cottage with seven bedrooms
In one case, electricity and water have been set up through underground cables.
Palau's Jellyfish Lake reopened with the return of thousands of jellyfish on the Long Island Strait-
The name really sells well. -
With a 9-
Bedroom Cottage by boat from New York and Connecticut.
At the same time, on the island of spalatronisia in Greece, you have to handle the setup of the facilities yourself, but you will not be isolated.
The island is near Sithonia, a peninsula off the northern coast of Greece, about 140 kilometers (87 miles)
Coming from Thessaloniki means you don't have to stock up on groceries and other essentials.
Relevant content flying with barefoot pilots in Maldives says there is a way to be very close to the private island experience without six or seven figures. Marta Tucci, co-
The founder of Naya Traveler said, "For example, some hotels do offer a separate villa on cay that can benefit from the services and facilities of the hotel brand.
In many cases, this is a good middle ground for larger family groups where the image of the client requires more flexibility and diversity.
"For those who want this property ---
Usually someone who is on a honeymoon or someone who celebrates a major special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary--
She mentioned that Brando and Oman hotel group in French borinian are high
Label the final place for a private island feeling at a smaller price.
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